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Ripple Ridge - Phillip Lemire - Landyachtz Longboards
Phillip designed this super fun board for you to skate alleys, paths, parking garages, to the store, to a dinosaur museum, anywhere! The Ripple Ridge is extremely versatile and insanely fun. Cruising, carving, commuting, tricks, this board does it all in the name of fun! Throw on some Street Hawg Wheels and the new Polar Bear Trucks and you've got the next most ridden board in your collection. More Info: http://landyachtz.com/boards/hybrid-58 Riders: Phillip Lemire, Kyle Martin, and Charlie Darragh Film/Edit: Dave Leslie Music: "Surf Erie" by Monster Rally http://monsterrally.bandcamp.com
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Action Board Sports Reviews the Landyachtz Ripple Ridge 2013 Longboard Skateboard
If you wanna rip around town like a boss then you gotta get on the Ripple Ridge. http://absboards.com/?s=ripple+ridge&post_type=product Dimensions: 32″ length 9.5″ width 19.2″ wheelbase 8 plies of maple Medium concave with rockers and ripple Low flex
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Ripple Ridge Rippin
Going for a rip on the Landyachtz ripple ridge with paris 150mm trucks and divine crucibles. 19 inch wheelbase rippin Film : Julian Oshana
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Can’t let a little gravel and dirt stop you from skating your favourite spot. Music: https://futuresocietycollective.bandcamp.com/track/comin-closer Check out the old video of Phillip Lemire in the alleys! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOHLVLkkFI4 Stay Up To Date! http://www.landyachtz.com http://www.instagram.com/landyachtzlongboards http://www.facebook.com/landyachtzlongboards http://www.twitter.com/landyachtz #longboarding
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Cloud ride iceez review !
Throwing some mellow shlubs on the iceez and cruisin around love the landyachtz ripple ridge fire setup 🤘
Landyachtz Ripple Ridge 2013 - Wiredsport Innovation Watch
Landyachtz Ripple Ridge 2013 - http://www.wiredsport.com - Riples that help you feel the deck under foot, unreal Landyachtz graphics!
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The Way To School 20161007
Set up: Landyachtz Ripple Ridge Wolf Orangatang Kegel 80mm 83a
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Ripple Ridge 2013/RIDE MAN
Baka師匠とのコラボ第二弾!曲はこちらhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=QPCJJKA3uVc Deck LANDYACHTZ 2013 RIPPLE RIDGE Trucks POLAR BEAR 155 Wheels CultWheels ISM 63mm 85a, LANDYACHTZ HAWGS MINI ZOMBIE 70mm 82a
Landyachtz 2018 Live Stream Line Up Longboard Launch Party!
Sorry for the abrupt start. Technical difficulties... Dinghy Handstand: 0:08 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/line-launch/dinghy-handstand Dinghy Gin & Tonic: 0:40 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/line-launch/dinghy-ginandtonic Dinghy Hoodoo Tiger: 1:33 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/line-launch/dinghy-hoodoo-tiger Dinghy Beastwreck: 2:16 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/line-launch/dinghy-beastwreck Dodger: 4:18 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/line-launch/dodger-wing Wrecktangle: 5:08 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/line-launch/wreck-tangle Turbo Dinghy: 6:15 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/line-launch/dinghy-turbo Ditch Life: 8:50 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/hybrid-28/ditch-life ATV Cowboy: 9:34 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/hybrid-28/atv-cowboy Tugboat Captain: 9:58 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/line-launch/tug-boat-captain Pugboat: 9:58 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/mini-cruisers/pug-boat Gordito Pop Tart: 11:16 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/hybrid-28/gordito-pop-tart Rally Cat: 13:42 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/line-launch/rally-cat Sidewalker: 15:03 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/line-launch/hollowtech-sidewalker Pinner Handstand: 20:26 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/line-launch/bamboo-pinner-handstand Bamboo Chief Eyes: 21:38 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/line-launch/bamboo-chief-eyes-kid Battle Axe Chill Bird 35: 22:26 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/line-launch/battle-axe-35-chill-bird Battle Axe Chill Bird 40: 23:09 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/line-launch/battle-axe-40-chill-bird Flexy Canyon Arrow: 23:57 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/line-launch/canyon-arrow-lighthouse Bamboo Stratus: 27:05 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/line-launch/bamboo-stratus Mark Maggiori Art Series: 31:10 Switchblade 38: 37:18 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/line-launch/switchblade-38-mountain-yellow-fade Switchblade 40: 39:40 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/line-launch/switchblade-40-mountain-blue-fade Switch 35 Tiger: 41:18 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/line-launch/switch-35-tiger Switch 40 Tiger: 41:18 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/line-launch/switch-40-tiger Ten Two Four Skull: 42:32 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/line-launch/ten-two-four-skull Cheese Grater: 47:57 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/line-launch/hollowtech-cheesegrater Osteon: 49:51 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/line-launch/osteon-observer Evo: 56:10 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/downhill-freeride-series/evo-skate-explore Evo 36 Falcon: 57:02 - http://landyachtz.com/boards/line-launch/evo-36-falcon Join Billy Bones, Steven Vera and some special guest as we unveil our 2018 board line up and answer all your important questions! Check out the new boards here! http://www.landyachtz.com http://www.instagram.com/landyachtz http://www.facebook.com/landyachtzlongboards http://www.twitter.com/landyachtz
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2018 Dinghy - Landyachtz
Your new best friend. Music: "Chase Your Bliss" by Mammals https://mammalsmusic.bandcamp.com http://www.landyachtz.com http://www.instagram.com/landyachtz http://www.facebook.com/landyachtzlongboards/ http://www.twitter.com/landyachtz
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Первый раз на Landyachtz Ripple Ridge
Тут я еще не подтянула подвески и меня немного болтало на скоростях, но вообще это самый лучший лонгоединорог в мире. Я ужасно рада. Landyachtz Ripple Ridge - http://www.landyachtz.com/D25.cfm?PID=520 На фоне играет The Black Lips -- Bad Kids Cсылки! (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ Сайт: http://nixelpixel.net Vkontakte: http://vk.com/nixelpixel_public Instagram: instagram.com/nixelpixel/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/nixelpixel Tumblr: http://nixelpixel.tumblr.com/ Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/nixelpixel
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Dinghy Mini Cruiser - Landyachtz
The Dinghy is a small board and Texas is a big state. But the Dinghy was built to handle any terrain and that's just what it did in the Lone Star State. More Info: http://landyachtz.com/boards/mini-cruisers Music: "Asleep On The Bus" by Bestie http://bestie.bandcamp.com Film/Edit: Dave Leslie Additional Filming: Jacob Lambert Riders: Dillon Stephens Billy Bones Adam Yates Stephen Vaughn Katie Neilson Edward Aviña More footage from this trip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AwsiHAmyEA More Landyachtz: http://www.landyachtz.com http://www.facebook.com/landyachtzlongboards http://www.instagram.com/landyachtzlongboards http://www.twitter.com/landyachtz
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Daddies Reviews - Landyachtz Progression Series 2014
In yet another episode of Daddies Reviews, Zach spreads the news, the news about the 2014 Landyachtz Progression Series. Peep it here. Email [email protected] or call 503.281.5123 with any questions.
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Landyachtz Ripple Ridge
32" x 10", available from Octane Sport.
Views: 6483 Octanesport
2012 Landyachtz Ripple Ridge ditch and park skating.
I did a week long review of the 2012 Landyachtz Ripple Ridge which can be viewed at http://www.goskatelongboard.com/2012-landyachtz-ripple-ridge-review.html Over the course of the week I took the board to Canberra and visited Belco skatepark and the Spence drains. I had a blast riding this board and I would suggest you go out and buy one immediately. These are a few unedited runs, I am pretty bad at editing so I just threw them all together. The video doesn't show how steep the banks really were or how fast I was going but other than that I'm pretty happy with it. Set up: 2012 Landyachtz Ripple Ridge, Independent 159's, Metro motion Micro motion 83a in blue, hard Bones Hardcore bushings and Bones reds bearings. Thanks for watching! Song: Perfect Games by The Broken West I do not own the rights to this song.
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The Royal Board Shop and Landyachtz Custom Ripple Ridge
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
Views: 1227 Jojo Barrientos
Landyachtz ripple ridge 2012 review
Just a basic review on the landyachtz ripple ridge
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Landyachtz Ripple Ridge 2013 - Daddie's Board Shop
The new Landyachtz Ripple Ridge 2013 from Daddie's Board Shop brand new! Short revision on the product... Not much of a review but I hope its helpful to you! Sadly it was a rainy day now a wet night so I cant ride it yet but I'll be uploading vids as soon as I start riding it! Enjoy! And please subscribe ;)
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Longboarding || Ripple Ridge Unboxing
I have the 2012 Landyachtz Ripple Ridge setup with Randal 180's and Mini Zombie Hawgs. 80a (1/2 inch risers) Landyachtz has been known to procure some radical wood bending when it comes to their shapes, but this one most certainly takes the cake. The Landyachtz Ripple Ridge Longboard Skateboard Deck features a rippling profile to give you an easy gripping point wherever your heels or toes may land. In addition to the ridges, the platform has a rockered profile to help you feel more secure despite the decreased amount of footspace. With the inclusion of a kicktail in the mold, Landyachtz has created a great all around cruiser and mild freeride setup to enhance your ride to school, jury duty, work, or the local burger place. The Ripple Ridge was created as a city freeriding board and features a large tail, rockered platform and a comfortable medium sized concave. This deck comes with unique waves on its edges, instantly allowing you to find your footing no matter what situation arises. Designed by Landyachtz team rider Phillip Lemire to embody everything he wanted in a board. Features Length: 32.00 Width: 10.00 Wheelbase: 19.25 Construction: Maple Concave: Medium Flex: Stiff
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スライドジャムまで約1週間。どうあがいても上手くならない・・・ Seismic Cry Baby 84a 64mm LANDYACHTZ RIPPLE RIDGE TRACKER 161
6/12/16 Ripple Ridge Raceway Mod 4 DASH FOR CASH
1/4 mile high banked paperclip in Rawlins, WY
Views: 76 Josh Schweitzer
2013 Dinghy - Landyachtz
The 2013 Dinghy is your new all-around cruiser kicktail board. Perfect for a night out, a cruise to the store or quick alley session. The Dinghy comes in six flavors, each with soft top grip to keep you rolling smooth. This do-everything cruiser has a spot in everyones collection. Available complete for $129 at fine retailers everywhere. More Info: http://landyachtz.com/boards/mini-cruisers Music: Hey! For Horses The Rest http://therest.bandcamp.com Riders: David Rudgers, Travis Craig, Nick Breton, Kyle Martin, Dillon Stephens Film/Edit: Dave Leslie
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Skate and Explore - Orcas Island - Landyachtz
Filling the van with a rad crew and traveling to somewhere you've never been. Doesn't get much better. Music: 0:03 "Collector" Springtime Carnivore http://springtimecarnivore.bandcamp.com 2:57 "When She Goes Away" We Are Pirates http://wearepirates.bandcamp.com 5:14 "Laughing Yearning" The Rest http://therest.bandcamp.com 8:04 "dust upon the shelf" Grossbuster http://soundcloud.com/grossbuster
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Landyachtz Longboards - Bamboo Ripper
Like the name suggests this board rips. Short wheelbase allows for quick turns. Kicktail allows for even quicker turns. Great for dodging obstacles while commuting from A to B. Rider: Travis Craig
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Longboarding :ripple ridge
Mobbin on cloudride iceeez on the landyachtz ripple ridge paris 155mm hanger 50 degree baseplates bronsons bearings fast slides free ride
Falling on my Ripple Ridge
Started from about two thirds up the hill, had bad foot placement, and skidded for about 3-5 meters. Good thing I had my protection. Setup: Landyachtz Ripple Ridge Indy 169s Metro Micro Motions
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Rippling The Ridge
Ripping down hill on da ripple ridge.
Views: 1552 Thaneboys
6 12 2016c Ripple Ridge
Ripple Ridge Raceway ENDURO Main 6-12-2016
Views: 30 Ken Swan
Landyachtz Polar Bear 155 Trucks
The new trucks from Landyachtz / Bear.... 90a bushings, strong, multiple hole pattern, light too.
Views: 7658 Octanesport
Dear Alex
Setup: Landyachtz Ripple Ridge Vault fibreflex wheels Paris 180 trucks GoPro Hero 2
Views: 1910 Basty's Channel
The Hatchet - Landyachtz
A lot of board and a lot of fun! Twin kicktails with a snappy fibreglass core make the Hatchet a great choice for anyone looking to cruise and do some tricks along the way. Rider: Steven Vera @stevenvera.a More Info! http://landyachtz.com/boards/cruisers/fiberglass-hatchet-map
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Landyachtz Longboards - South American Skatecation - Part 1
The Eh Team took a trip to South America to skate, race, party and hang out with all the rad locals. The first stop was Colombia! Music: "Meanest Genius" Prairie Cat http://prairiecat.ca The boards in this video are The Bamboo Ripper, 9two5, Wolfshark, Switchblade, Carbon Mummy, Ripple Ridge (Prototype)
Views: 86943 landyachtzlongboards
First 2 stair... on a ripple ridge
Nov.27 2013
Views: 892 TheAdriann132
Longboarding-[SPRING BREAK EDIT]
SORRY THIS IS LONG OVERDUE- HAVEN'T HAD TIME TO UPLOAD!! Just a little of what I did on Spring Break. Florida is mostly flat, especially where I was, so, not a lot lf downhill stuff. I managed to get in a tiny bit after we came home. I still had lots of fun just messing around doing some sketchy freeslyte. Sorry for the dodgy video quality, some of this was filmed o the run with phones and such. Thanks for subscribing and watching my videos! Boards Used: Landyachtz Switchblade and Ripple Ridge Busitin Mekanik I do not own this song it is being used for entertainment purposes only. Stay tuned for more videos as I plan to do much, much, much more when summer comes!
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|| Longboarding - BOTANG ||
Skaters: Tully Hemsley - Bustin Yoface Leon Danicic - Landyachtz Ripple Ridge Sam Skinner - Landyachtz Bamboo Ripper Harry Williams - Landyachtz Switchblade 36 Edit: Tully Hemsley Song: Fuse
Views: 2220 JANG0JANG co.
6 12 2016a Ripple Ridge ENDURO
Enduro race from 6-12-2016 at Ripple Ridge Raceway in Rawlins Wyoming.
Views: 50 Ken Swan
Road Kill- PaintTheHills
Eli Holmes-
Riding: Landyachtz Ripple Ridge
Street Hawgs 
Song- Smile by:Eyedea
Views: 1281 PaintThe Hills
Longboarding: 3 piece lounge suite
Three piece lounge suit: 2 years old, still in good condition. business in the front party in the back, one size fits all. Note:batteries not included. bluetooth and ipod compatability. 7 seater hachback. High definition 467p. 5 shelf refidgefeezer. fake reload. comfort assured. comes with 18 biscuits, biscuits not included. Can arrange pick up. Vault Atlas, Vault Athena, Landyachtz ripple ridge, Comet Ethos. No copy right infringments are intended. All rights go to Wankelmut and Co. Song: One day reckoning song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_jzuxM3O8M
Views: 758 GentsOnBuderim
8154 Ripple Ridge
Property Site: http://tour.circlepix.com/home/KCJ3YZ Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 2 full and 1 half bathrooms Square Feet: 1273 Price: $195,000 For more information about this property, please contact Yvette Kincer at 630-857-8073 or [email protected] You can also text 2148373 to 67299. MLS ID: 07/18/2014 01:21:42 am Last modified:
Views: 3 CirclePixVideo6
[Mini Cruising]
Short clip of me having fun on my mini! Landyachtz Ripple Ridge (2012 sadly :( new one is soooo cool) Independent 159 Otang Fat Free 86a
Views: 109 wllongboarding
Longboard Sliding
having some fun sliding around in Kelowna. Boards used in the video are Landyachtz Ripple Ridge and Landyachtz Dropspeed I do not own the rights to the song
Views: 1454 R3KZ
Raeh Powers Full Edit
new ripple ridge :D
Views: 1200 OurWorldSports
Longboarding 5-21-13
Song is called "Throwback" by Dan Park. SoundCloud link: https://soundcloud.com/danparkmusic Setup: Landyachtz Ripple Ridge, Paris 180s, Otang Stims 70mm 86a Not the greatest display of skating, but it was fun haha
Views: 1062 Austin Duerfeldt
Day at Orchard
Gettin Shreddy at the Orchard Riders: Matt Devlin & Austin Duncan Film: Jeremy Draper Edit: Austin Duncan Boards: Omen Spawn, DB Lunchtray, and Landyachtz Ripple Ridge All rights go to the artist Aluna George- Put Your Hands Up
Views: 124 Matt Devlin
Longboarding: Winter Despair
Buggin Out- A Tribe Called Quest Ben- Ripple Ridge, 159 indys, Nord Board Wheels Matt- Rayne Darkside, Death Reys, Rayne Envys
riding his ripple ridge
Views: 92 Megan h
Summer Longboarding 2013
Longboard session in France. Setup landyachtz Ripple Ridge 2012 Paris V1 Balut 86a
Views: 448 Basty's Channel
GOPRO FUSION! Sengkang Riverside E-skating
Song credit: Shallou - Truth Arcboard Aileron with Landyachtz Ripple Ridge
Views: 253 crispy

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