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Core 2 Duo Geforce 7600 GT Retro PC Restoration + Benchmarks
I was gifted an 11 year old Intel Core 2 Duo System with an Nvidia Geforce 7600 gt inside the coolest Ultra case but it was in need of TLC. How useful is a 11 year old PC? Let's find out. Consider Supporting Me On Patreon? https://www.patreon.com/timmyjoe Shopping on Amazon? Use these links and it supports the channel: https://www.amazon.com/?_encoding=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&linkCode=ur2&tag=timmyjoe-20 Enermax 240mm AIO: http://amzn.to/2wEm2fU Vivo V08 Case On My Set: http://amzn.to/2wEad9x FSP 750W PSU: http://amzn.to/2wtPU3I Thermaltake View 31: http://amzn.to/2xNGG2f My Threadripper Mobo: http://amzn.to/2wDQvuG Ballistix Elite Ram Is AWESOME: http://amzn.to/2wuVGly My Ryzen 7 CPU and Mobo ASRock AB 350 Pro4: http://amzn.to/2rdtOL4 Ryzen 1700 http://amzn.to/2mJhYem Ryzen 1700x http://amzn.to/2nFrNsU I have a website: http://www.timmyjoe.com I have an Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/watchtimmyjoe/ I have a Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/watchtimmyjoe I have a facebook: who cares about facebook... - Intro is Instrumental produced by Chuki, the best beats on youtube! http://www.youtube.com/user/CHUKImusic (Other music provided by the Epidemic Sound Library...)
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Прогрев (ремонт) видеокарты Nvidia geforce 7600 GT
Очередная попытка ремонта видеокарты, уже другими инструментами и базой знаний из интернета. Видеокарту уже пора менять давным давно, но важен сам процесс ). Следующим шагом в судьбе этой многострадальной карты будет реболинг )
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Колхозное охлаждение для видеокарты Nvidia GeForce 7600 GS
Привет зритель ! Надеюсь видео было для вас интересным и даже познавательным. Не забывайте оценивать данное видео для того чтобы я знал делать ли такие видео или нет. Треки из видео (взяты с аудиотеки YouTube): 0:00 - Mob_Battle. 2:07 - Pomade. 2:39 - Fights.
Nvidia Smoke Demo - 7600GT
The geforce 8800 series Smoke Demo, running on a Geforce 7600GT rig: AMD Athlon 64-bit 3500+ ASUS A8N-SLI SE Nvidia Geforce 7600GT 768mb ddr400 ram 385 watt power supply Windows XP Professional
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BFG Tech Geforce 7600 GT (Metro 2033)
It was able to play it very well at a reasonable frame rate (21 fps both with and without fraps). Played at lowest settings possible, 800x600 resolution. Specs: CPU: First Generation Intel Core i7 930 @2.81GHz (LGA1366) Motherboard: Asus P6X58D Premium Motherboard RAM: Corsair 2x2 DDR3 4GB 1366MHz Hard Drive: Western Digital Caviar Green 500GB (SATA3 *6GB/S*) Video/Graphics Card: BFG Tech Geforce 7600GT Overclocked 256MB 128-bit (PCIe x16) If you're wondering why this card runs smoothly without major problems: 1- You're CPU is shit 2- Bottleneck 3- You're running not a great Operation System 4- Not enough RAM I got people asking me how I was running Arma II smoothly on my Arma II video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydpZ93srb0k) is because of the Intel Core i7 930 I have that pushes the card to it's limits or probably over, or probably my CPU doesn't stress like people's CPU that has the same video card but lower performance. Minimum: OS: Windows XP, Vista, or 7 Processor: Dual core CPU (any Core 2 Duo or better) Memory: 1GB RAM Graphics: DirectX 9, Shader Model 3 compliant graphics cards (GeForce 8800, GeForce GT220 and above) DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c
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Ремонт видеокарты Nvidia 7600 GT
Прогрев и запуск видеокарты из прошлого выпуска.
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Zapečená Asus Nvidia 7600GS 512 MB (100% Working) Fix Asus Nvidia 7600GS 512MB
Grafika Ktora mi nefungovala tak som ju dal zapiect do truby :) na 200 stupnov na 5 minut :) nikdy by som neveril ze to moze fungovat ale funguje grafiku som vybral nechal vychladnut a zapol do PC a ona naskocila a pohode ide :) ziadne artefakty nic :) viac o zapekani kariet na http://extrahardware.cnews.cz/pecte-grafiky-do-bezvedomi-jak-na-piskani-civek Music:Jasper Forks - River Flows In You
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The Nvidia 7300 GT: Retrospective and Gaming Benchmarks
Today we are taking a look at the BFG Nvidia 7300 GT. We will be looking at the cards stats as well as gaming benchmarks. The Nvidia 7300 GT is an old aging card, so how will it game in newer and older titles. Stick around for the Benchmarks to find out. For more videos like this Nvidia 7300 GT retrospective feel free to check out my channel. Thanks to the Patrons who made this video possible! caden zbikowski Chaosys Thomas Bremer Jeffery Watson
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25+ Modern Video Games Running On NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT (2018)
A collection of 27 video games running on NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT. More video games running on NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT GPU : https://goo.gl/VpYLQd List of games running on NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT in this video : Assassin's Creed Batmna Arkham Asylum Call Of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare Candleman : The Complete Journey Crysis 2 (Maximum Edition) Counter-Strike Source Counter-Strike : Global Offensive Deus Ex : The Fall Dirt 3 Fallout 3 Goat Simulator Gothic 3 Gothic 3 : Forsaken Gods (Enhanced Edition) GRID Grand Theft Auto IV Hitman : Blood Money Half-Life 2 Series League Of Legends Mafia 2 Minecraft Outlast Portal Portal 2 S.T.A.L.K.E.R. : Call Of Prypiat Titan Quest (Anniversary Edition) Tomb Rider : Underworld Unreal Tournament 3 All these games are running on NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT (256MB DDR2 VRAM) graphics card, with DirectX 9.0c, OpenGL 2.0 and Pixel Shader 3.0, with driver version 301.42 for Windows 7 Ultimate x64. The game was tested on a PC with 8GB DDR3 RAM and an Intel i5 2500K CPU. TSM Channel on Facebook : https://fb.me/tsmchannel TSM Channel on STEAM : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/tsmchannel TSM Channel on Google+ : https://google.com/+TSMChannel TSM Channel on Blogger : http://tsmchannel.blogspot.com
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Fortnite: Battle Royale GeForce GT 710 vs. GT 730 - Gameplay Benchmark Test
Fortnite: Battle Royale GeForce GT 710 vs. GeForce GT 730 00:01 - GT 710 05:32 - GT 730 GT 710 vs GT 730 side-by-side: https://youtu.be/ZoKSN9Kbw7o Ryzen 5 2400G all Tests: http://bit.ly/2EoKgDK Ryzen 3 2200G all Tests: http://bit.ly/2nWT1dU Ryzen 7 2700U all Tests: http://bit.ly/2ERbIap Ryzen 5 2500U all Tests: http://bit.ly/2EOnm4p Ryzen 3 2200U all Tests: https://bit.ly/2HHW7eC Radeon 530 all Tests: https://bit.ly/2xA2a3v Radeon 520 all Tests: https://bit.ly/2itp6cT i7-8809G RX Vega GH all Tests: https://bit.ly/2LM5Bd4 i7-8705G RX Vega GL all Tests: https://bit.ly/2AfJlUz Intel UHD 610 all Tests: https://bit.ly/2o0qQuw Intel UHD 620 all Tests: https://bit.ly/2ESMCHX Intel UHD 630 all Tests: https://bit.ly/2OSn29Q A12-9800 all Tests: https://bit.ly/2HRPV3e A12-9800E all Tests: https://bit.ly/2BvLV9H A10-9700 all Tests: https://bit.ly/2oAovX1 A10-9700E all Tests: https://bit.ly/2MzoGzV A8-9600 all Tests: https://bit.ly/2FcdSUC A6-9500 all Tests: https://bit.ly/2BtRxkD A6-9500E all Tests: https://bit.ly/2MLowWg Geforce MX150 all Tests: https://bit.ly/2nYpe3P MSI Z370 Gaming Plus i5-8400 16GB DDR4-2666 Dual Channel Corsair LPX 3200 Driver: 391.35 WHQL TechEpiphany Tech Epiphany
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broken graphics card (Nvidia Geforce 7600)
It seems that my Geforce 7600 is goin' down.
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FarCry2 Gameplay on Nvidia 7600 GT
I played this game on nvidia 7600 gt graphics card My specs are: AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ 2.6Ghz Dual Core Processor Nvidia 7600 GT 256MB running on stock speeds 3GB of DDR2 RAM memory
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Graphics Cards evolution from GeForce 7600 GS before R9 380X
Graphics Cards evolution GeForce 7600 GS, Radeon 4670, Sapphire Radeon HD 5830, R9 380X Sapphire Nitro
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Обзор и разгон видеокарты NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT
В этом видео посмотрим на что способна видеокарта Nvidia Geforce GT 7300, для теста использовать будем - процессор FX 6300 Am3+ \ 8gb DDR3 Kingston \ Seagete 1tb Использоваться будут 3 игры - WoT, Dota 2, CS-GO. Музыка: Axol–ILY [NCS Release] ,Axol x Alex Skrindo –You [NCS Release] Помощь в создании видео предоставляли https://vk.com/id224572107 (Антон Самущев) и https://vk.com/id202208152 (Евгений Лобейко)
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Fortnite GT 1030 vs. GTX 1050
Fortnite Gameplay Benchmark. GeForce GT 1030 vs GTX 1050. Processor: Intel Core i5-8600K 4.1GHz, Hexa Core, Coffee Lake. Graphics settings: Custom 0:03 | Resolution: 1920x1080 | Grab game here: http://bit.ly/1cIcjel Benchmark rig specs... ● CPU: Intel Core i5-8600K 4.1GHz, Hexa Core / Coffee Lake ● Cooler: Corsair Hydro Series H55 ● GPU: MSI GTX 1050 2G OC ● GPU: MSI GT 1030 AERO ITX 2G OC ● Motherboard: MSI Z370 GAMING PRO CARBON ● PSU: MODECOM VOLCANO 750W 120mm 80 Plus ● RAM: ADATA XPG Z1 8GB (2X4GB) 3000Mhz DDR4 CL16 ● SSD: Samsung SSD 960 EVO NVMe M.2 250GB ● System: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro ★ Discover MSI graphics cards: https://www.msi.com/Graphics-cards
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nVidia GeForce 7600 GS overclock
clocking a DDR2 GF 7600 GS [email protected] Asian Dub Foundation - Flyover
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Geforce 7600 GT backed
Geforece 7600GT 256MB backed in owen for 10 minutes and now is working fine.
World of Tanks на s 478 nvidia 7600 gs agp
P4 3,0 ghz s478 7600 gs agp ddr1 3 gb asus p4p800
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Nvidia Geforce 9600GT 512MB gaming Extended Version DOWNLOAD LINKS COMING SOON
Gaming on 512MB graphic card Help me up by purchasing games or sharing it with your friends on: https://www.g2a.com/r/user-56dad2c839c70 Detailed specs: OS: Windows 10 32Bit RAM: 3GB ddr 2 800Mhz GPU: Nvidia GeForce 9600GT 512MB w/ accelero s2 and 120mm fan CPU: Core 2 Duo E6420 2.13Ghz overclocked to 3.0Ghz stock cooling Storage: Ata 160GB 80MB/S , Sata 80GB 60MB/s PSU: Stock 300W PSU Want to see more games like this ? GeForce3 Ti200 GeForce3 GeForce3 Ti500 GeForce4 MX IGP + nForce2 GeForce4 MX420 GeForce4 MX440 SE GeForce MX4000 GeForce PCX4300 GeForce4 MX440 GeForce4 MX440 8x GeForce4 MX460 GeForce4 Ti4200 GeForce4 Ti4200 8x GeForce4 Ti4400 GeForce4 Ti4800 SE GeForce4 Ti4600 GeForce4 Ti4800 GeForce FX 5200 GeForce FX 5200 Ultra GeForce PCX 5300 GeForce FX 5500 GeForce FX 5600 XT GeForce FX 5600 GeForce FX 5600 Ultra GeForce FX 5600 Ultra Rev.2 GeForce FX 5700 VE GeForce FX 5700 LE GeForce FX 5700 GeForce PCX 5750 GeForce FX 5700 Ultra GeForce FX 5700 Ultra GDDR3 GeForce FX 5800 GeForce FX 5800 Ultra GeForce FX 5900 ZT GeForce FX 5900 XT GeForce FX 5900 GeForce FX 5900 Ultra GeForce PCX 5900 GeForce FX 5950 Ultra GeForce PCX 5950 GeForce 6100 + nForce 410 GeForce 6150 SE + nForce 430 GeForce 6150 LE + nForce 430 GeForce 6150 + nForce 430 GeForce 6200 LE GeForce 6200A GeForce 6200 GeForce 6200 TurboCache GeForce 6500 GeForce 6600 LE GeForce 6600 GeForce 6600 GT GeForce 6800 LE GeForce 6800 XT GeForce 6800 GeForce 6800 GTO GeForce 6800 GS GeForce 6800 GT GeForce 6800 Ultra GeForce 6800 Ultra Extreme GeForce 6100 GeForce 6150 SE GeForce 6150 GeForce 6150 LE GeForce 6200 GeForce 6500 GeForce 6600 LE GeForce 6600 GeForce 6600 DDR2 GeForce 6600 GT GeForce 6800 LE GeForce 6800 XT GeForce 6800 GeForce 6800 GTO GeForce 6800 GS GeForce 6800 GT GeForce 6800 Ultra GeForce 7025 + nForce 630a GeForce 7050PV + nForce 630a GeForce 7050 + nForce 610i/630i GeForce 7100 + nForce 630i GeForce 7150 + nForce 630i GeForce 7100 GS GeForce 7200 GS GeForce 7300 SE GeForce 7300 LE GeForce 7300 GS GeForce 7300 GT GeForce 7500 LE GeForce 7600 GS GeForce 7600 GT GeForce 7600 GT 80 nm GeForce 7650 GS GeForce 7800 GS GeForce 7800 GT GeForce 7800 GTX GeForce 7900 GS GeForce 7900 GT GeForce 7900 GTO GeForce 7900 GTX GeForce 7900 GX2 GeForce 7950 GT GeForce 7950 GX2 GeForce 8100 mGPU[7] GeForce 8200 mGPU[7] GeForce 8300 mGPU[7] GeForce 8300 GS[8] GeForce 8400 GS GeForce 8400 GS rev.2 GeForce 8400 GS rev.3 GeForce 8500 GT GeForce 8600 GS GeForce 8600 GT GeForce 8600 GTS GeForce 8800 GS GeForce 8800 GTS (G80) GeForce 8800 GTS 112 (G80) GeForce 8800 GT GeForce 8800 GTS (G92) GeForce 8800 GTX GeForce 8800 Ultra GeForce 8800 Ultra GeForce 9400 mGPU GeForce 9300 GE[10] GeForce 9300 GS[10] GeForce 9400 GT GeForce 9500 GT GeForce 9600 GS GeForce 9600 GSO GeForce 9600 GSO 512 GeForce 9600 GT Green Edition GeForce 9600 GT GeForce 9800 GT Green Edition GeForce 9800 GT GeForce 9800 GTX GeForce 9800 GTX+ GeForce 9800 GX2 GeForce 205 GeForce 210 GeForce GT 220 GeForce GT 230 GeForce GT 240 GeForce GTS 240 GeForce GTS 250 GeForce GTX 260 GeForce GTX 275 GeForce GTX 280 GeForce GTX 285 GeForce GTX 295 GeForce 310 GeForce 315 GeForce GT 320 GeForce GT 330 [11] GeForce GT 340 GeForce 4057 GeForce GT 420 GeForce GT 430 GeForce GT 440 GeForce GTS 450 GeForce GTX 460 SE GeForce GTX 460 GeForce GTX 465 GeForce GTX 470 GeForce GTX 480 GeForce 510 GeForce GT 520 GeForce GT 530 GeForce GT 545 GeForce GTX 550 Ti GeForce GTX 555 GeForce GTX 560 SE GeForce GTX 560 GeForce GTX 560 Ti GeForce GTX 570 GeForce GTX 580 GeForce GTX 590 GeForce 605 GeForce GT 610 GeForce GT 620 GeForce GT 625 GeForce GT 630 GeForce GT 635 GeForce GT 640 GeForce GT 645 GeForce GTX 650 GeForce GTX 650 Ti GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost GeForce GTX 660 GeForce GTX 660 Ti GeForce GTX 670 GeForce GTX 680 GeForce GTX 690 GeForce GT 705 GeForce GT 710 GeForce GT 730 GeForce GT 740 GeForce GTX 745 GeForce GTX 750 GeForce GTX 750 Ti GeForce GTX 760 192-bit GeForce GTX 760 GeForce GTX 760 Ti GeForce GTX 770 GeForce GTX 780 GeForce GTX 780 Ti GeForce GTX Titan GeForce GTX Titan Black GeForce GTX Titan Z GeForce GT 945A GeForce GTX 950 GeForce GTX 960 GeForce GTX 970 GeForce GTX 980 GeForce GTX 980 Ti GeForce GTX Titan X GeForce GTX 1050 GeForce GTX 1050 Ti GeForce GTX 1060 GeForce GTX 1070 GeForce GTX 1080 Geforce GTX 1080 Ti Geforce GTX Titan X GeForce GTX TITAN Xp
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Nvidia 7600Gt Review
Old.Small Nvidia 7600Gt Review. Comment,Rate.Sub
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GTA IV Nvidia GeForce 7600GT 256MB
PLEASE READ!!! Watch in HQ! I Can't play it, does anyone now if there is a way to get the FPS higher? My PC is: WinSuck XP SP3 AMD Athlon 64 3800+ 2GB RAM Nvidia GeForce 7600GT 256MB I already tried over- and underclocking everything, installing gtaiv nvidia drivers and patching the game. In game i've got 9-14FPS. And i tried to put a few commands in commandline.txt and the path
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Sli 7600GT Nvidia X2
testing SLI GeFroce 7600gt (overclokeadas) All high performance
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ASUS 20X + 7600GT + AMD FAN
oh my god, check out the sound, 100 times better than the fucken supra!
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Baking Failed on ASUS GeForce 7600GS
Baking Failed on ASUS GeForce 7600GS The crappy stock GPU from HP Media Center.. Components started dropping off the board on the 3rd minute, 4th minute some capacitors blew up.. Realized it all happened after going to the restroom.. Bare board now..!
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NVIDIA GeForce GT 710: gameplay в 17 популярных играх
Изучаем возможности бюджетных новинок на GPU NVIDIA GeForce GT 710 с 2 ГБ памяти GDDR3. Помогает нам в этом низкопрофильная видеокарта GIGABYTE GV-N710D3-2GL. Попробуем поиграть в следующие современные и популярны игры: Far Cry 4, Dying Light, Grand Theft Auto V, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Batman: Arkham Knight, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Mad Max, SOMA, Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Fallout 4, Assassin's Creed Syndicate, Firewatch, World of Warships, World of Tanks, War Thunder, Armored Warfare: Проект Армата, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive и Ori and the Blind Forest, а также StarCraft II. В видео показано при каких настройках уже можно будет попробовать играть в эти игры. Полный текстовый обзор видеокарты http://ru.gecid.com/video/gigabyte_gv-n710d3-2gl/ Актуальные цены GIGABYTE GV-N710D3-2GL - http://gecid.com/a/hxx73htnmbi492ste Меню: 0:40 Far Cry 4 1:18 Dying Light 1:52 Grand Theft Auto V 2:32 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 2:58 Batman: Arkham Knight 3:21 Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain 4:01 Mad Max 4:36 SOMA 5:26 Call of Duty: Black Ops III 6:00 Fallout 4 6:31 Assassin's Creed Syndicate 6:56 Firewatch 7:26 World of Warships 8:22 World of Tanks 9:13 War Thunder 10:06 Armored Warfare: Проект Армата 10:42 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 11:15 Ori and the Blind Forest 11:58 StarCraft II Сайт - http://www.gecid.com/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/gecidcom/ ВКонтакте - http://vk.com/gecidcom Google+ - https://plus.google.com/+EasycomUa/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/easycom_ua Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/gecidcom/ YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/user/easycomua
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Crysis on 7600GT - 4
Specs P4 2,6ghz Windows XP 2GB Ram Nvidia 7600 GT
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Ponteciar Nvidia 7300 GS Como Una 7600 GT
Disculpen Por La Mala Calidad Del Video Especificaciones de Mi Pc Intel Pentium Dual Core E2140 de 1.6 Ghz 1.5 GB De Ram Nvidia 7300 Gs 512 de Vram Programas Utilizado: RivaTuner http://rivatuner.softonic.com/ Gpu-z http://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/ Otra Opcion para que Crysis Corra mas fluides Poner La Resolucion En 640x480 Les Dejo El Link http://www.taringa.net/posts/juegos/2009614/Jugar-Crysis-a-640x480.html
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BF BC 2 :Short Gameplay on nVidia Geforce 7600GT !!!
My cute graphic card never gets old :D By the way Thank you for Watching ! ;) Other PC specifications: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 [email protected] (Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 PRO),2x2gb Patriot 1066mhz,MotherBoard Gigabyte P43 chipset,Power supply Fortron BlueStorm II 500W,
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Чистка старой видеокарты и замена термопасты . NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT | Cleaning the old video card
Чистка старой видеокарты и замена термопасты. Поциент : NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Зарабатывай на yotube c партнеркой AIR - http://join.air.io/comixchannel Ссылка на канал - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPoZWq3CUzYUb7GGXVdEJpg Паблик вк - https://vk.com/comix_channel Твич канал - https://www.twitch.tv/shifer345 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Подписывайтесь и ставьте лайки,спасибо!!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ну и кому не жалко на улучшения контента. Яндех Деньги 410014026557754 Webmoney R775730106893 ; Z568033116867 Qiwi +79040936570
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NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030: gameplay в 20 популярных играх при Full HD
Наконец-то можем поделиться впечатлениями от игры (хотелось сказать "раскрытия потенциала") на бюджетной новинке - GeForce GT 1030. Пробуем найти оптимальные пресеты для наиболее популярных по вашему и нашему мнению игр при разрешении Full HD. Меню: 0:02 Вступление 0:22 Подробнее об архитектуре и позиционировании GeForce GT 1030 1:22 Краткий обзор видеокарты ASUS GT1030-SL-2G-BRK 2:35 Подробнее о тестовом стенде 2:58 Пара слов о мониторе Philips Brilliance 328P6VJEB 3:18 Какая система актуальнее для такой видеокарты? 3:32 Тестирование 3:32 DOTA 2 3:57 World of Tanks 4:46 War Thunder 5:34 World of Warships 5:59 Dying Light 6:25 Fallout 4 7:05 Crysis 3 7:32 StarCraft II 7:56 Need for Speed 8:19 Rust 8:38 Overwatch 9:14 The Witcher 3 9:56 DOOM 10:23 Grand Theft Auto V 10:57 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 11:20 PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS 11:47 Rise of the Tomb Raider 12:54 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege 13:38 WATCH_DOGS 2 14:06 Titanfall 2 14:25 Battlefield 1 14:44 Итоги Тестовый стенд: Intel Core i7-6700K (OC 4.5 GHz) Thermaltake Water 3.0 Riing RGB 240 ASUS MAXIMUS VIII RANGER 2x8 GB DDR4-3200 G.SKILL Trident Z SSHD Seagate ST2000DX001 2TB HDD WD WD1000DHTZ 1TB Seasonic Snow Silent 1050 1050W Thermaltake Core P3 AVerMedia Live Gamer HD AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable 2 Philips Brilliance 328P6VJEB Почитать обзор видеокарты ASUS GeForce GT 1030 2GB GDDR5 (GT1030-SL-2G-BRK) можно по ссылке http://ru.gecid.com/video/asus_gt1030-sl-2g-brk/ Для мониторинга использовались FPS Monitor https://fpsmon.com/ru/ и MSI Afterburner https://ru.msi.com/page/afterburner Сайт - http://www.gecid.com/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/gecidcom/ ВКонтакте - http://vk.com/gecidcom Google+ - https://plus.google.com/+EasycomUa/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/easycom_ua Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/gecidcom/ YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/user/easycomua
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GTX 1060 3GB vs. GTX 1060 6GB (Test in 9 Games)
GeForce GTX 1060 3GB vs. 1060 6GB Performance Comparison. Processor: Intel Core i7-7700K 4.5 GHz, Quad Core, 8 Threads / Kaby Lake. Grab games here: http://bit.ly/1cIcjel Benchmark rig specs... ● CPU: Intel Core i7-7700K 4.5 GHz, Quad Core, 8 Threads / Kaby Lake ● Cooler: Corsair Hydro Series H110i Extreme ● GPU: MSI GeForce GTX 1060 GAMING X 6G ● GPU: MSI GeForce GTX 1060 3GB AERO ITX OC Edition ● Motherboard: MSI GAMING M3 Z270 ● PSU: be quiet! POWER ZONE 750W 80 PLUS ● RAM: G.Skill Trident Z RGB DDR4 16GB (2x8GB) 3000MHz CL16 1.35V XMP 2.0 ● SSD: ADATA SP900 Premier Pro ● System: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro ► Song: Versace Beat - Yung Logos ► Song: Run One Down - Dan Lebowitz
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NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050: gameplay в 20 тяжелых играх в Full HD
Актуальные цены ASUS Expedition GeForce GTX 1050 - http://gecid.com/a/bs4pgut4x4z528ydu Продолжаем изучать возможности решений на NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 при Full HD разрешении. В этот раз пробуем запустить тяжелые хиты и новинки. Помогает нам в этом графический ускоритель ASUS Expedition GeForce GTX 1050 (EX-GTX1050-2G). Меню: 0:25 Кратко о ASUS Expedition GeForce GTX 1050 0:42 Dying Light 1:09 Grand Theft Auto V 1:40 The Witcher 3 2:10 Fallout 4 2:34 Arma 3: Apex 3:02 Assassin's Creed Syndicate 3:32 Need for Speed 3:56 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege 4:27 Tom Clancy's The Division 4:53 Rise of the Tomb Raider 5:25 DOOM 6:04 HITMAN 6:38 Deus Ex: Mankind Divided 7:04 Obduction 7:31 Battlefield 1 8:01 Shadow Warrior 2 8:29 Gears of War 4 8:57 Call of Duty Infinite Warfare 9:27 Dishonored 2 10:03 Titanfall 2 10:50 WATCH_DOGS 2 11:01 Итоги Сайт - http://www.gecid.com/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/gecidcom/ ВКонтакте - http://vk.com/gecidcom Google+ - https://plus.google.com/+EasycomUa/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/easycom_ua Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/gecidcom/ YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/user/easycomua
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Драйвер для Видеокарты Nvidia 7600 Gt
Драйвер для Видеокарты Nvidia 7600 Gt http://royu.cipane.ru/%D0%94%D1%80%D0%B0%D0%B9%D0%B2%D0%B5%D1%80%20%D0%B4%D0%BB%D1%8F%20%D0%92%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE%D0%BA%D0%B0%D1%80%D1%82%D1%8B%20Nvidia%207600%20Gt Драйвер для видеокарт nVidia Geforce 7600. Это WHQL-драйвер для настольных GPU серий GeForce 6, 7, 8, 9 и 200 и ION, в частности и для видеокарт. NVidia GeForce 7600 GT Video Драйвер. WHQL для Windows XP. May 2014 - Драйвера для Nvidia GeForce 7600 GT GS Драйвер для видеокарты NVidia GeForce 7600. Также обеспечена совместимость с адаптерами серии GeForce 7600. Обновление драйверов всех устройств - где можно дрова на видео карту nVIDIA GeForce 7600GT. На этой странице вы можете драйвер NVIDIA GeForce 7600. Видео карты;gt. После архива с драйвером для NVidia GeForce 7600 GS Вам необходимо извлечь исполняемый файл в любую папку и запустить. На этой странице вы можете драйвер NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT для Windows Vista, NVidia - download driver NVIDIA® SLI™-Ready графические процессоры GeForce® 7600 полностью раскрывают потенциал HD игр и видео.. Драйвер для Видеокарты Nvidia 7600 Gt
GTX 1050 Ti vs RX 560 Test in 6 Games (i5 7600k)
GTX 1050 Ti vs RX 560 Test in 6 Games (i5 7600k) Games: Project Cars Battlefield 1 - 01:21 The Witcher 3 - 03:05 Watch Dogs 2 - 05:03 Grand Theft Auto V - 07:01 Far Cry Primal - 09:11 System: Windows 10 Intel i5 7600k 4.2Ghz Asus GTX 1050 Ti 4Gb 1290/7008Mhz Asus RX 560 2Gb 1285/7000Mhz 16Gb RAM
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Can You Play Games On Nvidia GT 710 Gddr5 ? (Hindi) Nvidia Geforce GT 710 Gddr5 Gaming BenchMarks
Shop From Amazon To Support The Channel --- http://amzn.to/2n3mxOM My PC Specs -- 1. Amd A8 7600 Cpu 2. Gigabyte A68HM-21 Motherboard 3. 8gb DDR3 1600 Mhz G.Skill Ramsticks 4. Asus RX 460 4gb GDDR5 Strix Edition 5. 5TB HDD Storage 6. Corsair VS 450 Smps 7. Circle CC821 Gaming Cabinet 8. Cooler Master Hyper 103 Essentials Aftermarket cooler I Hope You Like The Video If So Then Don't Forget To Like , Subscribe And Share
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Редкая видеокарта из 2005г Nvidia 7800 GTX CS GO, Dota 2, Сталкер
e-katalog Россия http://www.e-katalog.ru/u/zwToG e-katalog Украина http://ek.ua/u/Pe1bc Редкий флагман из далекого 2005 года Nvidia GeForce 7800 GTX 256mb, мечта многих, посмотрим на что он способен сегодня? Протестим в CS GO, DOTA 2, СТАЛКЕР, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., need for speed hot pursuit, Far cry, Crysis 1, Flatout 2, return to castle wolfenstein, Half-life 2 ====== Игровая сборка: Windows 10, Intel Core i5 2400 + 8gb DDR3 Игровая сборка 2: Windows 7, материнская плата Asus p7H55 http://got.by/2sf86j + процессор х3440 http://got.by/2dhrno + видеокарта 7800 GTX + оперативная память 2*4gb DDR3 http://got.by/2efkwg + жесткий диск 1тб Всё записывается в карту захвата Avermedia live gamer portable 2 дабы ВЫ видели реальный FPS!! Предыдущие конкурсы, отчеты: https://vk.com/topic-142819097_41812956
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Benchmarked 3 games on GTX 960 does the A8 APU bottlenecks the GTX 960 ? btw. on league of legends the GPU usage is around 40% PC specs: -- CPU : A8 7600 Kaveri APU -- MOBO: Gigabyte FM2+ -- GPU: GTX 960 Asus Strix -- RAM: HyperX Fury 1866 DDR3 -- PSU: Xigmatek 600watt 80plus bronze -- HDD: 500GB -- CPU Cooler: Cooler Master T2 *I will upload my build log soon*
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GeForce GT 710 - Should you buy this card? - $35 Video Card Review
GeForce GT 710 - Should you buy this card? Should ANYONE buy this card? The answer might surprise you! Hint: I bought it and I'm keeping it! Watch to find out the details! Buy this card here: Amazon.com - http://amzn.to/2bRCVuv NewEgg.com - http://bit.ly/2bS7IZr List of all GT 710 cards: Amazon.com - http://amzn.to/2bE2rat NewEgg.com - http://bit.ly/2bS7Jwy --- ASUS M32CD - i3-6100 - 3.7GHz Amazon.com - http://amzn.to/2b8LrYu NewEgg.com - http://bit.ly/2bjJrP1 My review of the M32CD https://youtu.be/UfAENqRbEfg My video on the i5-2400 based computer shown https://youtu.be/x6WZqG8ms5I List of Intel i5-2400 based computers on eBay http://ebay.to/1Ycg7Hn ------------------------- --- Direct Support (Thank You!) --- YouTube Sponsor (Loyalty Badge & Emoji) http://bit.ly/2kWHPMt Floatplane (Early Access & No Ads) http://bit.ly/2KFcObA PayPal (One Time or Monthly Support) http://bit.ly/2xgNtOE Patreon (Monthly Support http://bit.ly/29g0PUd --- Digital Software & Games (Affiliate Links) --- Windows 10 Pro (Discount Code sktech12%) http://bit.ly/2HCAyuF Humble Bundle http://bit.ly/2I4uCLk GOG.com http://bit.ly/2spUX09 GreenManGaming http://bit.ly/2CbKgor Fanatical (Epic Game Bundles) http://bit.ly/2qOfHyn Kinguin (Discounted Games) http://bit.ly/2df8Zc9 BackBlaze ($5/Month Online Backup) http://bit.ly/2ceOAm4 Private Internet Access (VPN) http://bit.ly/2L9g17r --- Computer Deals in the US (Affiliate Links) --- Amazon http://amzn.to/2b4teIp NewEgg http://bit.ly/29wXbSJ MonoPrice http://bit.ly/2wBcjZw eBay http://ebay.to/2EirLg2 --- Computer Deals Outside of the US (Affiliate Links) --- Amazon: Canada http://amzn.to/2bdT6Gj UK http://amzn.to/2bdXRvC Germany http://amzn.to/2bdSK2k France http://amzn.to/2b4LMKy Spain http://amzn.to/2bdTt3v NewEgg Canada http://bit.ly/2gEZkSM --- Other Links --- Twitter - http://bit.ly/2ilZIW7 Facebook - http://bit.ly/2nO0NX4 Tech Deals Twitch - http://bit.ly/2qSPlww Rogue Storm Twitch - http://bit.ly/2JrAEXf Discord - http://bit.ly/2oVvpH5 --- Send Me Stuff (New, Old, or Fun Stuff) --- Tech Deals 9720 Coit RD Suite 220, #209 Plano, TX 75025-5833
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Cleaning & Re-applying Thermal paste on the Geforce 7600GT from the $10AUD PC
The GPU from our first "Tear Down" video for our channel where we part out a PC that we picked up locally for the small sum of $10 Australian Dollars. In this Video: We clean and Restore the Winfast 7600GT 256MB Graphics card from the $10AUD PC, in this video we show how to disassemble, clean and reapply thermal paste to the Winfast 7600GT Graphics card, we also show before and after temps and how it runs playing Oblivion the top selling game that came out the same year as this graphics card :P Please support us: https://www.patreon.com/BexysPC XX -BEXY The Specs for the testing PC: Intel Pentium 4 660 3.6GHz HT Gigabyte 915 LGA775 Mainboard 2GB DDR RAM, 2x 1024MB 400MHz 250GB SATA HDD Winfast Nvidia GeForce 7600GT 256MB PCI-E Onboard Realtek Sound Pioneer DVR-1110BK IDE DVD-RW Optical Drive 400Watt Generic PSU Music Tracks: Track 1: "Cameras" Albis (YouTube Audio Library) Track 2: "Cologne 1983" Josh Kirsch/Media Right Productions (YouTube Audio Library) Track 3: "Invisible" Vibe Tracks (YouTube Audio Library) Track 4: "Spring Day" Silent Partner (YouTube Audio Library) Track 5: "Thor's Hammer" Ethan Meixsell (YouTube Audio Library) Remaining Tracks: "Oblivion" Bethesda
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Crysis on 7600GT - 1
Specs P4 2,6ghz Windows XP 2GB Ram Nvidia 7600 GT
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3DMark05 Nvidia 7600GT Personal Record
3DMark05 Record 7600GT and the Specs
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GTX 970 vs GTX 1060 Test in 7 Games (i5 7600k)
GTX 970 vs GTX 1060 Test in 7 Games (i5 7600k) Games: Project Cars The Witcher 3 - 01:38 Watch Dogs 2 - 03:37 Grand Theft Auto V - 04:47 Fallout 4 - 07:00 Far Cry Primal - 08:24 Rise of the Tomb Raider - 09:25 System: Windows 10 Intel i5 7600k 4.8Ghz GTX 1060 6Gb 1506/8000Mhz GTX 970 4Gb 1114/7010 Mhz 16Gb RAM Settings Ultra, 1080p
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7600 Gt   часть 2
u4minsk.hgm.by Сервер КС
Nvidia 7600
Прогрев видеокарты Asus Nvidia 7600
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Dayz on a Nvidia 7600GT, CPU dual core @2.00 GHz, 2Gb RAM
so I'm running Dayz on my system which has a Nvidia 7600GT, CPU dual core @2.00, 2Gb RAM. inside ,i would love to upgrade but money is short but anyway, i get a max of 8 FPS and when recording 6 FPS, THIS GAME IS A CPU WHORE
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GTX 980 vs GTX 1060 Test in 7 Games (i5 6600k)
GTX 980 vs GTX 1060 Test in 7 Games (i5 6600k) Games: Project Cars Watch Dogs 2 - 01:10 Grand Theft Auto V - 02:32 Far Cry Primal - 04:44 Battlefield 1 - 05:56 Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta - 07:47 Rise of the Tomb Raider - 08:57 System: Windows 10 Intel i5 6600k 4.6Ghz GTX 1060 6Gb 1506/8000Mhz GTX 980 4Gb 1139/7010Mhz 8Gb RAM Settings Ultra, 1080p
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GTX 980 Ti vs GTX 1070 Test in 7 Games (i5 7600k)
GTX 980 Ti vs GTX 1070 Test in 7 Games (i5 7600k) Games: Watch Dogs 2 The Witcher 3 - 01:15 Fallout 4 - 03:00 Grand Theft Auto V - 04:37 Project Cars - 06:52 Far Cry Primal - 08:19 Rise of the Tomb Raider - 09:21 System: Windows 10 Intel i5 7600k 4.8Ghz GTX 980 Ti 6Gb 1000/7200Mhz GTX1070 8Gb 1556/8008 Mhz 16Gb RAM Settings Ultra, 1080p
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Flatout 2, 7600GT.
1152X864 X4AA X16AF
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Halo online, 7600GT.
1280x1024. X4AF. X2AA.
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