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1.  Options, Futures and Other Derivatives Ch1: Introduction Part 1
Text Used in Course: Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives Ninth edition Hull, John Publisher: Pearson
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3.  Options, Futures and Other Derivatives Ch2: Futures Markets Part 1
Text Used in Course: Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives Ninth edition Hull, John Publisher: Pearson
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Options, Futures and Other Derivatives Ch10 Part 4
Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives Ninth edition Hull, John Publisher: Pearson
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Options Futures and Other Derivatives 9th Edition by Hull Test Bank
INSTANT ACCESS OPTIONS FUTURES AND OTHER DERIVATIVES 9TH EDITION HULL TEST BANK . . . http://testbanksite.com/finance-test-bank/options-futures-and-other-derivatives-test-bank/options-futures-and-other-derivatives-9th-edition-hull-test-bank
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Options, Futures and Other Derivatives Ch11 Part 3
Text Used in Course: Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives Ninth edition Hull, John Publisher: Pearson
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Terry Boardman  at truthjuice bham 1 3 2017 "The Options for Britain"
Terry Boardman in Birmingham on 28/02/17 The Options for Britain: Twofold Disasters, Threefold Solutions. – Where there is no vision, the people perish”. 1) THE PAST: Brexit is on its way, but Britain’s declaration of independence will not be complete till we have declared independence from our former colony, the USA – our actual master. What prevents us from declaring this independence? Unless we do, we and the other European peoples too will be dragged into more East-West conflicts by the US elite and their puppets on this side of the Atlantic. Europe’s rightful destiny is to be not a solid bloc (EU), but a diverse associative cultural bridge or mediator between the Americas and Asia. 2) THE PRESENT: Divisive binary thinking has underpinned so much of our culture and created so many seemingly unsolvable problems since at least the 18th century. But we’re now at a historical turning point. The onset was 1989 when patterns began to end which had emerged in the late 18th century, solidified and lasted for 200 years. For nearly 30 years now we’ve been in a transition but to what, we still don’t know. We recognise today that we are in a mess; little is working. Only technology appears to be moving forward, but it’s accompanied by little moral development (think: drones, robots) and no new social thinking. Mere localism (variations on the old hippie dream) is a backward movement. 3) THE FUTURE: The solution is to move to a threefold social model based not on Darwinist animalism or Marxist abstractions but on common *human* experience that begins with our first 3 years of life: walk/speak/think = will/feel/think = metabolism/circulation/nerves = economy/politics/culture. In our society today, economy/politics/culture are all mixed up and jam one another. They need to be rightly separated so that they rightly interrelate just as the 3 physiological systems of our bodies do. This will make necessary far-reaching changes in our society. The talk will flesh out the above three points. Related show Artist: Terry Boardman Date: 28/02/17 Time: 8:00pm Venue: E57 Social Club City: Birmingham , West Midlands Address: 699 Alcester Road South, B14 5EY
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Test bank for Economics 20th edition Campbell R. McConnell
Test bank for Economics 20th edition Campbell R. McConnell http://www.solutions-books.com/product/test-bank-economics-20th-edition-campbell-r-mcconnell/ Solution manual for Economics 20th edition Campbell R. McConnell Test bank Advanced Accounting 12th Edition Hoyle Solution manual Essentials of Accounting for Governmental and Not-for-Profit Organizations 11th Paul A. Copley Solution manual Macroeconomics 6th edition Olivier Blanchard Solution manual MKTG 8 8th Edition Charles W. Lamb Solution manual Foundations of Marketing 6th Edition William M. Pride Solution manual Financial Institutions Management A Risk Management Approach 8th edition Saunders Solution manual Statics Mechanics of Materials 4th Hibbeler Test bank Government and Not For Profit Accounting Concepts and Practices 6th Edition Michael H. Granof Solution manual Government and Not For Profit Accounting Concepts and Practices 6th Edition Michael H. Granof Test bank Macroeconomics 4th edition by Hubbard Solution manual Macroeconomics 4th edition by Hubbard Solution manual Fluid Mechanics Fundamentals and Applications 3rd edition by Cengel Test bank Modern Advanced Accounting in Canada 7th Edition Murray Hilton Solution manual Modern Advanced Accounting in Canada 7th Edition Murray Hilton Solution manual Fundamentals of Corporate Finance 7th edtion Richard A. Brealey Test bank Personal Finance 11th Edition E. Thomas Garman Solution manual Personal Finance 11th Edition E. Thomas Garman Test bank Fundamentals of Corporate Finance 7th edtion Richard A. Brealey Solution manual International Economics 14th edition Robert Carbaugh Test bank International Economics 14th edition Robert Carbaugh Test bank Intermediate Financial Management 11th Edition Eugene F. Brigham Solution manual Intermediate Financial Management 11th Edition Eugene F. Brigham Solution manual Financial Management Core Concepts 2nd edition Raymond Brooks Test bank Financial Management Core Concepts 2nd edition Raymond Brooks Test bank Financial Institution Management 3rd edition Helen Lange solution manual Financial Institution Management 3rd edition Helen Lange Solution manual Business Finance 11th edition Graham Peirson Test bank Bank Management & Financial Services 9th edition Peter Rose Solution manual Bank Management & Financial Services 9th edition Peter Rose Test bank Fundamentals of Futures and Options Markets 8th edition John C. Hull Test bank Business Finance 11th edition Graham Peirson Test bank Financial Accounting First Canadian Edition Jeffrey Waybright Solution manual Financial Accounting First Canadian Edition Jeffrey Waybright Solution manual Your Office Microsoft Office 2010 Volume 1 2nd Edition Amy S. Kinser Solution manual Microeconomics 8th edition by Robert Pindyck Test bank Microeconomics 8th edition by Robert Pindyck Test bank Your Office Microsoft Office 2010 Volume 1 2nd Edition Amy S. Kinser Test bank Abnormal Psychology in a Changing World 9th edition Jeffrey S. Nevid Solution manual Fundamentals of Futures and Options Markets 8th edition John C. Hull Test bank The Economics of Money Banking and Financial Markets 10th edition Frederic S. Mishkin Solution manual The Economics of Money Banking and Financial Markets 10th edition Frederic S. Mishkin Test bank Modern Blood Banking & Transfusion Practices 6th Edition Denise M. Harmening Test bank Microeconomics 3rd Edition Paul Krugman Solution manual Microeconomics 3rd Edition Paul Krugman Test bank Economics Today The Macro View 17th Edition Roger LeRoy Miller Test bank Organizational Behavior Key Concepts Skills & Best Practices 5th edition Angelo Kinicki Solution manual Principles of Marketing 9th Canadian Edition Kotler Solution manual Organizational Behavior Key Concepts Skills & Best Practices 5th edition Angelo Kinicki Test bank Economics for Managers 3rd edition Paul G. Farnha Test bank Economics 19th editionCampbell R. McConnell Solution manual Economics Today The Macro View 17th Edition Roger LeRoy Mille Test bank Strategic Management Theory & Cases An Integrated Approach 11th Edition Charles W. L. Hill Solution manual Strategic Management Theory & Cases An Integrated Approach 11th Edition Charles W. L. Hill Test bank Macroeconomics 3rd Edition Paul Krugman Test bank Economics for Managers 2nd Edition Paul G. Farnham Solution manual Exploring Economics 6th Edition by Robert L. Sexton Test bank Exploring Economics 6th Edition by Robert L. Sexton Test bank Economics 20th edition Campbell R. McConnell Solution manual Economics 20th edition Campbell R. McConnell Solution manual Practical Financial Management 7th edition William R. Lasher Test bank Practical Financial Management 7th edition William R. Lasher Solution manual Understanding Financial Statements 10th edition Lyn M. Fraser Test bank Understanding Financial Statements 10th edition Lyn M. Fraser Solution manual Economics for Managers 3rd edition Paul G. Farnha Test bank Accounting Theory 7th Edition Jayne Godfrey
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Practice Test Bank for Fundamentals of Futures and Options Markets by Hull 8th Edition
Contact us to acquire the Test Bank and/or Solution Manual; Email: atfalo2(at)yahoo(dot)com Skype: atfalo2
Test Bank Options Futures Other Derivates 10th Edition Hull
Contact at getsmtb(@)msn(dot)com to get Test Bank OR Solutions Manual for Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives, 10th Edition by John C. Hull. ISBN-10: 013447208X ISBN-13: 9780134472089
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OTC Derivatives under Central Clearing
Doireann Mc Dermott is joined by Christopher Finger, a member of the MSCI research team in Geneva to discuss OTC derivatives under central clearing.
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Futures Arbitrage Problem Solving and Discussion - For FRM Part 1 and CFA Level 2
Knowledge Varsity (www.KnowledgeVarsity.com) is sharing this video with the audience. This video explains how to solve problem related to the cash and carry arbitrage that usually comes in the FRM Part 1 Examination and CFA Level 2 examination.
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Notel Ultimate Pickup-Truck and SUV Mobile Sleeping System | Space Future
Notel Ultimate Pickup-Truck and SUV Mobile Sleeping System This sleeping solution uses raised platform systems that quickly and easily suspend to provide comfortable sleep in almost any vehicle Camping has long been one of America’s most beloved pastimes, bringing people and nature together while creating memories. There are many challenges that come with sleeping in the great outdoors... We are here to make that experience more enjoyable. Link in project: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1946545583/notel-ultimate-pickup-truck-and-suv-mobile-sleepin?ref=category_newest
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CME Clearing Europe Interview: Clearing House and OTC Clearing Solutions - TradeTech Derivatives
Tina Hasenpusch, Executive Director, Head of Clearing & Business Development at CME Clearing Europe tells us all about their latest offering for the OTC Derivatives space and its particular significance right now with the onset of Dodd Frank and EMIR.
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Trump's Impact on Financial Services: Prof. John Hull
Topic: The Trump Administration: What Will The Impact Be On Financial Services and Regulation? Opening Talk: Tiff Macklem, Dean, Rotman; Chair, Global Risk Institute; former Sr. Deputy Governor, Bank of Canada 4 Panelists: Mark Hughes, Group Chief Risk Officer, RBC; Director, GRI John Hull, Maple Financial Group Chair in Derivatives & Risk Management, University Professor of Finance and Co-Director, MFin and MFRM Programs, Rotman; Author Sheryl Kennedy, CEO, Promontory Financial Group Canada ULC; former Deputy Governor, Bank of Canada Greg Wilson, Principal, Greg Wilson Consulting; former Dep. Assist. Secretary for F.I. Policy, U.S. Treasury; Author Moderator: Richard Nesbitt, CEO, Global Risk Institute; Adjunct Professor of Finance, Rotman; former COO, CIBC Session Co-Host: Global Risk Institute for Financial Services Financial Services Speaker Series @ Rotman February 2, 2017 Located in downtown Toronto and part of the University of Toronto, the Rotman School of Management (http://www.rotman.utoronto.ca) is the top business school in Canada. Rotman offers a Full-Time MBA program, and several programs for working professionals, including the Morning and Evening MBA, Master of Finance, One-Year Executive MBA and Omnium Global Executive MBA. Whichever degree or program you choose, Rotman will give an edge in your career and help you make the most of your potential. #anewwaytothink #newwaytothink #Rotman #RotmanSchool
How to Place buy and sell orders using Moving Averages - Zerodha Kite
ccount Opening: Use the below link To Open a demat account with Zerodha: https://zerodha.com/open-account?c=ZMPMQU --------------------------------------------------------------- Join - Whatsapp Group Now! Whatsapp me on +91-8072210003 To get: - Best Practices document - Contains A To Z Stock Market Training Materials , That hepls you to trade successfully for Intraday , Futures and Options Trading - Everyday Stock Recommendations for 3 Months - Equity Short term Investment recommendations for Once in 2 weeks - To get all this Whatsapp Now Immediately - 8072210003 - 500 Group Members, 9000 Subscribers and 500000 Views ------------------------------------------------------------------ Facebook: Like our Facebook page to get Updates about the stocks https://www.facebook.com/powersolutionstrading/ -------------------------------------------------------------------- Moving Averages are some of the oldest technical indicators and still remain some of the most useful indicators for market analysis using the technical analysis approach. In simple terms moving average is the average price of the security at a specified point in time. A moving average tries to exhibit a trend in the prices. The purpose of moving average is to show the trend of a stock/security in a smoothed manner with a single line with less apparent volatility. Moving averages give unique signals that can be used in conjunction with other traditional chart patterns like the MACD, etc. Types of Moving Averages in Technical Analysis and Calculating Moving Averages Common Moving averages can be classified as Simple Moving Averages, Weighted Moving Averages or Exponential Moving Averages. To calculate simple moving average whether it is 10 days or 50days one adds the price of 10 days and divides by 10 or the 50 days and divide by 50 as the case may be. For the next day calculation, drop the last data and add the latest data point and re calculate the average, in this way the average keeps on moving forward with every new data point being generated. In order to calculate the weighted moving average, the oldest data point is assigned with the weight 1 which increases incrementally for all data points which is then divided by weighted average of number of days of moving average being constructed. Exponential moving average is similar to weighted average but with slightly different calculation but keeps the core philosophy same by assigning more importance to the latest data by assigning weights in such a manner that the recent data points are assigned an exponentially higher weight that previous old data points in the series. The Exponential moving average captures recent trends faster than the simple
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Forward Contract Problem Solving and Discussion - For FRM Part 1 and CFA Level 2
Knowledge Varsity (www.KnowledgeVarsity.com) is sharing this video with the audience. This video explains how to solve problem related to the forward contract that usually comes in the FRM Part 1 Examination and CFA Level 2 examination.
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www.gwcindia.in GoodWill Commodities, online commodity trading and broking service was started in Chennai 2008. Today, we are a truly dynamic and visionary commodity brokerage firm and a trusted name in commodities futures trading, offering the entire gamut of trading advisory services under one roof. Right from investing, trading, research, technical analysis and financial planning. We provide commodity traders with integrated, robust and reliable solutions to satisfy all their financial needs. Why most traders fail? Success in Commodity trading depends upon how we integrate the great 3M's Mind, Method, and Money. Most Commodity Trader concentrates more on the METHOD. They look for foolproof methods, technical tools and more often rely on other service providers to give daily market tips. Mostly commodities trading for them go through trial and error process which can result in considerable loss of both money and time. The slogan goes like this, when there is Money no Proper METHOD, when there is MEHOD no MONEY, when there is both NO proper MIND SET... We need to find a balance between all the 3M's in trading to achieve success. Successful traders differentiate themselves from others not with a robust trading system but with their mindset. It is quite natural, initially all traders assume that their mind set is perfect so they pay less attention to that. Trading in futures market is all about managing our funds properly. Money management plays an important role just because it's the fuel for both METHOD and MINDSET. WHY GoodWill? ALL under one roof. Just open a Commodity trading account with us and avail the following service. 1. Brokerage service with ODIN Trading Platform 2. Low Brokerage 3. Daily market advice through video presentation before the market opening. 4. Unlimited training for trading in Commodities. 5. MORE than all we will guide you, how to integrate the 3M's in Trading. FOR FREE. We understand you better, we are here to make you trade better, we will make you feel and realize how better and best you are compare with other traders. JUST BECAUSE GOODWILL is always better and PROVIDES BEST service compared to other Commodity brokers.
MarineMax Miami Finance: We're Committed to You
We’ve sold a lot of boats the past 20 years, so our experts know how to finance and protect your boating dreams. Our partnerships with the industry’s leading lenders bring you the most competitive financing and insurance solutions available. Click Here to Learn More About Financing Options: https://www.marinemax.com/boats-and-yachts/finance-and-insurance Finance Experts Ready for You: Our hassle-free financing packages and customized contracts get you on the water quickly with competitive rates and long-term financing options. We know the best lenders and how to build financing plans for your life. We don't just make boating possible, we make it affordable so you can maximize your experience on the water. Simply put, we make your boating lifestyle affordable. Need Extra Protection? MarineMax's extended warranty and maintenance plans go beyond the basics, covering every aspect of your boat ownership experience. Choose one of our comprehensive and affordable Extended Service Plans for extra peace-of-mind. With programs for engines, transmissions, generators, hydraulic lifts, appliances, electronics and more, MarineMax has you covered. Insurance Made Easy: Our no-worry insurance options won’t keep you awake at night. To protect your new vessel, MarineMax offers “insomnia-free” comprehensive property and casualty coverage (aka hull insurance). We even look after your financing with our credit life and disability policies. Our programs are extremely comprehensive, competitively priced, secure and simple to obtain. Headquartered in Clearwater, Florida, MarineMax is the nation’s largest recreational boat and yacht retailer. Focused on premium brands, such as Sea Ray, Boston Whaler, Meridian, Hatteras, Azimut Yachts, Ocean Alexander, Galeon, Grady-White, Harris, Crest, Bennington, Scout, Sailfish, Sportsman, Scarab Jet Boats, Yamaha Jet Boats, Aquila, and Nautique, NauticStar MarineMax sells new and used recreational boats and related marine products and services as well as provides yacht brokerage and charter services. MarineMax currently has 63 retail locations in Alabama, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina and Texas and operates MarineMax Vacations in Tortola, British Virgin Islands. MarineMax is a New York Stock Exchange-listed company. For more information, please visit www.marinemax.com. Connect with us in one of our many stores. Find yours: http://www.marinemax.com/stores Find your boat at MarineMax: http://www.marinemax.com/find-a-boat MarineMax Website: http://www.marinemax.com MarineMax Twitter: http://bit.ly/MarineMaxTwitter MarineMax Instagram: http://bit.ly/MarineMaxInstagram MarineMax Vacations: http://www.marinemaxvacations.com/ #marinemax #miami #boatfinance
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Turbo LS Nova Holley EFI Tuning | Build Tune Race 9
Turbo LS Nova first start up with holley efi. In this episode I go over basic settings in the holley efi and getting the car running for the first time. Jared's Turbo Nova is running the Holley Dominator EFI system a 402ci ls based engine billet 85mm borg warner turbo. Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/buildtuneracejs/ instagram:https://www.instagram.com/build.tune.race/ Music:https://soundcloud.com/iamryanlittle/day-29
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What to do when a moonshot falls short | Kopano Matlwa Mabaso | TEDxJohannesburg
Kopano Matlwa Mabaso and her friend Chrystelle Wedi are winners of the first ever Aspen Ideas Award. Their vision? To set up mobile, ultrasound scan clinics in remote and rural parts of low income settings on the African continent, and in that way, make lifesaving antenatal healthcare more easily accessible to pregnant women in those parts of the continent. Is their plan working? Yes and no, but mostly yes. After initially taking a well intentioned but perhaps ill-conceived approach in applying pre-conceived solutions to imagined problems, actual reality turned out to be less predictable. The deepest parts of Africa, it appears, are tough places to do work. Problems are more acute, and challenges steeper than what most professionals are conditioned to deal with. In this spellbinding TEDxJohannesburg 2015 talk, Kopano finds the words, and just the right pitch in showing that with a bit of humility, and a dose of self-correction, a wiser approach is possible. Known to many as the author of award winning novels Coconut and Spilt Milt, Kopano Matlwa Mabaso is also a medical doctor, and a PhD candidate at Oxford University. A Rhodes scholar, Kopano fully appreciates the value of the gift of education—Transitions Foundation, the NGO that she co-founded, works to help disadvantaged scholars meet their educational needs. Latest in a string of impressive achievements is her Aspen Institute 2015 New Voices Fellowship, where her lifesaving antenatal care idea, called Ona-Mtoto-Wako, recently won the Aspen Ideas Award. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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Energy and Power at Cranfield University
Providing a sustainable, secure and affordable energy supply is fundamentally important to our lives. Cranfield is advancing the potential solutions in energy and power to ensure our future needs are met. Find out more at www.cranfield.ac.uk/energyandpower Join us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/cranfielduni Follow us on Twitter: www.twitter.com/cranfielduni Visit our website: www.cranfield.ac.uk
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Link'n Learn - Derivative Financial Instruments: Introduction to Valuation
Link'n Learn | Interactive access to Deloitte knowledge Led by Deloitte’s leading industry experts, Link’n Learn is a series of free of charge webinars conducted during the course of the year, specifically designed to keep you up-to-date with today’s critical trends and the latest regulations impacting your business. The "Derivative Financial Instruments: Introduction to Valuation" webinar agenda: - Interest rate swaps - Cross currency swaps - Contracts for difference - Forward contracts and futures - Options - Total return swaps The 2015 Link’n Learn programme: http://www2.deloitte.com/content/dam/Deloitte/lu/Documents/financial-services/IM/lu-linknlearn-programme-2015.pdf Find the previous webinars here: http://www2.deloitte.com/lu/en/pages/financial-services/solutions/link-n-learn-interactive-access-to-deloitte-knowledge.html
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#26 Nautical Terms is a Strange Language | Sailing Sisu in Cape Town South Africa
This week we share the magnitude and confusion of this new language called Nautical Terminology. Come and have a peek at some of the funny words, acronyms and sayings that originated from the early Salty Seafarers me' matey ! We are preparing our Leopard 45 Catamaran cruising yacht to sail around the world. We want to visit off the beaten tack places and need to prepare for ice bergs, storms, heavy seas, as well as nice tranquil tropical waters... Follow us on our journey as we learn from legends when Sailing La Vagabonde upgraded from a monohull to a catamaran...SV Delos wants to upgrade to the latest Amel 51 monohull....Gone with the Wynns chose a Leopard Catamaran....choices choices choices. We take a look at other sailing channels such as Wicked Salty, Satori, Jessica and Ryan, Catamaran Impi, MJ Sailing, Happy Together, Sailing Uma, Sailing Yacht Ruby Rose, Zingaro, Miss Lone Star, Sailing Doodles, Drenched, Lucky Fish gets Away, RAN Sailing, Out Chasing Star, Follow the Boat, Rigging Doctor, Sailing Lady Africa, Abandon Comfort, and many others to find our answers and solutions, whilst we prepare our yacht in Cape Town, South Africa. Thank you for all our subscribers! If not yet subscribed, please click on subscribe (it's free) and click the bell next to the sub button (it's free too) for quick notification. And please click the like button (it's free too!) :-) www.YouTube.com/c/SailingSisu Reward us on Patreon and watch the videos earlier! patreon.com/SailingSisu More information on Sailing Sisu Blog: sailingsisu.blog Real-time social activities on Facebook: facebook.com/SailingSisu Koowl photos on Instagram: instagram.com/SailingSisu Twitter: @SailingSisu. Tumbler: sailingsisu.tumblr.com Flickr: flickr.com/people/SailingSisu Theme Song: written, composed and performed by Ghapi, song name is Sisu. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLX503ZjWWskPLE3jAIEfIyQTwUz1Jq9pA Music: epidemicsound.com Leopard Catamarans: leopardcatamarans.com
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Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB)
Richard Bennett, VP Market Management, Wolters Kluwer Financial Services looks at the Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB) and its key components.
Machine Planting Douglas Fir Seedlings At the Ranch Tree Farm
This is the first of several more informational videos I hope to film and place on YouTube. We all here at David Hull Tree Farms take replanting and stewardship our our land, timber, water and wildlife very serious. Tree planting is literally our bread baskit. If we as a family do not take care our seedlings then we do not have a crop. With no crop we have nothing. It all starts literally with replanting. We also feel that Oregon has one of the best and most progressive replanting statutes in the United States and we are pleased as a family and business to be a part of it. My parents emphasize "over planting" plant more than is required. My Dad says that we can always thin our stands later in the future. My father is not a fan of hand planting, either. Given the past few winters with lack of water and the last few harsh summers that are hotter for longer and no water, the trench created by the shoe on the planter gives that fir tree a much better chance for survival in years one, two and three to get established with healthy growth, bud developement, root establishment along with nutrients from the ground. As a result we do as much machine planting as possible. Replanting is KEY. These trees allow us to play with the old trucks, pay our bills and they put me and my wife both through college over 20 years ago just to name a few. We feel strongly that "we are planting and growing tomorrow's future today." If you see or know a logger or timber land owner, Thank Them. On February 16, 2018 we attached David's machine tree planter to the the back of the D7F Cat and we began machine planting at the Ranch Tree Farm. In 1973 when David's Dad purchased this D7 new he had a dealer installed "third valve" on this cat so that it can pull the planter and opperate the hydrolic system on it. We have also modified the tree farm's D4 Cat to pull the planter. At 64 years old, our dad, David Hull, is our cat driver and a damned good one at that. He is slow and easy and does not beat up the guys riding in the planter. Casey and Cody Hull and veteran employee Wally Kundert all took turns riding on the planter and planted 5,500 seedlings. I might add that Wally turned 65 last week on April 10. He has indicated that in January some retirement plans may be coming. Congratulations to him. He has worked his ass off his whole life and he deserves it. He is a blast to work with and I have learned volumes from him. Love Ya, Uncle Wally and don't go anywhere. We purchased our first 5,000 trees from Drakes Crossing in Silverton, Oregon. They were great looking trees, bushy, very green, healthy stems and roots and in general they were nurtured very well by Drakes and lifted without sending them into shock. Cody Hull shot this entire video with his Blackberry Classic cellphone and uploaded it to YouTube. As always Thanks for watching and please like my video. Keep on trucking, Cody
inshopp.com a venture of IRIS Solutions.
Iris Solutions has proposed to make its own product. The product will be VIRTUAL MARKETING WEBSITE. The Virtual website will contain a mall which will contain 500 shops (outlets). Each outlet will contain the products and services of the clients. The customer will be having a free virtual journey into the website which will give them a feeling of a MALL. The customer will move around the mall virtually and will have a real time experience and will have an option to see the product and its specifications. This makes the product more informative and will give an option to the customer to understand the product and its key features. The customer will have an option to know the prices of each service provider and will have an option to buy it then and there with a queue facility.
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Intro to Agribusiness in the Philippines: What are the Best Practices of Moca Family Farm
Introduction to Agribusiness and best practices of Moca Family Farm. What are the considerations in starting an agribusiness venture. Watch Agribusiness Trainings. To get a copy of the full training video on Introduction to Agribusiness by Moca Family Farm, order here: https://goo.gl/forms/xswy9aP8chSVb7r22 For future Agribusiness Training schedules, follow us on social media! FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Agribusinessph/ INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/agribusiness_howitworks/ Agribusiness How It Works. Instruct. Inspire. Succeed. Agribusiness in the Philippines, opportunities for the OFW and their families.
MACD best technical indicator an unsung hero Check out this new video
This week, by strong demand, i made a decision to hide the Moving Average Convergence Divergence indicator, also usually called MACD. Here we described how to use macd indicator in intraday and positional.you can use same technique to trade banknifty using macd. Telegram: HTTPS://T.ME/OPTION_ONLY MACD is one of the best technical indicator. macd indicator intraday trading strategy also shared here. Macd one among the oscillators that are quite fashionable among traders and being a mixture of many variables, it's thought-about as a additional precise tool than several others. Subscribe channel : https://www.youtube.com/c/TRADETALK_ShareMarket Do Watch Other Top Videos : BANK NIFTY EXPIRY TRADE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QamSZW-03YU How to find JACKPOT STOCK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvLyDbhjtPA OPTION TRADING MISTAKES AND SOLUTIONS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzts1UHDvfw Heiken Ashi And ADX indicator Jackpot Profit Well Explained https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLsVp9FDszQ Expiry Game Plan & Weekly Affair with Bank Nifty (Hindi) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hg5xRY9lLLo Disclaimer- Some contents are used for educational purpose under fair use. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. my motive behind creating this channel was to make Easy to Understand, stock market Videos in Hindi, and I wanted each and every Individual whoever is interested in stock market to be able to understand it in the easiest possible way. I am a Professional living in India, doing this as my Hobby.
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Real Estate Finance Training
BG Consulting provides the highest quality talent development solutions to the financial services sector. Based in London, we provide training all around the world. The key to our success is the extensive frontline banking experience of our trainers combined with a proven track record in highly effective teaching. Our training courses cover a wide variety of disciplines across capital markets, cash and derivative products; corporate finance; accounting and financial analysis; and credit. Look to BG Consulting for financial modelling training, global banking training, investment banking training, and banking courses. Some types of training we do include financial markets training, derivatives training, derivatives courses, credit training and credit courses. For more information, visit www.bgconsulting.com
DCNS Naval Expertise at Defexpo 2014, New Delhi, India
At the centre of the focus, the Scorpene submarine which Mazagon Dock Limited (MDL) is producing under ToT from DCNS was displayed. MDL has successfully absorbed the TOTs for hull manufacturing. The hulls of the 6 submarines are completed. The outfitting of these hull sections is now progressing as per schedule. The First of Class P75 built in MDL should be ready to start Harbour tests and sea trials as per schedule indicated by MDL. The first Scorpene submarine is to be commissioned in 2015. Comprehensive services solutions and a local presence: DCNS provides a wide range of support services during the entire lifecycle of surface ships and submarines. These services stretch from the simplest order of spare parts to the through-life support of complete fleet. DCNS proposes services in naval bases and shipyards from the design, engineering, construction, operation to the maintenance. This global offer is designed to help navies to maintain and expand their self-sufficiency within technology transfer programs. Read more: http://www.navyrecognition.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1551
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David P. Brown, rocket scientist; Richard Heart: Computational Fluid Dynamics SuperComputing Network
Time stamps in pinned comment! http://CFDtoken.com We are going to change the world for the better by giving Scientists and Engineers better, faster, more accurate tools to create really awesome new things! Here we talk about our Computational Fluid Dynamics super computing network token. Why this token is better than others: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VcxDsDgm5z4&t=2485s Only computer modelling can bring us into the future. Most of mankind's greatest achievements were modeled in a computer before we could make them in the real world. Computer modeling is key to the revolution that will bring mankind into the future we've been promised in science fiction. Nuclear Fusion Limitless free energy from nuclear fusion will only be possible through modelling plasma fusion containment geometries. Traditional power generation Oil and gas, where is the best spot to drill? How deep? Reactor vessels, cooling towers, steam turbines. Rockets Those rockets that will be taking us to mars; they don't get built until they're modeled in the computer first. The fuel cryostorage, the reactor, the nozzles, the descent flaps, all get modeled in computer first. Space travel Even the space suit needs modelling due to the pressure differential of space's vacuum. Aeronautical More efficient aircraft that get passengers where they want to go, faster, and at greater fuel savings. Nautical More efficient hull geometries, skin texture, sail geometry, propeller geometry. The bubbles tankers blow underwater to reduce water friction, and the cylindrical wind turbines for power deck side. Biotech Artificial hearts, joint replacements, Breathing machines, and nanobots all must be modeled for efficacy and safety before the first prototype is built. Drones Better rotor geometries, more aerodynamic hull structure, foul weather optimization, vastly easier in the computer than in prototyping. Extinction level events How can we prevent Yellowstone from bowing it's top off and causing an ice age? How will the volcano react to different interventions such as cooling, or gradual pressure release? Global warming How much of it is caused by humans, were we already headed for an ice age or a greenhouse? What interventions can have the greatest impact at the lowest cost. Natural disasters Storms have been more powerful recently than in recorded history. What affect this new activity have on rainfall patterns, and crop growth? Basically, if you want to make anything in the real world that has air, water, steam, gas, aerosols, droplets or plasmas flowing around or through it, you need to model it in the computer first, before you spend tons of money building it. Now that you know how vital computer modelling is to mankind's progress, see the problems engineers and scientists face today. You've heard of super computers right? Well, super computers exist, for the most part, to perform exactly that. The giant rows of computers full of blinking lights are working right now, trying to find and understand solutions to all of problems you've seen above and more. Here's some of the problems super computers face right now: 1. Slow: Jobs take days to run. 2. Jobs fail often: After you've waited days for the job to complete, you find out you didn't ask the question of the computer properly. 3. Inaccurate software: They're not using the best software for the job. Too many shortcuts are taken, making estimates for things like boundary density, viscosity, etc. David P Brown's resume: https://archive.org/details/DavidBrownPhDCV2017.09.27c Core tech: https://archive.org/details/RichardHeartTechnologyOverviewBeforeToken Notes: https://archive.org/details/RichardHeartTechnologyOverviewBeforeTokenNOTES Some scientific papers generated using the software: https://archive.org/details/CNTCFD https://archive.org/details/ComputersAndFluids2006 Some David Vids: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_mWdtmo_4A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SvQPRxqK3A4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lwUzcuR50jU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKpM325YipQ My token: http://CFDtoken.com Use a VPN or proxy if a service doesn't support signup from USA IP. Margin Trading 10% off https://www.bitmex.com/register/EYT1vW Bitcoin, Ethereum & more up to 100x with no personal info. Bitcoin Options 10% off https://www.deribit.com/reg-851.320?q=home Altcoins https://www.binance.com/?ref=17056018 Cheap Altcoins https://www.kucoin.com/#/?r=7M67cx Autocopy trades https://1fox.com/?t=c1 Best charts https://tradingview.go2cloud.org/SH2Dw Twitter http://twitter.com/RichardHeartWIN Price calls http://t.me/RichardsCalls Telegram chat http://t.me/Strape http://t.me/StrapeCharts http://t.me/RichardHeartGifs Discord chat https://discord.gg/gvyFnKu Charity http://SENS.org Youtube https://youtube.com/richardheart?sub_confirmation=1 My Book https://archive.org/details/SciViveBookOutline_201802
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On Demand Webinar: An Introduction to the Clearing Connectivity Standard (CCS)
How much do you know about the new Clearing Connectivity Standard (CCS)? Due to go live on June 10, 2013, CCS is a universal format for cleared OTC derivatives margin, position and collateral statement data connectivity. It allows clearing and service provider firms to streamline operations and reconciliation processes as they comply with the CFTC's Clearing Mandate. This Webinar Features Insight from: Robert Pickel, Chief Executive Officer, ISDA Jim Bennett, Managing Director, Sapient Global Markets Judson Baker, Senior Vice President, Derivatives Products and Strategy, Northern Trust Karel Engelen, Director and Global Head of Technology Solutions, ISDA Phil Matricardi, Senior Associate, Sapient Global Markets
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Abraham Hicks - How To Choose The Best Solution To Your Problem
Abraham Hicks, spoken through Esther Hicks If you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up and Subscribe https://www.youtube.com/c/UnlimitedYou To support Esther Hicks and Purchase Abraham Hicks audios, CDs, DVDs, Kindle books, Card Decks and more please visit: http://astore.amazon.com/unlimitedyou-20 If you want to learn more about the Law of Attraction, the Vortex or any other of Abraham Hicks materials please visit: http://astore.amazon.com/unlimitedyou-20 Purchase Abraham Hicks books here: http://goo.gl/YzPxgL Purchase Abraham Hicks audio CDs here: http://goo.gl/32Y609 Purchase Abraham Hicks kindle books here: http://goo.gl/hlK0NV Purchase Getting Into The Vortex Guided Meditations CD and User Guide: http://goo.gl/oCRxMN Purchase Money and The Law of Attraction book here: http://goo.gl/HJI0XF Purchase Money and The Law of Attraction DVD here: http://goo.gl/VFqRkX Purchase Money and The Law of Attraction Cards here: http://goo.gl/BQIcCz I am so grateful that I came across the Teachings Of Abraham Hicks over 8 years ago, because it has completely changed my life in so many different ways. I have listened to many different law of attraction teachers including: Rhonda Byrne, Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Joseph Murphy, Wallace D Wattles, Jose Silva and Bob Proctor, but I have always come back to Abraham Hicks teachings. More and more the words they speak resonate with me, and help to change my reality for the better. I just want to share their words with others in hopes that it can help you too. :) Other great books that teach about The Law of Attraction, the subconscious mind and manifestation: Wallace Wattles "The Science of Getting Rich" http://goo.gl/3gytPS Rhonda Byrne "The Secret" http://goo.gl/8P8tM2 Joseph Murphy "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind" http://goo.gl/VSI4RB Norman Vincent Peale "The Power of Positive Thinking" http://goo.gl/hm4Fkz * The material in this video as well as any other Abraham-Hicks materials are copyrighted by Esther Hicks. For additional information on Abraham Hicks, please visit their website http://www.abraham-hicks.com/ Thank You! :) Emily "When you acknowledge what you do not want, and then ask yourself, "What is it that I do want?" you begin a gradual shift into the telling of your new story and into a much-improved point of attraction. You get the essence of what you think about - whether you want it or not - because Law of Attraction is unerringly consistent - therefore, you are never only telling the story of "how it is now." You are also telling the future experience that you are creating right now." ---Abraham "Get out into the sunlight — out where everything is — with a vibration that is so dominant that those who annoy you; those who don't agree with you; those who make your life feel uncomfortable don't come into your experience, because your vibration — through your practice — has become so clear, so pure, so clean, so in keeping with what you want, that the world that revolves around you just feels like that. That's what you planned." ---Abraham
PoweredCards - Credit Cards of the Future
Camera by Marcus Yam; Q&A by Jane McEntegart
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Brahmos-A will be tested again, Russia offers India to build Submarine Jointly,English
Friends, today we have to news. Number one, Brahmos air launched version will be tested again. And number two, Russia invited to build submarine jointly. First, we are discussing about Brahmos. India’s BrahMos missile, launched from a Su-30M K I fighter jet will be tested against a land target in the coming 2 to 3 months. The missile was earlier tested against a sea target in November 2017. Once the land target test is completed, it will signal an end of the testing phase of the air-launched version, a senior executive from BrahMos Aerospace. Data from the November 2017 test had been compiled and results reveal that the system has performed as per planned parameters, the executive said. With the sea and land tests completed, the objectives of the air-launched missile testing phase would be completed, the executive said adding that the next step would be acceptance of the system by the Indian Air Force. The air-launched BrahMos cruise missile is intended to take out critical infrastructure, ships and military targets on land. The missile, travelling at speeds of over Mach 5, will be difficult to intercept by current anti-missile systems in the world. The launcher, trigger mechanism and control electronics have been made by Indian firms assisting BrahMos Aerospace. India's H A L has played a part in the integration of the system. On the other side, Russia has invited India to jointly design and build a new non-nuclear submarine on the basis of project Amur-1 6 5 0, the deputy director of the federal service for military-technical cooperation, Vladimir Drozhzhov, told the media on Thursday. “Russia has an alternative proposal for the Indian partners. It is not another project for the production of military technologies under license, but joint design and development of the submarine and its subsequent construction at Indian shipyards in accordance with the initiative Make in India,” he explained. Drozhzhov said that in preparations for the bidding context for building a batch of non-nuclear submarines Russia had presented its proposals to the Indian side. The Russian arms exporter Rosoboronexport will certainly participate in the forthcoming contest. The Amur-1 6 5 0 submarine has been finalized and certain experience gained in the process of its operation, he added. The Indian Navy declared the intention to acquire six submarines back in 2006. Before the forthcoming bidding contest was announced (its dates had been reconsidered several times) India signed a contract with France for six diesel-electric Scorpen class submarines. The Amur-1 6 5 0 non-nuclear submarines are an export configuration of project 6 7 7 Lada, developed at the design bureau Rubin. New hull design solutions, special coating and sophisticated radio-electronics lend the submarine unsurpassed stealth capabilities. The Amur subs are armed with Club missiles and have air-independent propulsion.
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