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IISCrypto - Fixing Windows Server SSL/TLS Config Issues
Fixing SSL/TLS configuration issues on Windows Servers with ease, using IISCrypto. You can download IIS Crypto here - https://www.nartac.com/Products/IISCrypto/Download For a step by step guide, please visit my post here - https://www.phr33fall.co.uk/iiscrypto/
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Working with IISCrypto
IISCrypto is a great & useful tool van Nartac Software that helps any server or computer administrator, setting up the correct SSL, TLS, Ciphers, Hashes and keys on servers or other managed Windows operating systems with just a few clicks. Just click away the ciphers and protocols, you don't want to be used by the system, and click "apply". I do not recommend to use the best practice button. Setting the order in the cipher suites is very, very handy. Create a template for your whole environment. This is a tool everyone that works in IT business should be aware of. Do not use the Qualys SSL Labs Url test from this tool. Be default the result will be published, On the original site it can be ticked off. Questions on ciphers or protocols? Just leave a comment below! --------- IISCrypto es una excelente y útil herramienta de Nartac Software que ayuda a cualquier servidor o administrador de computadora, configurando los SSL, TLS, cifrados, Hashes y claves correctos en servidores u otros sistemas operativos de Windows administrados con solo unos pocos clics. Simplemente haga clic en los cifrados y protocolos, no quiere que el sistema lo utilice y haga clic en "aplicar". No recomiendo usar el botón de mejores prácticas. Establecer el orden en las suites de cifrado es muy, muy útil. Crea una plantilla para todo tu entorno. Esta es una herramienta que todos los que trabajan en el negocio de TI deben conocer. No utilice la prueba de URL de Labs SSL de Qualys de esta herramienta. Por defecto, el resultado se publicará. En el sitio original se puede marcar. ¿Preguntas sobre cifrados o protocolos? ¡Solo deja un comentario abajo! --------- IISCrypto est un outil formidable et utile pour Nartac Software, qui aide tout administrateur de serveur ou d’ordinateur, à configurer en quelques clics les protocoles SSL, TLS, Ciphers, Hash et clés appropriés. Il suffit de cliquer sur les chiffrements et les protocoles, vous ne voulez pas être utilisé par le système, et cliquez sur "Appliquer". Je ne recommande pas d'utiliser le bouton des meilleures pratiques. Définir l’ordre dans les suites de chiffrement est très pratique. Créez un modèle pour tout votre environnement. C’est un outil que tout le monde qui travaille dans le secteur informatique devrait connaître. N'utilisez pas le test Qualys SSL Labs Url à partir de cet outil. Par défaut, le résultat sera publié. Sur le site d'origine, il peut être coché. Des questions sur les chiffrements ou les protocoles? Laissez juste un commentaire ci-dessous! --------- IISCryptoは、数回のクリックでサーバや他の管理されたWindowsオペレーティングシステム上の正しいSSL、TLS、暗号、ハッシュ、キーを設定して、あらゆるサーバやコンピュータの管理者を助ける優れたツールバンNartacソフトウェアです。 暗号とプロトコルをクリックするだけで、システムで使用したくない場合は、「適用」をクリックします。 ベストプラクティスボタンを使用することはお勧めしません。 暗号スイートの順序を設定することは非常に便利です。 環境全体のテンプレートを作成します。 これは、ITビジネスで働くすべての人が知っておくべきツールです。 このツールのQualys SSL Labs Urlテストは使用しないでください。 デフォルトのままにすると、結果が公開されます。元のサイトでは、オフにすることができます。 暗号やプロトコルに関する質問? 下にコメントを残してください! --------- IISCrypto是一款非常实用的工具van Nartac Software,可帮助任何服务器或计算机管理员,只需点击几下即可在服务器或其他托管Windows操作系统上设置正确的SSL,TLS,密码,哈希和密钥。 只需单击密码和协议,您不希望系统使用它,然后单击“应用”。 我不建议使用最佳练习按钮。 在密码套件中设置顺序非常非常方便。 为整个环境创建模板。 这是一个在IT业务中工作的人应该注意的工具。 请勿使用此工具中的Qualys SSL Labs Url测试。 默认情况下,结果将被发布,在原始网站上可以勾选。 关于密码或协议的问题? 请在下面发表评论! --------- IISCrypto एक महान और उपयोगी टूल वैन नार्टैक सॉफ़्टवेयर है जो किसी भी सर्वर या कंप्यूटर व्यवस्थापक की सहायता करता है, सर्वर पर या अन्य प्रबंधित विंडोज ऑपरेटिंग सिस्टम पर कुछ एसएसएल, टीएलएस, सिफर, हैश और चाबियाँ सेट करता है। बस सिफर और प्रोटोकॉल पर क्लिक करें, आप सिस्टम द्वारा उपयोग नहीं करना चाहते हैं, और "लागू करें" पर क्लिक करें। मैं सबसे अच्छा अभ्यास बटन का उपयोग करने की सिफारिश नहीं करता हूं। सिफर सुइट्स में ऑर्डर सेट करना बहुत आसान है। अपने पूरे पर्यावरण के लिए एक टेम्पलेट बनाएँ। यह एक उपकरण है जो आईटी व्यवसाय में काम करता है हर किसी के बारे में पता होना चाहिए। इस टूल से क्वालिज़ एसएसएल लैब्स यूआरएल परीक्षण का उपयोग न करें। डिफ़ॉल्ट बनें परिणाम प्रकाशित हो जाएगा, मूल साइट पर इसे टाटा जा सकता है। सिफर या प्रोटोकॉल पर सवाल? बस नीचे एक टिप्पणी छोड़ दो! -------- O IISCrypto é uma ótima e útil ferramenta do software Nartac que ajuda qualquer administrador de servidor ou de computador, configurando o SSL, TLS, Ciphers, Hashes e chaves corretos em servidores ou outros sistemas operacionais Windows gerenciados com apenas alguns cliques. Basta clicar as cifras e protocolos, você não quer ser usado pelo sistema e clique em "aplicar". Eu não recomendo usar o botão de melhores práticas. Definir a ordem nos conjuntos de criptografia é muito, muito útil. Crie um modelo para todo o seu ambiente. Esta é uma ferramenta que todos que trabalham em negócios de TI devem estar cientes. Não use o teste Qualel SSL Labs Url dessa ferramenta. Por padrão, o resultado será publicado. No site original, ele pode ser marcado. Perguntas sobre cifras ou protocolos? Basta deixar um comentário abaixo! ---------
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Disable Weak Ciphers (RC4 & TripleDES) Windows Server 2012
This video is following on from the previous one (Disabling SSLv3 and TLS v1.0), which can be found here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yuvq3TtrKPI&t=2s The video covers removing support for RC4 and TripleDES ciphers, as well as removing support for the weaker exchange algorithm 'Diffie-Hellman'.
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IIS 7 7.5 8 Hardening SSL TLS - Windows Server 2008 R2 2012 R2 DISABLE SSL V2/3 POODLE BEAST
One of the first steps you should do when deploying a new public facing web server is hardening your server's SSL/TLS connections. Disabling vulnerable protocols, ciphers, hashes and key exchange algorithms can help mitigate the now more common exploits like the BEAST attack and now POODLE. By default many weaker technologies are enabled, leaving IIS traffic vulnerable and exposed. In this video I show how to harden IIS via the registry or IISCrypto. For more info and links, check out my blog post: http://robwillis.info/2013/09/iis-77-5-hardening-ssl-tls-windows-server-2008-r2/ Thanks to http://teknoaxe.com for the music!
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Secure Apache Web Server - Use SSLScan and Disable Ciphers (SSLv3, TLSv1 ..etc)
How to Disable Vulnerable Ciphers after Finding Them using SSLScan This part of the series will be an SSLScan tutorial while giving examples to it. In this tutorial i will go through SSLScan and how to use it to find available ciphers. I will then update the openssl and disable vulnerable ciphers and force to use newer ones. sslscan will scan all the different ciphers being used in the target host, there are different versions and types of SSLs and this is where SSLscan comes to help you determine everything about them. Older Ciphers are vulnerable to attacks and that's why it's a good practice to disable them and force to use only newer ones. Other Apache Hardening Tutorials: 1- Secure Apache Web Server - Use SSLScan and Disable Ciphers: https://goo.gl/mb7pYz 2- Apache Secure Tutorial: Hide HTTP Header and Disable Directory Listing: https://goo.gl/VqcLrG 3- Apache Hardening Tutorial: Disable HTTP Trace / Cross Site Method https://goo.gl/KJnbDS Install SSLScan utility on linux yum install sslscan Or manually You must have git , glibc and openssl-devel installed, if you don't have them run 'yum install git gcc openssl-devel' Download the tar file from here to your linux box Decompress the file using 'tar xfvz file-name-tar.gz' Change folder to the one you decompressed the files and run 'make static' Run 'make install' Confirm by running 'sslscan version' Use SSLScan for scanning available ciphers. Replace "whatever" with the domain or use an IP and specify the port which is 443 by default. sslscan www.whatever.com:443 Or sslscan ip.ip.ip.ip:443 Disable older ciphers vi /etc/httpd/conf.d/ssl.conf SSLProtocol all -SSLv2 -SSLv3 Save Restart the service service httpd restart systemctl restart httpd Update your Openssl and force newer ciphers Note: to enable newer ciphers you have to be sure that your openssl is updated and supports them or else you will get similar error to "SSLProtocol: Illegal protocol 'TLSv1.1'" This is part of the Apache Web Server Hardening and Secure Tutorial Series. This tutorial apply to all ciphers like disablng sslv3 , sslv2 and forcing all tlsv1 , tlsv1.1 and tlsv1.2
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Steps by Steps How to convert ssl certificate crt and key file into pfx file format
Hi viewers!!! in this tutorial I'll show you Steps by Steps How to convert ssl certificate crt and key file into pfx file format
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The Cryptographic Service in Windows 7
Provides four management services: Catalog Database Service, which confirms the signatures of Windows files and allows new programs to be installed; Protected Root Service, which adds and removes Trusted Root Certification Authority certificates from the computer; Automatic Root Certificate Update Service, which retrieves root certificates from Windows Update and enable scenarios such as SSL; and Key Service, which helps enroll the computer for certificates. If this service is stopped, these management services will not function properly. If this service is disabled, any services that explicitly depend on it will fail to start.
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Example of using the SSLScan tool to determine which ciphers are supported by a certain website.
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Disable SSLv3 & TLS1.0 Windows Server 2012 R2
A video about disabling SSL v3.0 and TLS v1.0 on Windows Server 2012 R2 in Registry Editor. I've created a step by step guide on disabling SSLv3 and TLS v1.0 here - https://www.phr33fall.co.uk/ssl-tls-issues-server-2012/ If you're looking to remove support for RC4, TripleDES and Diffie-Hellman, you can find that here - https://youtu.be/8eoU0gVvzpE Or the step by step guide to disable weaker ciphers is here - https://www.phr33fall.co.uk/weakciphers/
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SSLEYE Fake SSL Certificate Detection Tool E-11
SSL Eye is a unique tool that is designed in a way it can detect SSL man in the middle spying, by comparing SSL fingerprints of single or multiple sites across many remote nodes that are owned and managed by EEDS located in different countries such as Singapore, USA, UK, Germany and Netherlands. This is done by comparing the other nodes finger prints results with yours that comes through your local ISP. Additionally the tool will tell you if the site is using Extended Validation (EV) certificates or perfect forward secrecy through the key exchange mechanism such as DHE_RSA or ECDHE_RSA which is currently being used by Google Inc. We have also implemented global short-cut keys on the application that allows you to copy a site from the browser address bar and call it for instant scan to check if you are a victim of Man in The Middle Attack (MITM). Where normally attackers listen to your communication channel in a public key exchange re-sends the keys on your behalf, substituting his own fake keys for the requested one, so that the two original parties (you and your bank) will still appear to be communicating with each other. ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● Follow me: Twitter - https://twitter.com/warith2020 Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/warith.almaawali Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/warith77/ Google Plus - https://plus.google.com/+WarithAlMaawali Linkedin - https://www.linkedin.com/in/warith1977 ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● Links: ! ◆ SSLEYE https://www.digi77.com/ssl-eye-prism-protection/ ! ◆ My websites: https://digi77.com https://om77.net ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● Credits: ! ◆ Cartoon Character and Youtube art: pixabay https://pixabay.com/ ! ◆ Music by: Alex Lisi Horror-Suspense Music [Royalty Free] Haunted Places - Alex Lisi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwdFIt4TTEI http://alexlisi.xyz/RoyaltyFree ! ◆ Intro Video by: Videezy https://www.Videezy.com Videvo videvo.net/ ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● I am not a financial adviser and this is not financial advice.
Юрайт: Согласования и договоры
Юристам в помощь! Программа для договоров с полной автоматизацией согласования и учета.
Use TLS 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 greyed out or disabled. Can't select Use SSL, TLS Advanced security options
Advance security options Use SSL 3.0, Use TLS 1.0, 1.1 & 1.2 are disabled or greyed out, that is unable to select these options. How to enable these options, so i can select these options. Solution: open local group policy editor, move to following path Computer and/or User Settings | Administrative Templates | Windows Components | Internet Explorer | Internet Control Panel | Advanced Page. Open Turn off encryption support Window, select Not configured, apply changes,ok.
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Hacking IIS's AppHost
Week 18 of a 52 web pro series on what every web administrators needs to know to be successful in this space. This week covers advanced IIS management by editing of applicationHost.config.
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BEAST Attack : To decrypt a complete header and the secret cookie from HTTPS
Cette démonstration de l'attaque BEAST montre qu'il est possible de décrypter le cookie d'une requête HTTPS à cause du mode CBC de SSLv3.0/TLS1.0. Dans cet vidéo, on décrypte le header complètement pour récupérer le cookie. On optimise le décryptage en utilisant le fait que l'on connaisse certaines parties du header (ex: User-Agent). Étapes de l'attaque: 1- L'attaquant est en MITM. Il met à disposition un site web contenant un applet java malveillant. 2- La cible visite un site web mise à disposition sur mon réseau local via un canal SSL/TLS. La cible récupère un cookie de session. Le cookie n'est pas passé en clair sur le réseau mais dans le canal sécurisé...La cible a récupéré un cookie de session et ce dernier est stocké dans son navigateur. L'attaquant veut ce cookie. 4- La cible visite le site malveillant de l'attaquant et charge l'applet java. 5- L'attaquant décrypte le header et récupère le cookie de session de la Cible.
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How EFS, SSL and IPSEC Encrypt
Encryption is an important tool for security communications. In this video, Doug explores the methods used in EFS, IPSEC and SSL. Digital communications can be vulnerable to eavesdropping and interception. There are a variety of security methods that enhance confidentiality. Technologies such as the Encrypting File System (EFS), IP Security (IPSEC), and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) use a combination of methods to help ensure your digital information is safe. Senior Technical Instructor Doug Bassett peels back the mystery and shows how a combination of symmetrical and asymmetrical encryption puts your information in a lock box. He also illustrates, using EFS, how you can share this data with multiple people and still keep it secure. If you want to learn more about protecting vital data and how to ensure proper configuration, optimization and security, we invite you to attend our Active Directory, Network Infrastructure and Applications Server classes. If you have any questions, feel free to email Doug at [email protected] We look forward to seeing you soon. www.stormwindlive.com
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3- crypto config
In this video I will show you how you can create crypto-config.yaml file and how to use cryptogen tool to generate all certificates that are need for Hyperledger Fabric
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How to use the CasinoCoin import private key tool
Screen recordings on how to use the CasinoCoin import private key tool. Donations CSC: cLjJ4NSXfn4w9nHNNVG8afHccp51FBU3U2
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Howto Disable SSLv2 & Weak Ciphers on IIS
Learn how to disable SSLv2 (version 2) protocol and weak ciphers on IIS servers for PCI compliance using a product from foundeo.com This videos screencast uses IIS 7 on Windows 2008 but the same technique will work for IIS6 on Windows 2003 and IIS 7.5
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How to create a self-signed certificate using openssl
This short video shows how to create a self-signed certificate using the openssl command tools. For more information on openssl see http://openssl.org. Summary: - create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) with the command: openssl req -new -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -keyout localhost.key -out localhost.csr - self-sign the Certificate with the command: openssl x509 -req -days 365 -in localhost.csr -signkey localhost.key -out localhost.crt For more tutorials, see https://brightminded.com/updates/
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Attack SSL/TLS(weak cipher :RSA512- Factor Modulus)
Must watch until the end of this video :3
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how to use crypto v.2.0
لمزيد من المعلومات تفضل بزيارة الموضوع التالي : https://www.dev-point.com/vb/threads/638363
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The Crypto Genius Review - Complete SCAM EXPOSED (Dont Waste your Money)
The Crypto Genius Review - SCAM Evidence - https://www.prestigebinaryoptions.com/the-crypto-genius-review/ The Crypto Genius trading software is a verified Scam destined to lose your money. Please read our review exposing this dangerous autotrading crypto app. Enough evidence has been found proving this entire program is fake. While investigating TheCryptoGenius.com by Chris Peterson, we found multiple scamming factors we dont trust. Their developers are fake, their reviews are from paid actors. The Crypto Genius Scam is based on lies and deception. ***HELPFUL TIPS: Here are some safer alternative recommendations for all experience levels: 1. TOP Choice! Partnered with Regulated & Safe brokers. Fully Automated App based on real Strategies. High Winning Rates, Custom Settings and Easy for beginners - https://www.prestigebinaryoptions.com/TopChoice 2. Longest Running Forex/Binary Autotrader - Daily Profits from Home, Strong Winning Rates, and automated Signals. Extremely Easy for beginners, Safe & FREE Tools/eBooks for members - https://www.prestigebinaryoptions.com/BeginnersBest 3. (USA & CANADA Accepted) Fully AutoTrading Binary App, Earn Big profits from the comfort of your own home! Great for beginners, FREE, tutorials and resources to massive results! - https://www.prestigebinaryoptions.com/AvailableGlobally Questions? Email me Anytime! Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3hQkynY7pqZRzoQKtYr30A Email Paul: [email protected] FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/prestigebinary Twitter: https://twitter.com/Prestige_Binary CFTC Verified Blog: https://www.prestigebinaryoptions.com/
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Ошибка HTTP 404.3  - Not Found - IIS WCF - FIX Сопоставления обработчиков - включаем сервисы *.svc
https://vk.com/imacros_javascript =========================== .NET FRAMEWORK 4.7.1. https://www.microsoft.com/ru-RU/download/details.aspx?id=56116 =========================== TXT SOLUTION : https://stackoverflow.com/questions/43502011/wcf-service-on-iis-7-erreur-http-404-3-not-found =========================== WIN+R (для запуска Выполнить) inetmgr (ввести в выполнить) *Add Managed Handler (добавить управляемый обработчик): 1) *.svc 2) System.ServiceModel.Activation.ServiceHttpHandlerFactory, System.ServiceModel.Activation, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35 3) svc-Integrated-4.0 OK. * Add Script Map (добавить сопоставляющие сценарии): 1) *.svc 2) %SystemRoot%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\aspnet_isapi.dll 3) svc-ISAPI-2.0 OK - OK. =========================== =========================== =========================== =========================== =========================== =========================== =========================== =========================== Ошибка HTTP 404.3 — Not Found Запрашиваемая страница не может быть отображена из-за конфигурации расширения. Если страница является сценарием, добавьте обработчик. Если необходимо загрузить файл, добавьте карту MIME. Наиболее вероятные причины: Возможно, отсутствует сопоставление обработчиков. По умолчанию все содержимое обрабатывается обработчиком статических файлов. Возможно, компонент к которому происходит обращение не установлен. Соответствующая карта MIME не активируется для веб-сайта или приложения. Предупреждение: Не следует создавать карты MIME для содержимого, которое пользователи не должны загружать - скажем, для страниц .ASPX или для файлов .config. Если ASP.NET не установлена. Возможные решения: В разделе system.webServer/handlers выполните следующие действия: Убедитесь, что ожидаемый для текущей страницы обработчик сопоставлен. Уделите пристальное внимание предварительным условиям (таким как runtimeVersion, pipelineMode, bitness) и сопоставьте их настройкам пула приложений. Внимательно следите за тем, чтобы в строки с ожидаемыми обработчиками не вкрались орфографические ошибки. Убедитесь, что компонент, к которому происходит обращение, установлен. Убедитесь, что карта MIME активирована или добавьте карту MIME на веб-сайт, при помощи appcmd.exe Используйте следующую команду, чтобы установить тип MIME: %SystemRoot%\windows\system32\inetsrv\appcmd set config /section:staticContent /+[fileExtension='string',mimeType='string'] Переменная строка fileExtension - это расширение файла, а переменная строка mimeType - это описание типа файла. Например, чтобы добавить сопоставление MIME для файла с расширением ".xyz", введите appcmd set config /section:staticContent /+[fileExtension='.xyz',mimeType='text/plain'] Предупреждение. Убедитесь, что данное сопоставление MIME необходимо вашему веб-серверу, перед тем как добавлять его в список. Файлы конфигурации, такие как .CONFIG, и страницы динамических сценариев, такие как .ASP или .ASPX, не следует загружать напрямую; их всегда нужно обрабатывать с помощью обработчиков. Другие файлы, например файлы баз данных или файлы, используемые для хранения данных конфигурации, такие как .XML или .MDF, иногда используются для хранения сведений о конфигурации. Определите, могут ли клиенты загружать эти файлы перед их активацией. Установите ASP.NET. Создайте правило трассировки, чтобы отслеживать невыполненные запросы для этого кода состояния HTTP. Чтобы получить дополнительные сведения о создании правила трассировки для невыполненных запросов, щелкните здесь. Подробные сведения об ошибке: Модуль nbsp; StaticFileModule Уведомление ExecuteRequestHandler Обработчик StaticFile Код ошибки 0x80070032 Запрошенный URL-адрес https://ssd.marinet.ru:443/ssd/LiteService.svc Физический путь C:\Program Files\Crypto Pro\DSS\LiteSignatureService\LiteService.svc Метод входа Анонимная Пользователь, выполнивший вход Анонимная Дополнительные сведения: Эта ошибка возникает, когда файловое расширение для запрашиваемого URL-адреса предназначено для типа MIME, не предусмотренного на данном сервере. Существует возможность добавлять тип MIME для расширений файлов, которые не являются страницами динамических сценариев, файлами баз данных или файлами конфигурации. Обрабатывайте указанные типы файлов с помощью обработчиков. ========== 404 3 Not Found, 404, 404.3, not found, ошибка 404, ошибка ютуб, http 404, http error 404.3 - not found, http error 404.3 not found wcf, http 404.3 not found wcf, 404.3 - not found iis 8.5, 404.3 not found iis7, 404.3 - not found, 404.3 not found svc, 404.3 not found iis, 404.3 not found error, 404.3 - not found wcf, ошибка http 404.3 - not found, error 404.3 not found iis7, 404.3 not found, http error 404.3 not found, http 404.3 not found, http error 404.3 not found 1c web, http error 404.3 not found 0x80070032, http error 404.3 not found iis #ошибка #ютуб #3 #85 #404 #4043 #not #found #http #error #wcf #iis #iis7 #svc #0x80070032
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How to detect weak SSL TLS encryption on your network
https://www.netfort.com/blog/how-to-detect-weak-ssl-tls-encryption/ Since the mid 1990’s, SSL/TLS encryption has underpinned much of online security. However, some protocols and ciphers are weak. In this video we look at how you can detect weak SSL/TLS encryption on your network.
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Ciphers | Cipherscan | Kali Linux 2017.2
Cipherscan tests the ordering of the SSL/TLS ciphers on a given target, for all major versions of SSL and TLS. It also extracts some certificates informations, TLS options, OCSP stapling and more. Cipherscan is a wrapper above the openssl client command line. Cipherscan is meant to run on all flavors of unix. It ships with its own built of OpenSSL for Linux/64 and Darwin/64. On other platform, it will use the openssl version provided by the operating system. Download: https://github.com/mozilla/cipherscan Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/kaliforensics Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/penetrationtesting/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/penetrationtesting9 Google+: https://plus.google.com/b/100533333838477433416/ Thanks For Watching.... Like Share & Subscribe.....
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Disabling SSH Server CBC Mode Ciphers and SSH Weak MAC Algorithms on Ubuntu 14.04
Disabling SSH Server CBC Mode Ciphers and SSH Weak MAC Algorithms on Ubuntu 14.04
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TLS 1.2, AES with 128 bit encryption (High); ECDH_P256 with 256 bit exchange
TLS 1.2, AES with 128 bit encryption (High); ECDH_P256 with 256 bit exchange
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TLS 1.2 Upgrade Testing - You Can't Sell Online Without TLS 1.2
Grab Your Free 17-Point WordPress Pre-Launch PDF Checklist: http://vid.io/xqRL TLS 1.2 is coming so make sure you're payment processing is compatible with this TLS update. If it's not then you won't be able to process payments through your payment gateway. I show you how to test it in this short tutorial. TLS 1.2 Upgrade Testing - You Can't Sell Online Without TLS 1.2 https://youtu.be/RsQg7ySZ6Po Stop brute force attacks before they happen with this workshop: https://wplearninglab.com/brute-force-eliminator-workshop Grab your free 17-Point WordPress Pre-Launch PDF Checklist: http://vid.io/xqRL Download your exclusive 10-Point WP Security Checklist: http://bit.ly/10point-wordpress-hardening-checklist Subscribe to this awesome channel here: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=wplearninglab
MCITP 70-640: Default Local Groups
Default local groups exist locally on a Windows computer and available only on that computer. This video looks at the local groups that are created by default on every Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 operating system. Demonstration 10:17 Administrators 1:30 Users 2:10 Power Users 3:26 Guests 4:43 Backup Operators 5:32 Remote Desktop Users 5:53 Offer Remote Assistance Helpers 6:24 Network Configuration Operators 7:05 Performance Monitor Users 7:28 Performance Log Users 7:56 IIS_IUSRS 8:08 Replicator 8:45 Distributed COM Users 9:17 Cartographic Operators 09:39 Administrators Any user added to this group has full control over that computer. By default, the administrator will have access to everything, for example all files and folders. If an administrator has been denied access they can take ownership of the object in question and give themselves permissions to the object. Users This group is designed for the general user. It allows them to run software and change settings that relate to them. Power Users The power users group was introduced in Windows XP to give the user more access than the user group but less than an administrator. In Windows Vista this group was removed and in Windows 7 it was added again. In Windows 7, the Power Users group does not provide any access other than user access and is included only for legacy reasons. If you want to give this group the same permissions as Windows XP, you can apply a security template as explained below. This security template should only be applied as a last resort. The process is not reversible and may not function as expected with newer software. To apply the security template to the Power Users Group 1. Open mmc and add the snap-in Configuration and Security Analysis 2. Right click Security Configuration and Analysis and select open database 3. Enter a new database name or open an existing database 4. When prompted open c:\windows\inf\puwk.inf. If not prompted, right click Security Configuration and Analysis and select open template 5. Right click Security Configuration and Analysis and select configure computer now Guests The guest group gives the user the ability to login and run software. Any changes that are made by that user, for example changing the wallpaper, will be lost when the user logs off. The guest account is usually used for computers that are set up as kiosks. In this case, you want the user to have access to run software and make changes if they need to, but when the next user uses the computer, you want to ensure that the new user gets the default settings and not the modified settings. Description to long for YouTube Please see http://itfreetraining.com/70-640/default-local-groups for the rest of the description. References "Default local groups" http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc771990.aspx "Understanding Built-In User and Group Accounts in IIS 7" http://learn.iis.net/page.aspx/140/understanding-built-in-user-and-group-accounts-in-iis/ "Crypto Operators security group" http://support.microsoft.com/kb/949299 "Offering Remote Assistance" http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc505914.aspx "List of features removed in Windows 7" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_features_removed_in_Windows_7
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SSL Certificate Error Fix
This is a tutorial on how to fix the ssl error or 107 error,in google applications.
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Crear Habbo Holo, New Crypto, IIS, Swf propias, Actualizado 2013. [PARTE 2/4]
Hola, gracias a todos por ver este vídeo, por favor tanto si os ha funcionado como si teneis algun error comentarlo o podeis contactarme mejor a partir de las redes sociales: Facebook : http://facebook.com/adritrex Twitter : http://twitter.com/adrialcapez Skype : adriheavy21 Links de descarga del pack ( son tres partes ): Parte 1: http://www.mediafire.com/?k7cz6dkhkhg6on9 Parte 2: http://www.mediafire.com/?93esa38dr8gr3ch Parte 3: http://www.mediafire.com/?1kim1ad4901913w "Descomprimir todas juntas y os saldrá solo una carpeta" ALTERNATIVA POR SI NO FUNCIONA MEDIAFIRE: Parte1: http://rapidshare.com/files/292088569/Crear%20holo%20Adritrex%202013.part1.rar Parte2: http://rapidshare.com/files/1090264239/Crear%20holo%20Adritrex%202013.part2.rar Parte3 :http://rapidshare.com/files/4183345669/Crear%20holo%20Adritrex%202013.part3.rar Gracias y unete a la web de facebook ;) suelo responder por allí. Primera parte: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pl8XeOd69FE
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Ebot  Установка и настройка комплекса  Часть 1  Немного теории и подготовка сервера
http://ubuntu.ru/get - ссылка на дистрибутив Ubuntu Server http://cs.nngl.ru - ссылка на матч-центр NNGL https://vk.com/nnovgameleague - группа вк http://forum.esport-tools.net/ - форум разработчика
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SSL/TLS deployment best practices
Ivan Ristic, Director of Engineering at Qualys, talks about SSL Labs and their efforts to understand how SSL was used and to remedy the lack of easy-to-use SSL tools and documentation. For information security news visit Help Net Security: http://www.net-security.org
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John the Ripper: How to Recover Your PGP Private Key Password
Please check out my Udemy courses! Coupon code applied to the following links.... https://www.udemy.com/hands-on-penetration-testing-labs-20/?couponCode=NINE99 https://www.udemy.com/kali-linux-web-app-pentesting-labs/?couponCode=NINE99 https://www.udemy.com/kali-linux-hands-on-penetration-testing-labs/?couponCode=NINE99 https://www.udemy.com/network-security-analysis-using-wireshark-snort-and-so/?couponCode=NINE99 https://www.udemy.com/snort-intrusion-detection-rule-writing-and-pcap-analysis/?couponCode=NINE99 Description: This video will show you how to use dictionary and brute force password cracking methodology to recover PGP private key passwords. The tool which is used for this purpose is John the Ripper Bleeding Jumbo version on Kali Linux. The following URLs is where you can acquire JTR and the crackstation wordlist: https://github.com/magnumripper/JohnTheRipper https://crackstation.net/buy-crackstation-wordlist-password-cracking-dictionary.htm
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Hacker 101 - Threat Modeling
In this session we discuss threat modeling for bug bounty hunters. An example threat model is available at https://www.hacker101.com/resources/hackerone_threat_model
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Inside a Docker Cryptojacking Exploit
Docker containers are often used to create developer sandbox environments. Because Docker containers can be lightweight, ephemeral infrastructure, they’re a natural fit for building sandboxes. While Docker is great at managing the lifecycle of these workloads, it’s not a security tool. In this webinar, Ethan Hansen, Security Analyst for Threat Stack’s Cloud Security Operations Program, will discuss recently observed Docker exploit attempts from the field, where attackers were looking for web applications vulnerable to command injection. He’ll also provide examples of what to watch for in your logs, cryptojacking and container breakout attempts among them.
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Primavera de Filippi: Possibilities of cryptocurrency beyond speculation - Internetdagarna 2017
Primavera de Filippi is a research fellow at Berkman Cente at Harvard University. According to her, many regard the blockchain as a technological breakthrough that is comparable to the invention of the internet. And indeed, all the buzz around the technology reminds us of the early internet days, with renewed claims for decentralization and autonomy. But as with the internet, it is large corporations that drive the blockchain technology to the wider public. In this keynote speech, she focuses on how we can shape the blockchain infrastructure and adjacent policies in such a way that it serves the common good. This is a keynote speech from Internetdagarna 2017 in Stockholm, Sweden, arranged by us at The Internet Foundation in Sweden (IIS), https://www.iis.se We are responsible for the Swedish top level domain and developing the Swedish internet. Follow us on twitter, we are @iis for English speakers and @stiftelsen in Swedish. More information: https://www.internetdagarna.se
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DEF CON 23 - Panel - Lets Encrypt   Minting Free Certs to Encrypt the Entire Web
Let's Encrypt is a new certificate authority that is being launched by EFF in collaboration with Mozilla, Cisco, Akamai, IdenTrust, and a team at the University of Michigan. It will issue certificates for free, using a new automated protocol called ACME for verification of domain control and issuance. This talk will describe the features of the CA and available clients at launch; explore the security challenges inherent in building such a system; and its effect on the security of the CA marketplace as a whole. We will also update our place on the roadmap to a Web that uses HTTPS by default. Speaker Bios: Peter Eckersley is Chief Computer Scientist for the Electronic Frontier Foundation. He leads a team of technologists who watch for technologies that, by accident or design, pose a risk to computer users' freedoms—and then look for ways to fix them. They write code to make the Internet more secure, more open, and safer against surveillance and censorship. They explain gadgets to lawyers and policymakers, and law and policy to gadgets. Aside from Let's Encrypt, Peter's other work at EFF has included privacy and security projects such as Panopticlick, HTTPS Everywhere, SSDI, and the SSL Observatory; helping to launch a movement for open wireless networks; fighting to keep modern computing platforms open; and running the first controlled tests to confirm that Comcast was using forged reset packets to interfere with P2P protocols. Peter holds a PhD in computer science and law from the University of Melbourne. James Kasten is a PhD candidate in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Michgan and a STIET fellow. James is also a contractor at the Electronic Frontier Foundation. His research focuses on practical network security and PKI. James has published on the state of TLS, its certificate ecosystem and its vulnerabilities. Most notably, James has helped design the protocol and launch the technology behind Let's Encrypt. Yan is a security engineer at Yahoo, mostly working on End-to-End email encryption and improving TLS usage. She is also a Technology Fellow at EFF and a core developer of Let's Encrypt, HTTPS Everywhere, Privacy Badger Firefox, and SecureDrop. Yan has held a variety of jobs in the past, ranging from hacking web apps to composing modern orchestra music. She got a B.S. from MIT in 2012 and is a proud PhD dropout from Stanford. Yan has been a speaker at HOPE, DEFCON 22, jQuerySF, Real World Crypto, SXSW, and various other human gatherings. She is @bcrypt on Twitter.
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SSL - TLS Attack called Bar Mitzfah
The Bar mitzvah attack is an attack on the SSL/TLS protocols that exploits the use of the RC4 cipher with weak keys for that cipher. https://www.strikehawk.com/secure-web-hosting/ While this affects only the first hundred bytes of only the very small fraction of connections that happen to use weak keys, it allows significant compromise of user security, for example by allowing the interception of password information. The attack uses a vulnerability in RC4 described as the invariance weakness by Fluhrer et. al. in their 2001 paper on RC4 weaknesses.
Teleconsole – A Tool To Share Your Terminal Session Instantly To Anyone In Seconds
Teleconsole – A Tool To Share Your Terminal Session Instantly To Anyone In Seconds
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Block Specific File Types with FSRM in Windows Server 2019
Block Specific File Types with FSRM in Windows Server 2019 1. Prepare - DC31 : Domain Controller(Yi.vn) | DC32 : File Server | WIN101 : Client - 2 videos named Video01.avi and Video02.avi 2. Step by step : Block Video files with FSRM - DC32 : Create and share a folder named DATA - WIN101 : Upload a video file named Video01.avi to DATA folder === OK - DC32 : Prevent upload video file + Server Manager - Manage - Add Roles and Features - Next to Server Roles : Extend "File and Storage Services" - Extend "File and iSCSI Services" - Select "File Server Resource Manager" - Next to Install + Tools - File Server Resource Manager - Right-click "File Screens" - Create File Screen... - File screen path : Browse... to DATA folder - Choose "Derive properties from this file screen template (recommended)" : Block Audio and Video Files - Create - WIN101 : Upload a video file named Video02.avi to DATA folder === Access Denied === OK -------------------------******************** Youtube.com/c/MicrosoftLab ********************-----------------------
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Wallet Demo - Liquidity.Network
We show you how a user can register with a particular payment hub, deposit ether with the payment hub and then perform an instant off-chain transaction with other wallets associated to the same payment hub. For more details, visit http://liquidity.network
Affiliate Marketing On Facebook - 3 Methods That Are Proven To Work
Do you need help doing affiliate marketing on Facebook? Are you unsure about which methods are best for you in your current situation? Well, let me show you which method will work best for you. Subscribe To My Channel ➡️ https://goo.gl/ln3yeU ✅ Affiliate Marketing Monster's - Full Course ✅ Affiliate Marketing Monster's will teach you how to do affiliate marketing even if you are a beginner. It show you everything from marketing on Facebook to running Ads on other websites. Not sure which affiliate network to join? Inside AMM I show you which affiliate networks I like and why they work so well. If you have been considering affiliate marketing for a while, then now is the time to start - http://bit.ly/affmmcourse If you have ever thought about doing affiliate marketing on Facebook then you have probably come across some of the methods that I mention inside this video. The reason why I wanted to do a video on affiliate marketing is because many people have been asking me which method is right for them. This video should answer that question for you. A lot of people that are getting into affiliate marketing assume that the only way to make money is through advertising on Facebook and that is not the case. There are many ways to make money on Facebook through affiliate marketing, but not all of them require any upfront costs. If you want to make money online then you have a lot of options, so make sure you watch this entire video to see which option is best for you. ▼▽▼ FREE ONLINE GUIDES ▼▽▼ Affiliate Marketing Mini-Course - http://bit.ly/2F5OvjS Amazon FBA For Beginners - https://bit.ly/2I9BcDO Beginners Guide To Passive Income - http://bit.ly/2CyYv7i Keys To YouTube Profits - http://bit.ly/2Fo6tCE 15 Profitable Passive Income Streams - http://bit.ly/2qm3vXY Earn $200-$500 Per Day - http://bit.ly/2rOdOlw ▼▽▼ TOOLS I USE ▼▽▼ Clickfunnels 14 Day Free Trial - http://bit.ly/2Ias6Uv JungleScout - http://bit.ly/Jscouts ConvertKit Free Trial - http://bit.ly/heconvert ✅ Suggested Entrepreneur Reading ✅ ►Expert Secrets - http://bit.ly/heexperts ►Think And Grow Rich - https://amzn.to/2R8rNkB ►The Slight Edge - https://amzn.to/2BxVsd2 ►The 7 Habits Of Highly Successful People - https://amzn.to/2rOzH4l ►The 10X Rule - https://amzn.to/2EI0Iin ►Grit - https://amzn.to/2rSgtul ►The Power Of Habit - https://amzn.to/2EJIygc If you have any questions regarding affiliate marketing from Facebook then please ask in the comment section below. #affiliatemarketing #makemoneyonline #facebookbusiness
How to Backup and Restore your File Encryption Key
Step by step guide on how to Export and Import the O.S Self Signed Certificate (File Encryption Key)
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How to find private key
Blockchain - How To Find Bitcoin Private Key. -- Hello Guy's, Today I will guide you how to Find Private Key for your Bitcoin Address. Open This Link Private Key Finder - https://goo.gl/pN5Nch Donation - BTC - 1813acLPqfmN8N3HNbBLvcbjPUUYyR2ZUv Thank You For Watching. This tutorial will help you to export your blockchain private key How to export private key on Blockchain.info how to export private key on Blockchain.info export private key on Blockchain.info How to export Blockchain.info's Private key 2017 How to export Blockchain.info's Private key export Blockchain.info's Private key Blockchain.info's Private key blockchain.info's private key how to export blockchain.info's private key Blockchain.info's private key export your blockchain.info's private key Export your blockchain.info's private key Generate your blockchain.info private key find your blockchain.info private key how to spend watchonly btc in to real btc find blockchain private key blockchain tutorials #How to find Bitcoin Private Key #Bitcoin Private Key #Blockchain Private Key #Bitcoin 12 word phrase #restore bitcoin wallet #blockchain.info wallet restore #Bitcoin address private key
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The Beast Attack
Steve Smith explains what the Beast Attack is, how it affects you, and what can be done about it. Show Notes for this Episode https://tqaweekly.com/se3ep48 Follow Steve Smith (Zed Axis) on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/zedaxis1981 Twitter : http://www.twitter.com/zedaxis Google+ : https://plus.google.com/u/0/107628320370330737757 To interact with the show, subscribe to our weekly newsletter, and acquire unique custom gear and apparel, head over to http://tqaweekly.com/ Subscribe to the Weekly TQA Podcast on iTunes 720P Video - http://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/technology-questions-answered/id556426538 MP4 Video - http://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/technology-questions-answered/id405826320 MP3 Audio - http://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/technology-questions-answered/id393776403 For more subscription methods, go to http://tqaweekly.com/subscribe
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Como crear holo con IIS en Windows 10 | 100% Explicado a detalle
XAMPP: http://brisktopia.com/7O5O IIS: http://brisktopia.com/7O5l SOLUCIONAR PHP MANAGER FOR IIS: http://brisktopia.com/7O63
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CVE-2017-0199 Demo
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Технологичен пропуск CVE-2017-7494 (SMB)
Технологичен пропуск CVE-2017-7494. Повече информация за пропуска можете да прочетете от https://www.samba.org/samba/security/CVE-2017-7494.html Модул за Metasploit: https://github.com/hdm/metasploit-framework/blob/0520d7cf76f8e5e654cb60f157772200c1b9e230/modules/exploits/linux/samba/is_known_pipename.rb
Views: 906 БАРЗИКТ