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How To Get Professional Email Address for FREE in GoDaddy
Get your Domain here ➜ https://websitelearners.com/get/domain Make Your Website (In 10 Mins) ➜ https://youtu.be/YWA-xbsJrVg This videos shows you how to create professional business Emails on your own domain like [email protected] So for example, instead of using a normal gmail address like [email protected], you'll be able to use a email ID like [email protected] which looks a lot more professional. This means you can send & receive emails from addresses like [email protected] or [email protected] Before you start, you need to have a website with GoDaddy. If you don't have a website yet, watch our previous video here: https://youtu.be/4aWkqe4O9kE Ok so let's begin! ===== STEP 1 ===== To start, first go to Godaddy(DOT)com and sign in to your account Now click Manage next to Web Hosting. Click Manage again Now, scroll down the page and Click Email Wizard Now enter the Email address you want to create. (You can choose emails like contact, support or [email protected]) Enter a password and select quota as Unlimited. Then Click Create Account. Click “I’ll do it later” Click More and Select Access Webmail Click the 1st icon (Horde) This will take you to your new inbox. From here you can send and receive emails using your new email address Okay, so we’re done with the 1st STEP. ===== STEP 2===== Now let’s connect this custom email ID with your existing gmail account. This will be helpful because, once you connect it with your gmail a/c, you don't have to check two different inboxes for new emails. Everything can be handled within gmail itself. To connect your new email ID with gmail, the first we have to forward all incoming emails. To do that, first let’s go to the godaddy cpanel and then under “email” click forwarders. Click add forwarder & enter your custom email. Now enter your gmail address to which you want to forward your new emails to. Then click add forwarder We’re done. Now all the mails sent to our new email id will be forwarded to gmail. ===== STEP 3===== Now the next step is to enable gmail to send mails from new ID. To do that, click home and scroll down to email and click accounts Now click more and click ‘configure email client’ Scroll down again to the manual settings. Now, the information shown here, should be entered into your Gmail account. So go to Gmail and go into settings and Click accounts and import Click “add another email address” Now enter the “from name” you want to use. and then enter the custom email address you’ve created then click next. Now go to godaddy and copy the outgoing server. Then paste it in gmail and select port as ‘465’ Enter the new email address here and then its password (enter the same password you chose in godaddy). Then Click Add account Now, gmail will ask you for a confirmation code. So, go to your gmail inbox Copy the confirmation code and paste it in the box & click verify. Now go to settings again and click “accounts & import” Click “make default”. This will make your new email as the default from address. Now click compose. You will see here that you have an option of sending the mail from your gmail address or your custom email address. So to check if this is working correctly send an email to someone & see if they receive it. So that's it! This is how you create a professional email address for your website and access it using Gmail.
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roundcube mail forwarding || steps to forward all emails to other mailbox
Setup Forwarding Listed below are steps to forward all emails to other mailbox. Log into RoundCube (webmail) interface. Click on “Personal Settings” in top-right corner. Click on “+” sign in bottom-left corner to bring new filter screen. Give a name to your filter. In screenshot, I named it “Forward”. Then under “Filter Rules”, select “All messages”. You can try other options here as well. Then under “Filter Actions”, select “Send a copy to” from dropdown menu. It will show a text-input field on right. Just enter destination email address where you want incoming emails to be forwarded. Finally, click “Save” button.
AWS KC Videos: How do I resolve records in a private hosted zone from outside the VPC?
Find more details in the AWS Knowledge Center: https://aws.amazon.com/premiumsupport/knowledge-center/r53-private-ubuntu/ Sujana, an AWS Cloud Support Engineer, shows you how to resolve records in a private hosted zone from outside your VPC.
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How to Set up Auto-Forwarding Rules in Gmail
Follow this step by step tutorial to learn How to set up auto-forwarding rules in Gmail. Don't forget to check out our site http://howtech.tv/ for more free how-to videos! http://youtube.com/ithowtovids - our feed http://www.facebook.com/howtechtv - join us on facebook https://plus.google.com/103440382717658277879 - our group in Google+ Gmail is one of the largest email service providers in the world. It has many features such as controlled spam, unlimited storage space, chat, labs etc. One can also set up the auto-forwarding rule to other emails and filters can be created to divide the emails as to which emails should be forwarded to which email address. Follow this step by step tutorial to learn How to set up auto-forwarding rules in Gmail. Step # 1: Go to Mail Settings To begin sign into you Gmail account, by going to www.gmail.com, type your username and password and click on Sign in. After signing into your account, go to the gear shaped icon on the top right which denotes Settings and click on it. In the drop down menu that opens, select Mail Settings. Step # 2: Click 'Add a forwarding address' In the Mail settings page, go to the tab of Forwarding and POP/IMAP and open it. The Forwarding section will be the first in the list. In this section, click on 'Add a forwarding address'. Step # 3: Type the email address A pop up window will open in which you can add the email address you wish to forward the emails to. After you have entered the address, click on 'Next'. Step # 4: Click on 'Proceed' In the next window, you will be asked to verify the email address you have entered. If the email address being shown is correct, click on 'Proceed'. Step # 5: Click on confirmation link in receiving mailbox In the email address you have entered to forward emails to, a confirmation email will be sent to ensure that both parties are accepting this transfer of emails. In the mailbox, open the email for Gmail Forwarding confirmation and click on the link provided in the email. Step # 6: Confirmation Successful Once you have clicked the link, a new window will open with the message that the forwarding has been successfully confirmed. Step # 7: Create a new filter Back in the Settings page, go to the tab named Filters and in this page, click on the 'Create a new filter'. Step # 8: Select emails to Filter In the window to create a new filter, enter the email address you are expecting emails from and the email address where you are receiving those emails to. Click on 'Test Search' to see the resulting email and then click on 'Next Step'. Step # 9: Check on 'Forward it to:' In the next page, check the 'Forward it to:' check box and select the email from the drop down menu, which email you want to forward the emails to. Click on 'Create a filter' once you are done with settings.
How to Auto Redirect Emails in Specified Folders
Follow this step by step tutorial to learn How to Auto Redirect Emails in Specified Folders. Don't forget to check out our site http://howtech.tv/ for more free how-to videos! http://youtube.com/ithowtovids - our feed http://www.facebook.com/howtechtv - join us on facebook https://plus.google.com/103440382717658277879 - our group in Google+ Hotmail is one of the best email services in the world today. It offers various features and facilities to its users. One of its interesting features is the auto redirection of emails in to specified folders. By making few adjustments, you can simply set your hotmail account to automatically classify your incoming email according to their respective folders. Follow this step by step tutorial to learn How to Auto Redirect Emails in Specified Folders. Step # 1 -- Login to Your Email Account The first step requires you to go to the URL: www.hotmail.com and enter your Email ID and password. Now click on the Sign in button to login to your email account. Step # 2 -- Go to Your Inbox Once you are on the homepage of your email account, click on the Inbox link. This link allows you to open and check your emails. Step # 3 -- Open Folder Settings In this window you will see a menu on the left side of the screen. Click on the small circular button next to the Folder option. Once you've clicked on this button, a new menu will appear. Now click on the Manage rules option from this menu. Step # 4 -- Set New Rules If there is any existing predefined rule then it should show on this new window. However, if there are no rules then you can configure and set custom rules here. Next we shall click on the new button to set new options and settings for your email folders. Step # 5 -- Create Custom Rules and Settings In this window, you can set new rules for your inbox. First of all, select the option on which you would like to apply new rule. Here we will choose the Sender's Address from the menu. This will act as a basic key for your new rule. Step # 6 -- Select Detailed Options Now we will select more detailed options for our settings. Here we enter the email address of the sender. In the second part, we select the option of "Move to a new folder" and enter the name of the new folder. This will automatically redirect all emails received from the selected sender's email address in to this new folder. After completing this process, click on the Save button to apply these changes. Step # 7 -- Viewing the List of Rules When you get back to the main settings window, your new rule will appear on the list of rules. By following the same steps you can add as many rules as you want. Further you can even adjust them by clicking on the Edit button next to the name of the rule.
testout 5.2.7 Configure Forwarders
in this lab it was configured DNS on CorpDC to forward name resolutions requests outside of the CorpNet domain to the ISP DNS servers.
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How To Send Messages To Multiple Contacts On Whatsapp Without Creating A Group(New Broadcast)-2019
send multiple messages in whatsapp-2019-broadcast message-send bulk sms-msg-send whatsapp message to all contacts-multiple contacts on whatsapp messenger-one message. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This tutorial is about how to send a message to all contacts in whatsapp. This is the new feature in 2018 and also works on whatsapp web and whatsapp business accounts. Also check that bulk msg status,if the broadcast message is delivered or not delivered. There is no limit to send one message to all contacts and if you not stored the contacts you can select new contact to adding in this list. Using this tips you can send multiple messages without creating a group. This video is also available in tamil,hindi,telugu and malayalam. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►How To Hide Last Seen On Facebook Messenger : https://youtu.be/V-MgydjqTbo ►How To Watch 4K Videos On YouTube App : https://youtu.be/vbrprnDmYk0 ►How To Import Contacts From Gmail To Android Phone : https://youtu.be/Esh5T9dR7XY ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- how to send whatsapp message to all contacts at a time : 1.Today i get the answer to send lots of messages at once. 2.Using this method you can send bulk sms to 10 contacts to 256 peoples. 3.This trick only works on latest version of whatsapp messenger. 4.So first of all update your whatsapp to newest version. 5.Once the process is completed,just click to open your whatsapp. 6.In your chats section,you can press that 3 dot icon and then it shows some options. 7.Here you can select "New broadcast" and the second one. 8.So what is broadcast means?. 9.You can send multiple text messages in 1 click by without adding contact. 10.After select this option and all my contacts are showing. 11.Here you can select your contact names to include in that list. 12.Once the broadcast group is successfully created,you can send single message to multiple contacts or all friends. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Setting up a Bind DNS server on Ubuntu server
Using Ubuntu server 12.04. Services: apt-get install bind9
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How To Bypass A Router (Port Forwarding)
📖📕 GET THE NEW TINKERNUT BOOK: http://bit.ly/Tinkernutbook 📕📖 This video will show you how to bypass a router when trying to connect to your computer. This is also known as "port forwarding" and is useful when trying to set up a server from behind a router.
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Transportation and Logistic Canada
Advance Distribution Logistics International has provided 3PL logistics in Canada for over a decade. We specialize in helping businesses distribute their products in the Canadian market, by offering them a number of secure, flexible container shipping services and air freight services. Click here for info : http://www.adligroup.com/
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Alibaba Signs Trade Deal With Malaysia
Digital Marketing News; http://webcertain.tv Alibaba has signed a deal to ease the trade and shipping of goods between China and nearby Malaysia. The deal will primarily assist in the creation of an improved infrastructure, which would involve the formation of a fulfilment centre. Discussions have also been held between Alibaba and the Malaysian government, according to Alibaba’s chief executive Daniel Zhang, who said that the aim was to ensure better trade terms for participants in the trade deal. The deal makes it clear that Alibaba is looking to create a borderless global trade environment, easing the way in which small and medium sized businesses can trade internationally. The move comes some months after Alibaba’s founder Jack Ma said that enabling global trade was the way forward for retailers around the world. Malaysia is the first country to sign such a deal, that would bring benefits such as low import duties and faster customs clearance, and a second country is expected to follow soon. After testing since November 2016, Instagram has announced the widespread release of its shopping feature. The feature, named Instagram Shopping, allows users to view information on a ‘shoppable’ item that has been posted as an image on the platform. This will include the price and a button that will take the user to the retailer’s site. Also launched was a tool allowing normal users to post an image with its own shop button. Instagram is currently working with large retail brands in order to increase the new feature’s profile. These brands have been reported to include Macy’s and Shopify. Social media is proving to be an important part of Vietnamese marketing campaigns. According to a survey from the Vietnam Ecommerce Association, 46% of businesses said that social networks were a highly effective marketing platform, with just 9% saying that the effectiveness was “low”. This ranked slightly better than search engines in the country, where 44% ranked search as highly effective in a campaign. Meanwhile, online news sites fell well back, with just 20% saying they found such sites to bring success, whilst mobile apps were also unpopular. The percentage of businesses using search engines as a marketing channel also fell in the country between 2015 and 2016, from 47% to 41%, whilst email climbed from 29% to 36%. Naver has announced that it is to expand its portfolio and invest in several new areas of online media. The South Korean tech company recently said that it had invested around 100 billion won, or 88 million US dollars, in YG Entertainment. The move will see Naver expand its media content through the production of video and music. YG said that the new deal would ensure that its own content would now become “more approachable through Naver platforms such as V Live, Line, and Snow”. It was also announced that Naver would be spending 10 billion won on expanding its online encyclopaedia, called Knowledge iN, and plans to work with a range of professionals to ensure that it is as reliable as possible. Naver said that it saw a “high demand among users for basic science content”, and was looking to create 15,000 new pieces of scientific content with the help of experts. And finally, the telecoms company AT&T is planning to launch an Internet of Things network for the US and Mexico. It is already testing a network in the US using LTE-M, an alternative to 4G, and the company says that it plans to expand it in the near future. AT&T expects the network to be live across the US before mid-2017, after which the company will expand the service across the border into Mexico. It was also teased that Mexico could be just the first of many cross-border expansions, with AT&T saying that it would soon be making more “announcements with [other] global partners”.
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How to make an Active Directory Server--FreeBSD 10.0 RELEASE samba4.1.11 with bind99 and zfs
Frank Peng, PCCOM COMPUTERS INC 1, freebsd-update fetch && freebsd-update install 2, cd /usr/ports/dns/bind99 && make deinstall clean && make -DBATCH reinstall clean && rehash 3, to test, nslookup google.com, Add forwarders {;;; }; in /usr/local/etc/namedb/named.conf uncomment listen-on {;} service named restart 4, rndc-confgen greater sign rndc.txt Copy the first part of the text file in rndc.txt: key "rndc-key" { algorithm hmac-md5; secret "gAWXEVXH5Wz3pJetPhPvNA=="; }; options { default-key "rndc-key"; default-server; default-port 953; }; and save it as /usr/local/etc/namedb/rndc.conf copy the second part of the rndc.txt file like this: key "rndc-key" { algorithm hmac-md5; secret "gAWXEVXH5Wz3pJetPhPvNA=="; }; controls { inet port 953 allow {; } keys { "rndc-key"; }; }; and paste it at the end of file /usr/local/etc/namedb/named.conf service named restart 5, echo 'named_enable="YES"' {greater sign} {greater sign} /etc/rc.conf && service named restart To test, nslookup google.com 6, cd /usr/ports/net/samba41 && make deinstall clean && make -DBATCH reinstall clean && rehash To test, samba-tool 7, modify /etc/resolv.conf file and /etc/hosts file domain pccom.ca search pccom.ca nameserver 8, create dhclient-enter-hooks file add_new_resolv_conf() { return 0 } chmod +x dhclient-enter-hooks to test, reboot, and have a look of resolv.conf file if it is not modified. 9, samba-tool domain provision --use-ntvfs --use-rfc2307 --interactive realm PCCOM.CA domain PCCOM BIND9_DLZ 10, cp /var/db/samba4/private/krb5.conf /etc 11. insert a line at option section at /usr/local/etc/namedb/named.conf tkey-gssapi-keytab "/var/db/samba4/private/dns.keytab"; 12, change /var/db/samba4/private/named.conf to bind99 13, include "/var/db/samba4/private/named.conf"; insert following lines in /usr/local/etc/smb4.conf nsupdate command = /usr/local/bin/samba-nsupdate -g interfaces = rl0 bind interfaces only = yes dns forwarder = At end: [public] path = /opt/samba read only = No browseable = yes guest ok = no delete readonly = yes vfs objects = zfsacl shadow_copy2 shadow: snapdir = .zfs/snapshot shadow: sort = desc shadow: format = %Y-%m-%d-%H%M nfs4:mode = special 14, echo 'samba_server_enable="YES"' {greater sign} {greater sign} /etc/rc.conf service samba_server start to test smbclient -L -U% To join to the domain, change your Windows DNS to samba41 server in Computer properties, change computer name to join the domain you created in samba-tool domain provision 15. Download https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Installing_RSAT_on_Windows_for_AD_Management 16, Turn on Windows feature AD DS and AD LDS Tools Looking server at 17. samba-tool domain level raise --domain-level 2008_R2 --forest-level 2008_R2 samba-tool user create peng [email protected] User 'peng' created successfully
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DOT Online Application Process
Want to register for a DOT Number? We will show you the right way to apply online in order to be compliant with the Department of Transportation(DOT) and how your application affects your chances of getting the cheapest insurance rate.
How to edit the DNS servers in DHCP in Windows Server 2016
Professor Robert McMillen shows you how to edit the DNS servers in DHCP in Windows Server 2016.
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How to Ship Your Product
In this webinar, you will learn the practical aspects of how to ship your product overseas. You will learn the role of a freight forwarder and how to identify and select one based on your company's specific needs. You will also understand the time, costs, and delivery considerations that are integral to your export pricing. For more information, visit http://export.gov/webinars/eg_main_023941.asp July 6, 2011
How To Fix Nintendo Wii Black Screen - Priiloader Method
How To Fix Nintendo Wii Black Screen - Priiloader Method Issue: Black screen occurs because a person installs incorrect theme or you have turned on the Black Screen hack on priiloader. How I Fix: You must have priiloader or bootmii installed as boot2. You must have an SD card preferably not SDHC. For this Nintendo Wii, I am using a hack pack which all of its contents are in the SD Card http://uploading.com/files/aaa42336/Microwavesam-Wii%2BHack%2BPack.rar/ If you already have priiloader and mymenuify in your SD card, you do not need to download the hack pack. Power on Wii Hold Reset to access priiloader Drop down to Launch Title Drop down to Homebrew Channel and Press A Two Options: You are in the homebrew channel Option 1: Go to Multi-mod Manager and Load it from homebrew channel For Bootmii as boot2 if you have the folder named as bootmii on your SD card, you will automatically boot into Multi Mod Manager when you start the Wii Go down to Manage System Menu Attention: You must either have internet connection for this method. Press A to continue and press A again to download. After completion, press B and then Home to get out. Press Home and exit to system menu. Your wii should work. Alternatively, you can install NUS Downloader on the computer and download the System Menu Wad file and install the WAD with the system menu to fix the Wii. http://wiibrew.org/wiki/NUS_Downloader Option 2: Go to computer If you know your Wii version menu and what region it is from, Search a theme on youtube or google to download a correct theme for your Wii version menu and region. For example, If you have 4.3U, search on youtube and google for 4.3U Mymenuify Theme. Download and if so extract the contents Copy the contents into the SD card. You can name a folder called Themes and copy the theme file in there. The theme itself is usually just one file. Bring the SD card into the Wii and install it Exit and press home and exit to your system menu and your Wii is working again. Twitter: https://twitter.com/microwavesam Blog: http://slothparadise.com Consider supporting our group in making stuff: ►https://www.patreon.com/slothparadise ►Twitter: https://twitter.com/slothparadise
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How To Setup Redirects In WordPress For Better SEO & Smooth Website Migrations
Setting up redirects sounds so intimidating, but I am here to tell you that it's not, in this tutorial I will show you how easy it is the set it all up. In the video I referenced a few links, here they are: https://yoast.com/which-redirect/ https://www.inmotionhosting.com/support/website/redirects/setting-up-a-301-permanent-redirect-via-htaccess how to set up redirects in wordpress,how to setup redirects,301 redirect wordpress,301 redirect tutorial,how to setup 301 redirects in wordpress,how to setup 301 redirects,website redirects,website redirects to another site,SEO redirects,wpcrafter,adampreiser,301 redirect htaccess,.htaccess url redirection,301 redirect plugin,redirection plugin wordpress,how to redirect a url,301 redirect seo,301 redirect tutorial,301 redirect wordpress
DEF CON 23 - Grant Bugher -  Obtaining and Detecting Domain Persistence
When a Windows domain is compromised, an attacker has several options to create backdoors, obscure his tracks, and make his access difficult to detect and remove. In this talk, I discuss ways that an attacker who has obtained domain administrator privileges can extend, persist, and maintain control, as well as how a forensic examiner or incident responder could detect these activities and root out an attacker. Speaker Bio: Grant Bugher has been hacking and coding since the early 90's and working professionally in information security for the last 11 years. He is currently a security consultant and engineer for a cloud service provider, and has previously been an architect, program manager and software engineer on a variety of online services, developer tools and platforms. Grant is a prior speaker at BlackHat and DEF CON and a regular DEF CON attendee since DEF CON 16. Most of his research and work is on cloud computing and storage platforms, application security, and detecting attacks against web-scale applications. Twitter: @fishsupreme Web: http://perimetergrid.com
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Guest Tutorial #11: Hardware + JavaScript with noopkat
The Coding Train is thrilled to welcome Suz Hinton (aka noopkat)! Suz shows how to get started with hardware using JavaScript, an Arduino Uno board, an OLED screen and the Johnny-Five library. Suz Hinton is a web developer who also loves working with electronics as a hobby. She maintains open source hardware libraries on Github, and live streams her coding activities weekly on Sundays. Official Arduino starter kit: https://amzn.to/2rjBzBe Arduino Uno: https://amzn.to/2rjBzBe OLED screen: https://amzn.to/2w8OKKV 🔗 Suz's website: http://noopkat.com 🔗 Johnny-Five: http://johnny-five.io/ 🔗 Arduino: https://arduino.cc 🔗 10Print: https://10print.org/ 🔗 Tim Holman's website: http://tholman.com 🔗 Node.js: https://nodejs.org 🔗 Learn I2C on Sparkfun: https://learn.sparkfun.com/tutorials/i2c 🎥 noopkat on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/noopkat 🎥 10PRINT Coding Challenge: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEyTZ5ZZxZs 🎥 Floyd-Steinberg Coding Challenge: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0L2n8Tg2FwI 💻 Oledjs-designer: https://github.com/hxlnt/oledjs-designer 💻 firmata-party: https://github.com/noopkat/firmata-party 💻 firmata-protocol: https://github.com/firmata/protocol 💻 oled-js: https://github.com/noopkat/oled-js 🚂 Website: http://thecodingtrain.com/ 💖 Patreon: https://patreon.com/codingtrain 🛒 Store: https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/codingtrain/ 📚 Book recommendations: https://www.amazon.com/shop/thecodingtrain 💻 https://github.com/CodingTrain/website 🎥 For an Introduction to Programming: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRqwX-V7Uu6Zy51Q-x9tMWIv9cueOFTFA 🎥 For more Coding Challenges: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRqwX-V7Uu6ZiZxtDDRCi6uhfTH4FilpH 🔗 https://p5js.org/ 🔗 https://processing.org
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How to setup DNS using Webmin
This is how to setup DNS using Webmin. Webmin is a web-based interface for system administration for Unix. Webmin is the best if you don't like using terminal to manage your server.
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How to Make A Business Website Using WordPress & Elementor Page Builder & Astra Theme 2019
Learn how to make a website for your business using WordPress, Elementor, & Astra. These are all 100% free tools that I personally use. In this how to make a website 2018 tutorial, I will show you more then just how to create a website, I will also teach you how to SEO optimize your website, and how to generate leads from it. This tutorial is comprehensive, my longest how to build a website tutorial. I hope you enjoy it. Here are some of the links I talked about in the video: Order hosting: http://OrderNewHosting.com Astra: https://www.wpcrafter.com/astra Elementor: https://www.wpcrafter.com/elementor-page-builder Video Quick Links Website Walkthrough 00:00:23 What You'll Learn 00:03:25 Lets Talk Hosting 00:06:11 Install SSL 00:20:22 WordPress Basics 00:33:13 Setup Website 00:51:47 Choose Font's & Colors 01:00:24 Create A Logo 01:11:29 Customize Theme 01:27:33 Astra Pro 01:39:08 Elementor Tutorial 01:43:26 Elementor Pro 02:12:04 Customize Elementor Pages 02:18:01 Configure Email 02:41:26 Configure Security & Backup 02:48:29 SEO Tutorial 02:57:47 Conclusion 03:08:28 Additionally there are more tutorials on my channel, over 250 in fact. Here is the link to that https://youtube.com/WPCrafter ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ All of my opinions in this video are my own, I was not paid to make this video. Whenever there is a link in any of my videos, if there is an affiliate program available, it's safe to assume that you are clicking on an affiliate link. Please check my website for any associated bonus I may be offering, for supporting me, or ask in the comments below. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
How to create BIND DNS configuration file named.conf
This is part 1 video of configuring BIND DNS in Linux
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What's up with the iPhone SE 2?
When it comes to Apple’s highly anticipated sequel to the iPhone SE, presumably named the iPhone SE 2, reports on what this budget iPhone might look like and when it might be released are conflicting. In this video, we take a deeper dive into the iPhone SE 2 rumors. Read more - https://www.macrumors.com/roundup/iphone-se/
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How to Forward a TCP/UDP Port on a Router ?
Download the Complete Video : http://impartlabs.blogspot.com Forwarding Ports on Routers for different applications and different routers .
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What Family Law is All About.m4v
Mini Law School preview Family law
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02 DNS and Labs Overview
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Exporting to Mexico Webinar Series: Mexican Import Process
Learn if your client in Mexico is able to import and how the import process works in Mexico. Learn other options and alternatives to sending your products to clients in Mexico. For more: http://export.gov/mrktresearch/eg_main_074084.asp February 12, 2014
CppCon 2014: Herb Sutter "Back to the Basics! Essentials of Modern C++ Style"
http://www.cppcon.org -- Presentation Slides, PDFs, Source Code and other presenter materials are available at: https://github.com/CppCon/CppCon2014 -- This talk revisits basic questions, such as how to declare and initialize a variable, how to pass a value to a function, how to write a simple loop, and how to use smart pointers, in the light of experience with C++11 and the latest C++14 refinements. This involves examining auto, rvalue references, range-for loops, uniform initialization, lambda expressions, unique_ptr and shared_ptr, and more. -- Herb Sutter - Author, chair of the ISO C++ committee, software architect at Microsoft. -- Videos Filmed & Edited by Bash Films: http://www.BashFilms.com
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Public Hearing on Section 232 National Security Investigation of Imports of Autos and Auto Parts
The U.S. Department of Commerce will host a public hearing on its Section 232 investigation of imports of automobiles and automotive parts on Thursday, July 19 in the U.S. Department of Commerce Auditorium. The hearing, which begins at 8:30 a.m., will feature testimony from approximately 45 individuals, representing domestic and international companies, industry groups, labor, and foreign countries. Officials from the Department of Defense will also be participating. Agenda: https://www.commerce.gov/sites/commerce.gov/files/autos_232_hearing_-_july_19_2018_panel_schedule_final_071218.pdf More details: https://www.commerce.gov/news/press-releases/2018/07/us-department-commerce-host-public-hearing-section-232-national-security
Des Moines, Iowa | Wikipedia audio article
This is an audio version of the Wikipedia Article: Des Moines, Iowa 00:02:19 1 Etymology 00:03:41 2 Prehistory 00:03:50 2.1 Prehistoric inhabitants of early Des Moines 00:05:00 3 History 00:05:09 3.1 Origin of Fort Des Moines 00:06:40 3.2 Early, non-Native American, settlement 00:08:21 3.3 Era of growth 00:10:27 3.4 "City Beautiful" project, decline and rebirth 00:13:59 4 Cityscape 00:16:42 5 Geography 00:17:58 5.1 Metropolitan area 00:18:59 5.2 Climate 00:20:10 6 Demographics 00:20:19 6.1 2010 census 00:23:46 6.2 2000 census 00:26:48 7 Economy 00:28:24 8 Culture 00:28:33 8.1 Arts and theatre 00:32:34 8.2 Attractions 00:39:15 8.3 Festivals and events 00:40:22 9 Museums 00:40:44 10 Government 00:41:51 11 Transportation 00:45:16 12 Education 00:46:59 13 Media 00:47:32 13.1 Radio 00:47:40 13.1.1 Commercial stations 00:49:37 13.1.2 Non-commercial stations 00:51:03 13.2 Television 00:52:37 13.3 Print 00:53:36 14 Sports and recreation 00:53:45 14.1 Sports 00:56:35 14.2 Parks and recreation 01:00:07 15 Sister cities 01:01:03 16 See also Listening is a more natural way of learning, when compared to reading. Written language only began at around 3200 BC, but spoken language has existed long ago. Learning by listening is a great way to: - increases imagination and understanding - improves your listening skills - improves your own spoken accent - learn while on the move - reduce eye strain Now learn the vast amount of general knowledge available on Wikipedia through audio (audio article). You could even learn subconsciously by playing the audio while you are sleeping! If you are planning to listen a lot, you could try using a bone conduction headphone, or a standard speaker instead of an earphone. You can find other Wikipedia audio articles too at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuKfABj2eGyjH3ntPxp4YeQ You can upload your own Wikipedia articles through: https://github.com/nodef/wikipedia-tts "The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing." - Socrates SUMMARY ======= Des Moines ( (listen)) is the capital and the most populous city in the U.S. state of Iowa. It is also the county seat of Polk County. A small part of the city extends into Warren County. It was incorporated on September 22, 1851, as Fort Des Moines, which was shortened to "Des Moines" in 1857. It is on and named after the Des Moines River, which likely was adapted from the French colonial name, Rivière des Moines, meaning "River of the Monks". The city's population was 217,521 as of the 2017 population estimate. The five-county metropolitan area is ranked 89th in terms of population in the United States with 634,725 residents according to the 2016 estimate by the United States Census Bureau.Des Moines is a major center of the U.S. insurance industry, and has a sizable financial services and publishing business base. The city was credited as the "number one spot for U.S. insurance companies" in a Business Wire article and named the third-largest "insurance capital" of the world. The city is the headquarters for the Principal Financial Group, the Meredith Corporation, Ruan Transportation, EMC Insurance Companies, and Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield. Other major corporations such as Wells Fargo, Voya Financial, Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, ACE Limited, Marsh, Monsanto, and DuPont Pioneer have large operations in or near the metropolitan area. In recent years, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, and Facebook have built data-processing and logistical facilities in the Des Moines area. Forbes ranked Des Moines as the "Best Place for Business" in both 2010 and 2013. In 2014, NBC ranked Des Moines as the "Wealthiest City in America" according to its criteria.Des Moines is an important city in U.S. presidential politics; as the state's capital, it is the site of the first caucuses of the presidential primary cycle. Many presidential candidates set up campaign headquarters in Des Moines. A 2007 article in The New York Times said, "If you have any desire to witness presidential candidates in the most close-up and intimate of settings, there is arguably no better place to go than Des Moines."
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Modigiliani Miller Approach and Arbitrage - Financial Management - A Complete Study
Install our android app CARAJACLASSES to view lectures direct in your mobile - https://bit.ly/2S1oPM6 Join my Whatsapp Broadcast / Group to receive daily lectures on similar topics through this Whatsapp direct link https://wa.me/917736022001 by simply messaging YOUTUBE LECTURES Did you liked this video lecture? Then please check out the complete course related to this lecture, FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT – A COMPLETE STUDYwith 500+ Lectures, 71+ hours content available at discounted price(10% off) with life time validity and certificate of completion. Enrollment Link For Students Outside India: https://bit.ly/2PmYtDf Enrollment Link For Students From India: https://www.instamojo.com/caraja/financial-management-a-complete-study-online/?discount=inyfmacs2 Our website link : https://www.carajaclasses.com Indepth Analysis through 300+ lectures and case studies for CA / CFA / CPA / CMA / MBA Finance Exams and Professionals ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Welcome to one of the comprehensive ever course on Financial Management – relevant for any one aspiring to understand Financial Management and useful for students pursing courses like CA / CMA / CS / CFA / CPA, etc. A Course with close to 300 lectures explaining each and every concept in Financial Management followed by Solved Case Studies (Video), Conversational Style Articles explaining the concepts, Hand outs for download, Quizzes and what not?? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This course is about Financial Management. By taking up this course, you will have opportunity to learn the all facets of Financial Management. Knowledge on Financial Management is important for every Entrepreneur and Finance Managers. Ignorance in Financial Management can be disastrous because it would invite serious trouble for the very functioning of the organisation. This is a comprehensive course, covering each and every topic in detail. In this course,you will learn the Financial Management basic concepts, theories, and techniques which deals with conceptual frame work. Following topics will be covered in this course a) Introduction to Financial Management (covering role of CFO, difference between Financial Management, Accounting and other disciplines) b) Time Value of Money c) Financial Analysis through Ratios (covering ratios for performance evaluation and financial health, application of ratio analysis in decision making). d) Financial Analysis through Cash Flow Statement e) Financial Analysis through Fund Flow Statement f) Cost of Capital of Business (Weighted Average Cost of Capital and Marginal Cost of Capital) g) Capital Structuring Decisions (Capital Structuring Patterns, Designing optimum capital structure, Capital Structure Theories). h) Leverage Analysis (Operating Leverage, Financial Leverage and Combined Leverage) I) Various Sources of Finance j) Capital Budgeting Decisions (Payback, ARR, MPV, IRR, MIRR) k) Working Capital Management (Working Capital Cycle, Cash Cost, Budgetary Control, Inventory Management, Receivables Management, Payables Management, Treasury Management) This course is structured in self learning style. It will have good number of video lectures covering all the above topics discussed. Simple English used for presentation. Take this course to understand Financial Management comprehensively. Mandatory Disclosure regarding course contents: This course is basically a bundle of following courses: a) Time Value of Money b) Cash Flow Statement Analysis c) Fund Flow Statement Analysis d) Finance Management Ratio Analysis e) Learn how to find cost of funds f) Learn Capital Structuring g) Learn NPV and IRR Techniques h) Working Capital Management. If you are purchasing this course, make sure you don't purchase the above courses. Also note, this course is also bundled in comprehensive course named Accounting, Finance and Banking - A Comprehensive Study. So if you are purchasing above course, make sure you don't purchase this course. • Category: Business What's in the Course? 1. Over 346 lectures and 48 hours of content! 2. Understand Basics of Financial Management 3. Understand Importance of Time Value of Money 4. Understand Financial Ratio Analysis 5. Understand Cash Flow Analysis 6. Understand Fund Flow Analysis 7. Understand Cost of Capital 8. Understand Capital Structuring 9. Understand Capital Budgeting Process 10. Understand Working Capital Management 11. Understand Various sources of Finance Course Requirements: 1. Students can approach with fresh mind Who Should Attend? 1. Any one who wants to learn Financial Management comprehensively 2. MBA (Finance) students 3. CA / CMA / CS / CFA / CPA / CIMA
outlook incoming emails into specific folders automatically
how to set up your mailboxes so that mail arriving for specific emails addresses move directly into specific folders, rather than into your inbox. For the New Outlook Webmail tutorials on how to send incoming messages to specific folders go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAlqSTPh6Yo
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Send E-Mail in VBA Excel through Microsoft Outlook (Video 1 of 4)
Instructional Video for Sending E-Mail in VBA Excel through Microsoft Outlook
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[Mikrotik Tutorials] How to configure DNS on Mikrotik
This video will guide you to configure DNS (Domain Name System) on Mikrotik. What is the function of DNS? DNS has a function to translate the hostname/domain of server into its IP address. Indonesia: Cara konfigurasi DNS server di Mikrotik
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Objective-C is a general-purpose, object-oriented programming language that adds Smalltalk-style messaging to the C programming language. It is the main programming language used by Apple for the OS X and iOS operating systems, and their respective application programming interfaces (APIs), Cocoa and Cocoa Touch. The programming language Objective-C was originally developed in the early 1980s. It was selected as the main language used by NeXT for its NeXTSTEP operating system, from which OS X and iOS are derived. Generic Objective-C programs that do not use the Cocoa or Cocoa Touch libraries, or using parts that may be ported or reimplemented for other systems can also be compiled for any system supported by GCC or Clang. This video is targeted to blind users. Attribution: Article text available under CC-BY-SA Creative Commons image source in video
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Cấu hình DNS Server trên Linux Ubuntu
Nhóm thực hiện: Lê Minh Tuân -14110428 Lê Huỳnh Thanh Tùng - 14110223
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2013 CITT Town Hall Meeting
At this year's CITT Town Hall Meeting, we defined what makes a port competitive. We discussed how efficiency across the supply chain impacts the region's economy, affects the community, and provides job opportunities. We also discussed how the impact of local decisions affects national and global competitiveness. Efficiency and Competitiveness: Securing Cargo and Jobs Wednesday, May 15, 2013 6:00 pm Carpenter Performing Arts Center, CSULB 6200 Atherton Street, Long Beach, CA For more information, call the CITT office at (562) 985-2872 or email [email protected]
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Exporting to Mexico Webinar Series:  INCOTERMS Review and INCOTERM Common Practices in Mexico
Learn why Incoterms are important and what each Incoterm means. You will understand the most appropriate Incoterm when exporting to Mexico. For more: http://export.gov/mrktresearch/eg_main_074082.asp December 18, 2013
Durham City Council March 5, 2018
To view the agenda, visit http://DurhamNC.gov/agendacenter Meeting starts at 1:42 Moment of Silence starts at 2:04 Pledge of Allegiance starts at 2:27 Roll Call starts at 4:48 Girl Scout Week Proclamation starts at 5:14 Women's History Month Proclamation starts at 12:22 Jean Bradly Anderson Proclamation starts at 15:38 Announcements by Council starts at 24:18 Priority Items starts at 26:07 Consent Agenda starts at 26:26 Mayor's Council for Women Swearing In Ceremony starts at 29:00 19. Consolidated Annexation for 5220 Wake Forest Highway starts at 32:34 20. Street Closing for Wrenn Road starts at 1:24:01 21. Consolidated Item for NC 54 Storage starts at 1:27:09 16. Telecommunications License Agreement with South Carolina Telecommunications Group Holdings, LLC dba Spirit Communications starts at 2:02:10 Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/cityofdurhamnc Like: http://www.facebook.com/cityofdurhamnc Follow: http://www.twitter.com/cityofdurhamnc Follow: http://www.instagram.com/cityofdurhamnc Visit: http://DurhamNC.gov
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