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15 Ways to Search Google 96% of People Don’t Know About
Here’s a list of the most effective ways for searching Google to help you find anything in just a couple of clicks. Try these 15 simple methods to search Google for the information! Either this or that 1:07 Searching using synonyms 1:57 Searching within websites 2:40 The power of the asterisk 3:21 When lots of words are missing 3:55 Using a number range 4:38 Searching for a title or URL 5:22 Finding similar websites 5:44 Whole phrases 6:11 Unimportant search words 6:58 Searching for images using images 7:17 Defining words and learning where they come from 7:51 Finding a specific file 8:35 Using Google as a spell checker 9:06 Tracking your packages 9:33 Bonus trick 10:00 SUMMARY Google search is not only a powerful search tool but also the best friend for millions of people. It is always there for you (except for those times when you have no Internet connection – scary), and can help you with anything. It will find the lyrics to that song you heard on the radio but only got “you, me, forever, rain,” share the recipe for the most delicious pie and recommend the best restaurant around. Students can’t go without it, and it is the key source of information for most adults, too. - Simply put in a couple of potential variations of what you’re looking for, and separate them by typing the “|” symbol. Instead of this symbol, you can also use “or.” - If you need to find websites on a given subject rather than those that include a specific phrase, add the “~” symbol to your search. - Sometimes you read an interesting article on a website and find yourself subsequently wanting to share it with your friends or simply reread it. The easiest way to find the desired piece of information again is to search within the website. To do this, type the address of the site, then a keyword or entire phrase from the article, and it should come up immediately. - When your cunning memory decides not to let us remember that one keyword, phrase, or number we need to find what we’re looking for, you can turn to the powerful "*" symbol. Just use it in the place of the word/phrase you can’t remember, and you should be able to find the results you’re looking for. - If it’s the lengthier half of the phrase you can’t remember rather than a single keyword, try writing out the first and last words and putting “AROUND + (the approximate number of missing words)“ between them. - If we want to find out about scientific discoveries during the 20th century, we can write: scientific discoveries 1900…2000. Yes, it is easy like that. It also works with other numbers. BONUS You did some hard work learning to use Google like a pro, so now it’s time to play. If you search Atari Breakout on Google Images, the famous brick breaker will start right there. Enjoy it! Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ SMART Youtube: https://goo.gl/JTfP6L 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Google will ‘de-rank’ RT articles to make them harder to find
Eric Schmidt, the Executive Chairman of Google’s parent company Alphabet, says the company will 'engineer' specific algorithms for RT and Sputnik to make their articles less prominent on the search engine’s news delivery services. READ MORE: https://on.rt.com/8sp8 RT LIVE http://rt.com/on-air Subscribe to RT! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=RussiaToday Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/RTnews Follow us on VK https://vk.com/rt_international Follow us on Twitter http://twitter.com/RT_com Follow us on Instagram http://instagram.com/rt Follow us on Google+ http://plus.google.com/+RT Listen to us on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/rttv RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.
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SEO For Beginners: 3 Powerful SEO Tips to Rank #1 on Google in 2019
SEO For Beginners: 3 Powerful SEO Tips to Rank #1 on Google in 2019 Are you new to SEO and want to rank #1 on google this upcoming year? Here are 3 SEO strategies that will boost your rankings! #1: Focus on content Google has this update called Hummingbird, and with Hummingbird, websites who just have content on everything won't do as well as sites which focus on one single niche and are super thorough. You want to be VERY thorough with your SEO content. Poke holes in your content and fill them all up, so then that way people are like, "This is the end all site "that you should end up reading "if you're interested in dating online." #2: Optimize your title tag and your meta description Have you ever done a Google search, and noticed that every time you do it, there is this link at the top, and then there's this one sentence with a link at the top is called the title tag. And the description below is called the meta description. Now think of it this way, if you search for the phrase online dating, and you don't see the word online dating in neither the title or the description, are you going to click on the result? Well if you are, there's something wrong, because why would you click on a result that isn't related to what you're looking for? In addition to that, have you ever searched for a term like online dating? And have you ever noticed that the word isn't in the title or description? That's because Google tracks who's clicking on what listing, and they've learned that when a keyword is in the listing, that same keyword that you're searching for, they know you're way more likely to click through. So in your title tag and your meta description, make sure you include the keyword. But you can't just add the keyword, "online dating," right? The easiest way and what I would do and I wish it was this simple; I will just put "online dating, online dating, online dating, online dating." If I could put it 20 times so people would know that the article is on online dating, I wish I would get more clicks. But it's not that simple. Yes you have to include the keyword in your title and your description, but it has to be appealing. If it doesn't flow in a sentence, it's not easy to read, and it's not appealing or evoking curiosity, no one is gonna click through. #3: Use Google Search Console Did you know that Google gives you a tool that teaches you how to rank number one on Google? Yes I know that sounds ridiculous but it is true, and it's called Google Search Console. If you're not already a user of it, sign up. It doesn't cost a dollar. You're missing out if you're not using it. I can't emphasize that enough. So now that you're using Google Search Console...give it a few days because it takes some time to populate data. You'll see a screen that shows Search Analytics and this shows you all the pages on your website that are getting you traffic. But the cool thing about Google Search Console is they also show you which articles are getting impressions. Take all the keywords you're getting impressions for and start adding them to your copy. Now we have an article on Instagram, and it teaches you how to get over 300 targeted Instagram followers per day. The article is around 10,000 words. When I first wrote that article, it wasn't 10,000 words, it was roughly 2,500. I went to Google Search Console, I saw all the people that are searching for terms related to the article, I added them within that article. I made it more thorough and you know what? My SEO traffic more than tripled to that article. Yes it is that simple. And when I made that change, it didn't happen right away, but I noticed the results within 50 days. That's not a long time. Now that you've learned these three tips, I challenge you in which I want you to take these tactics and implement them, and then after you implement them, in the next 45 days I want you to leave a comment with your results. Because if you're not doing well, that means I'm not happy. Subscribe here to learn more of my secret SEO tips: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=neilvkpatel Find me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/neilkpatel/ Read more on my blog: https://neilpatel.com/blog #NeilPatel #seo #seotips
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5 Hard Interview Questions to Get a Job at Google (With Answers)
Want to work at Google? Try to answer their 5 tough interview questions! Bright Side decided to test you and put together the five most difficult questions that Google has ever asked its applicants. You'll have 15 seconds to think about each question. If you need more time, you can pause the video. Let's start! TIMESTAMPS Billiard balls 0:52 Dead man in a desert 1:58 4 liters of water 2:58 Bears 4:05 Pills 4:56 The Google Company has become known not only for its achievements but for job interviews you won’t meet anywhere else. The interview can take place in a cafe around the corner or via Skype, and the questions will be so difficult that even a genius will have to strive for the answer. However, this strict and unusual way of hiring new members of Google team allows the company to discover unique minds, which can find smart and creative solutions for every problem possible. Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ SMART Youtube: https://goo.gl/JTfP6L 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Meet a 12-year-old hacker and cyber security expert
One 12-year-old hacker from Texas is raising awareness about growing cyber threats and how to protect digital information. David Begnaud meets with Reuben Paul, a self-proclaimed "cyber ninja" who hacks household items to demonstrate how they can be exploited to spy on or even harm people. Subscribe to the "CBS This Morning" Channel HERE: http://bit.ly/1Q0v2hE Watch "CBS This Morning" HERE: http://bit.ly/1T88yAR Watch the latest installment of "Note to Self," only on "CBS This Morning," HERE: http://cbsn.ws/1Sh8XlB Follow "CBS This Morning" on Instagram HERE: http://bit.ly/1Q7NGnY Like "CBS This Morning" on Facebook HERE: http://on.fb.me/1LhtdvI Follow "CBS This Morning" on Twitter HERE: http://bit.ly/1Xj5W3p Follow "CBS This Morning" on Google+ HERE: http://bit.ly/1SIM4I8 Get the latest news and best in original reporting from CBS News delivered to your inbox. Subscribe to newsletters HERE: http://cbsn.ws/1RqHw7T Get your news on the go! Download CBS News mobile apps HERE: http://cbsn.ws/1Xb1WC8 Get new episodes of shows you love across devices the next day, stream local news live, and watch full seasons of CBS fan favorites anytime, anywhere with CBS All Access. Try it free! http://bit.ly/1OQA29B Delivered by Norah O’Donnell and Gayle King, "CBS This Morning" offers a thoughtful, substantive and insightful source of news and information to a daily audience of 3 million viewers. The Emmy Award-winning broadcast presents a mix of daily news, coverage of developing stories of national and global significance, and interviews with leading figures in politics, business and entertainment. Check local listings for "CBS This Morning" broadcast times.
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The Huawei Ban: Explained!
Huawei flagships without Google or Android? This is everything you need to know. Fingers crossed Huawei can resolve things. For the sake of competition. Sources: https://www.cnbc.com/2019/05/21/google-will-work-with-huawei-for-next-90-days-after-restrictions-eased.html https://www.xda-developers.com/huawei-android-alternative-fall-2019/ https://twitter.com/Android/status/1130313848332988421?s=09 https://www.theverge.com/2019/5/21/18632550/huawei-p30-pro-android-google-executive-order-us-phone-qualcomm-intel https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2018/05/the-trump-administration-just-forced-smartphone-maker-zte-to-shut-down/ https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2019/05/huaweis-us-ban-a-look-at-the-hardware-and-software-supply-problems/ https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-05-17/huawei-built-at-least-a-three-month-stockpile-ahead-of-trump-ban MKBHD Merch: http://shop.MKBHD.com Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recom... Tech I'm using right now: https://www.amazon.com/shop/MKBHD Intro Track: Match by Alltta Playlist of MKBHD Intro music: https://goo.gl/B3AWV5 ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://instagram.com/MKBHD http://facebook.com/MKBHD
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Naina Yeh - Article 15 | Ayushmann Khurrana , Isha | Yasser Desai & Aakanksha |Piyush S,Rashmi Virag
To stream & download Full Song Wynk Music - http://bit.ly/2WNVOd8 Gaana - http://bit.ly/2KkvUXH JioSaavn - http://bit.ly/2MPtcLR iTunes - https://apple.co/2IlsEsH Apple Music - https://apple.co/2IlsEsH Google Play - https://bit.ly/2KQLyt6 Amazon Prime Music - https://amzn.to/2WKNoDc Hungama - http://bit.ly/2XP759b Spotify - https://spoti.fi/2IjyATc YouTube Music - http://bit.ly/2IlpMw5 Song: Naina Yeh Music Composer: Piyush Shankar Singers: Yasser Desai & Aakanksha Sharma Lyrics: Rashmi Virag Music Team : Music Arranged & Produced: Aditya Dev Additional Music Production - Piyush Shankar Live Rhythms Arranger: Jeetu Shankar Song Mixed & Mastered By: Shadab Rayeen @New Edge Studio. Strokes - Tapas Roy Flutes: Tejas Vinchurkar Guitars: Krishna Pradhan Additional Guitars: Arbaz Khan Live Dholaks: Girish Vishwa, Hafeez Ahmed Khan, Sharafaat Khan & Lalit Shankar Live Tabla: Jeetu Shankar Live Percussions: Rishabh Shankar & Mayank Shankar All Live Instruments & Vocals Recorded by Rahul Sharma & Samir Dharap (AMV Studios) Mix Assistants: Abhishek Sortey & Dhananjay Khapekar. Production Manager - Tarun Gupta Production House: Benaras Mediaworks & Zee Studios Producer: Anubhav Sinha & Zee Studios Director: Anubhav Sinha Set 'Naina Yeh' as your caller tune - SMS ARTCL1 To 57575 Airtel Subscribers Dial 5432116987032 Vodafone Subscribers Dial 53711345735 Idea Subscribers Dial 5678911345735 BSNL (South / East) Subscribers SMS BT 11345735 to 56700 Music on Zee Music Company #AyushmannKhurranaSongs #Article15Songs Connect with us on : Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/ZeeMusicCompany Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/zeemusiccompany Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/zeemusiccompany YouTube - http://bit.ly/TYZMC
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Cloud Computing Services Models - IaaS PaaS SaaS Explained
https://ecoursereview.com/cloud-computing-pros-and-cons-for-business-it/ 3 Types of Cloud Computing Services: IaaS PaaS SaaS Explained You Might Wonder – What Is Cloud Computer: #Cloudcomputing is a set of forms that contain certain elements that allows for on-demand, network access, scalability, and shared resources. It's a platform for managing, storing, and processing data online through the internet. Some of the cloud computing features include the following: - On-Demand Services – Available when you need it - Network Access – When using the internet as your medium - Shared Resources – All resources are gathered together and used by multiple customers - Scalability - The ability of a computer system to adapt to increasing demands The Three Delivery Models: Cloud computing provides different services based on three delivery configurations. When they are arranged in a pyramid structure, they are in the order of SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. The Three Services: #SaaS - Software as a Service This service provides on-demand pay per use of the application software for users and is independent of a platform. You do not have to install software on your computer, unlike a license paid program. Cloud runs a single occurrence of the software, making it available for multiple end-users allowing the service to be cheap. All the computing resources that are responsible for delivering SaaS are totally managed by the vendor. The service is accessible through a web browser or lightweight client applications. End customers use SaaS regularly. The most popular SaaS providers offer the following products and services: Google Ecosystem including Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive, Microsoft Office 365, and SalesForce. #PaaS - Platform as a Service This service is mostly a development environment that is made up of a programming language execution environment, an operating system, web server, and database. It provides an environment where users can build, compile, and run their program without worrying about an hidden infrastructure. You manage the data and application resources. All the other resources are managed by the vendor. This is the realm for developers. PaaS providers offer the following products and services: Amazon Web services, Elastic Beanstalk, Google App Engine, Windows Azure, Heroku, and Force.com #IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service This service provides the architecture and infrastructure. It provides all computing resources but in a virtual environment so multiple users can have access. The resources include data storage, virtualization, servers, and networking. Most vendors are responsible for managing them. If you use this service, you are responsible for handling other resources including applications, data, runtime, and middleware. This is mostly for SysAdmins. IaaS providers offer the following products and services: Amazon EC2, Go Grid, and Rackspace.com. Here is a short list of some companies that use cloud computing: iCloud – Cloud from Apple is for Apple products. You can backup and store everything from multimedia to documents online. The content is then smoothly integrated onto your devices. Amazon's AWS - When you talk about companies using cloud computing, Amazon Web Services leads the pack. It offers IaaS and PaaS to all their customers. Google Cloud – This cloud platform is universal for Google's enormous ecosystem and for other products such as Microsoft Office. It provides storage of data and collaboration along with other services that are included in their cloud computing suite. Microsoft Azure – Offered by Microsoft, it provides SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS for its software and developer tools. If you have used Office 365, then you have used SaaS. IBM Smart Cloud - This offers private, public, and hybrid distribution platforms providing a full range of SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS cloud computing services for businesses. The pay as you go platform generates profits for IBM. New technology is popping up all over the internet and Cloud seems to be on the rise. This is only scratching the surface on what is already available and what will become available throughout 2017. --- 3 Types of Cloud Computing Services - IaaS PaaS SaaS Explained https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36zducUX16w #CloudComputingServices #CloudComputing --- Follow us on https://www.facebook.com/EcourseReviews https://twitter.com/EcourseReviews https://plus.google.com/+Ecoursereview/posts https://ecoursereview.com/
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The Grand Theory of Amazon
Join Dollar Shave Club for only $5 http://www.dollarshaveclub.com/polymatter Thanks to sponsor Dollar Shave Club, new members get their 1st month of the Daily Essentials Starter Set including trial-sized versions of their Body Cleanser, One Wipe Charlies’ Butt Wipes, and Shave Butter along with their Executive Razor for only $5 with free shipping. Patreon: https://patreon.com/polymatter Twitter: https://twitter.com/polymatters Reddit: https://reddit.com/r/PolyMatter Discord: https://discord.gg/polymatter Amazon sells everything from streaming video to organic grapes, and it’s all part of a large (likely successful) strategy to dominate the entire consumer market. *The end of this video includes a paid sponsored promotion. This company had no part in the writing, editing, or production of the rest of the video. Credits Music is by Varsity Star: https://varsitystar.bandcamp.com/releases and the Varsity Star Facebook is https://www.facebook.com/varsitystarmusic/ The biggest source of inspiration for this video is the wonderful Ben Thompson's analysis of Amazon at https://stratechery.com - highly recommended. “wasted” GTA font used under a free license: https://www.dafont.com/pricedown.font SEC report from Amazon, including its competitors: https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1018724/000101872416000172/amzn-20151231x10k.htm https://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/news/2016/12/29/amazons-patent-flying-warehouse/95951942/ http://money.cnn.com/2017/02/28/technology/amazon-web-services-outages/index.html http://money.cnn.com/2017/08/23/technology/amazon-education-tenmarks-writing/index.html https://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/news/2017/02/28/amazons-cloud-service-goes-down-sites-scramble/98530914/ https://www.tomshardware.com/news/Amazon-Kindle-Cost-Production-Supplies-Parts,13953.html https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/16/technology/moviepass-economy-startups.html http://www.businessinsider.com/amazon-prime-member-numbers-revealed-2018-4 https://www.cbinsights.com/research/report/amazon-strategy-teardown/ https://a16z.com/2014/09/05/why-amazon-has-no-profits-and-why-it-works/ https://techcrunch.com/2017/05/14/why-amazon-is-eating-the-world/ https://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/talkingtech/2017/03/01/amazon-control-internet-aws-cloud-services-outage/98548762/ https://www.forbes.com/sites/quora/2017/11/13/to-what-extent-are-amazon-and-google-competitors/#773520114267 https://searchengineland.com/survey-amazon-beats-google-starting-point-product-search-252980 https://www.economist.com/briefing/2017/03/25/are-investors-too-optimistic-about-amazon https://www.economist.com/leaders/2017/03/25/amazon-the-worlds-most-remarkable-firm-is-just-getting-started https://www.cnbc.com/2018/01/24/amazon-pharmacy-team-expanded-to-more-than-30-leerink.html https://stratechery.com/2018/amazons-go-and-the-future/ https://stratechery.com/2016/the-amazon-tax/ https://stratechery.com/2018/amazon-health/ https://stratechery.com/2014/losing-amazon-religion/ https://stratechery.com/2013/amazons-dominant-strategy/ https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/197608 https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/16/technology/moviepass-economy-startups.html https://www.wsj.com/articles/amazons-newest-ambitioncompeting-directly-with-ups-and-fedex-1474994758 https://www.investopedia.com/articles/investing/031116/making-sense-amazons-move-logistics-amzn.asp https://www.investopedia.com/articles/investing/020515/why-amazon-needs-dump-ups-and-fedex-amzn-fdx-ups.asp https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00LT3L7AO/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B00LT3L7AO&linkCode=as2&tag=sgtsnu-20&linkId=YN4RE2ODX35ZZBNQ http://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/amazon-stock-price-here-are-the-4-industries-wall-street-thinks-amazon-will-destroy-the-fastest-2017-9-1002426699 https://venturebeat.com/2017/07/17/amazon-tanks-blue-aprons-stock-with-one-trademark-filing/ https://www.greenwichtime.com/technology/businessinsider/article/Blue-Apron-got-Amazoned-before-it-even-became-a-11255872.php https://www.investopedia.com/news/amazon-launches-amazon-cash-amzn-wmt/ https://www.fastcompany.com/3038252/the-economist-trades-in-henry-kissinger-for-googles-eric-schmidt https://www.investopedia.com/articles/company-insights/092016/7-worst-products-amazon-ever-had-amzn.asp http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-10-24/amazon-revenue-tops-estimates-before-holiday-quarter.html https://www.nytimes.com/2017/10/20/opinion/how-amazon-took-seattles-soul.html https://thenextweb.com/mobile/2011/09/28/amazons-bezos-we-worked-hard-to-charge-you-less-for-kindle-fire/ https://www.wsj.com/articles/amazon-welcomes-teens-with-new-parent-controlled-shopping-allowance-1507726803 https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-05-10/amazon-is-said-to-halt-google-shopping-ads-as-rivalry-heats-up https://stratechery.com/2018/divine-discontent-disruptions-antidote/ http://fortune.com/longform/amazon-groceries-fortune-500/
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The top 7 things NOT to do when starting a business
* Join my BELIEVE newsletter: http://www.evancarmichael.com/newsletter/ Emil: "Hey Evan! I have been watching your videos for a while now. Hope you enjoyed your trip to Asia! I am enthusiastic about entrepreneur videos. I have searched on Youtube and Google and I always get videos/articles about what to do. I believe knowing what NOT to do is equally important. Usually, all I get is generic tips such as "dont grow too fast" but there are no concrete case studies. But when it comes to successful stories, there are specific examples we can learn from. I was thinking if maybe you can have videos/articles analysing and explaining how some real businesses failed, especially start ups. It would be great if you can use your influence to encourage entrepreneurs who have failed to share their stories with you. That way, the mistake will only be made by once because we all will have learnt from it Hopefully you'll consider my suggestion" ENGAGE * Subscribe to my channel: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=Modelingthemasters * Leave a comment, thumbs up the video (please!) * Suppport me: http://www.evancarmichael.com/support/ CONNECT * Twitter: https://twitter.com/evancarmichael * Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EvanCarmichaelcom * Google+: https://plus.google.com/108469771690394737405/posts * Website: http://www.evancarmichael.com EVAN * About: http://www.evancarmichael.com/about/ * Products: http://www.evancarmichael.com/zhuge/ * Coaching: http://www.evancarmichael.com/movement/ * Speaking: http://www.evancarmichael.com/speaking/ SCHEDULE * Mon - 1 Minute Mondays: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiZj-Ik9MmM2HwduoMCpvZRhd2qE22Fg- * Tues - Tech Tuesdays: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiZj-Ik9MmM3NGvdl33mEwdUdr19zti9s * Thurs - Thankful Thursdays: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiZj-Ik9MmM2Scsq-0Er3mA8U3Kqz9fiV * Fri - Famous Fridays: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiZj-Ik9MmM30QoA2ygo5RWzfQm8y7ScL * Sun - Famous Failures: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiZj-Ik9MmM2aeaKPqI5ILrNcLjbQZDob * Your Questions - Every day! Help us caption & translate this video! http://amara.org/v/FyN4/
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How To Save Articles, And Things From Google News Archive
If your a history buff like i am this is a must know how! On Google News Archive its hard to save anything the normal way. In this video i will show you how to save articles, and things to your computer folders. Easy! If your printer is junk like mine is send the file to another non Yahoo email address, and use the local library computer to print the article.
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Stadia – Google’s Game Changer?
Googles newest product Stadia, is their vision for the future of Gaming. In this video, we'll check it out. #Google #stadia #gaming New Thinking Book: http://bit.ly/NewThinkingbook New Thinking on Google Play: http://bit.ly/NewThinkingGooglePlay Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/9FS8uF Check out the previous episode: Become a Patron!: https://www.patreon.com/ColdFusion_TV CF Bitcoin address: 13SjyCXPB9o3iN4LitYQ2wYKeqYTShPub8 Hi, welcome to ColdFusion (formerly known as ColdfusTion). Experience the cutting edge of the world around us in a fun relaxed atmosphere. Script by Fil Zivko - read more at https://http://www.evolutio.xyz Sources: [1] - https://tubularinsights.com/15-per-cent-youtube-gaming-videos/ [2] - https://www.nielsen.com/us/en/insights/reports/2017/us-games-360-report-2017.html [3] - https://www.speedtest.net/global-index [4] - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BeFnQrgtZ9k [5] -http://www.pushsquare.com/news/2019/03/talking_point_ps_nows_delivering_our_streaming_future_so_why_is_sony_the_underdog [6] - https://www.cnet.com/news/sony-says-playstation-4-successor-is-coming-but-doesnt-call-it-ps5-yet/ [7] - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phil_Harrison [8] - https://www.theverge.com/2019/3/20/18274184/google-stadia-youtube-streaming-future-gaming-cloud [9] - https://www.theverge.com/2019/3/20/18274184/google-stadia-youtube-streaming-future-gaming-cloud [10] - https://variety.com/2019/gaming/news/amazon-focused-on-building-the-game-industrys-digital-infrastructure-1203166809/ [11] - https://au.ign.com/articles/2019/03/19/google-claims-stadia-is-more-powerful-than-ps4-and-xbox-one-combined-gdc-2019 [12] - https://www.theverge.com/2017/1/4/14173696/nvidia-geforce-now-pc-mac-client-march //Soundtrack// **coming soon** » ColdFusion Book "New Thinking" | https://newthinkingbook.squarespace.com/about/ » Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/ColdFusionTV » My music | http://burnwater.bandcamp.com or » http://www.soundcloud.com/burnwater » https://www.patreon.com/ColdFusion_TV » Collection of music used in videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOrJJKW31OA Producer: Dagogo Altraide » Twitter | @ColdFusion_TV » Insta | coldfusiontv
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Google will ‘de-rank’ RT articles to make them harder to find
Eric Schmidt, the Executive Chairman of Google's parent company Alphabet, says the company will 'engineer' specific algorithms for RT and Sputnik to make
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Financial Instruments: Trump Targets Khamenei, G00Gle Targeting Exposed #ANTITRUST
6/24: TODAY we see new sanctions against Iran, specifically targeted the Supreme Leader-- BHO cash billions?- Meanwhile, Project Verit_s hits it out of the park exposing G__gle execs committing election tampering, YT targeting and blanket cens_rship. Copyright Disclaimer: Citation of articles and authors in this report does not imply ownership. Works and images presented here fall under Fair Use Section 107 and are used for commentary on globally significant newsworthy events. Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Community Guidelines Disclaimer: The points of view and purpose of this video is not to bully or harass anybody, but rather share that opinion and thoughts with other like-minded individuals curious about the subject to encourage conversation and awareness. https://www.oregonlive.com/politics/2019/06/senate-republican-walkout-what-do-they-want.html https://www.vox.com/2019/6/21/18700741/oregon-republican-walkout-climate-change-bill https://malaysiagazette.com/en/2019/06/25/new-sanctions-iran-target-supreme-leader-khamenei/ Here is the short version on Mark Esper, Acting Secretary of Defense: https://heavy.com/news/2019/06/mark-esper/ Project Veritas exposes G00gle's censor_hip: https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2019/06/24/google-insider-to-project-veritas-company-will-never-let-somebody-like-trump-come-to-power-again/ Senators Josh Hawley and Mark Warner have introduced two bipartisan bills in the last two months to limit Big Data: https://www.kctv5.com/news/sen-hawley-introduces-bipartisan-bill-to-combat-social-media-data/article_45c3dcd6-968f-11e9-886c-b3477b5e7ab6.html https://spreadprivacy.com/do-not-track-act-2019/ https://pulpitandpen.org/2019/06/24/congressman-gohmert-responds-to-exposure-of-googles-censorship/ https://www.pcworld.com/article/3404464/the-us-blacklists-five-chinese-supercomputer-firms-including-amd-joint-venture-thatic.html https://7dnews.com/news/white-house-reveals-economic-part-of-middle-east-peace-plan http://thesaker.is/iran-at-the-center-of-the-eurasian-riddle/ Thanks for supporting You Are Free TV! Please join us on the 6pm prayer wave, wherever you are on the planet, to anchor the prayer for peace and for the liberation of humanity from the Cab_l! https://www.patreon.com/youarefreetv (C60 PP 20% off codes are sent to you when you become a patron) The C60 Purple Power 10% off Organic Olive Oil Introductory sale is on! You can use your YAFTV codes to receive free shipping at check out and to receive 20% off for subs and 30% off for patrons!! Awesome! https://www.c60purplepower.com C60 Purple power code for YAFTV subscribers: frtv10 YAFTV code for the monthly subscription for subs: frtv10ppc To donate to the channel via PayPal: [email protected] (please no personal msgs here) YOU ARE FREE!
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Noam Chomsky 2017 | Talks at Google
For the past forty years Noam Chomsky's writings on politics and language have established him as a preeminent public intellectual and as one of the most original and wide-ranging political and social critics of our time. Among the seminal figures in linguistic theory over the past century, since the 1960s Chomsky has also secured a place as perhaps the leading dissident voice in the United States. In this talk from Google Cambridge in May of 2017 Professor Chomsky discusses wide ranging topics from the development of his personal political views to the control of information and media with Googler Hasan Khalil.
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How to Dominate Your Company Name on Google-Ezine Articles
http://www.localSEOResults.com How to Dominate Your Company Name on Google-Ezine Articles
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Intezari - Article 15 | Ayushmann Khurrana | Armaan Malik | Anurag Saikia | Shakeel Azmi
To stream & download Full Song Gaana - http://bit.ly/2WYvLzG JioSaavn - http://bit.ly/2N1vRCp Wynk Music - http://bit.ly/2Itm0AK iTunes - https://apple.co/2Rwqrhk Apple Music - https://apple.co/2Rwqrhk Google Play - https://bit.ly/2KQLyt6 Amazon Prime Music - https://amzn.to/2Y27ntG Spotify - https://spoti.fi/2x3vWdV YouTube Music - http://bit.ly/2Ru7kEl Singer: Armaan Malik Lyrics: Shakeel Azmi Music: Anurag Saikia Music Produced/ Orchestrated/ Design by Anurag Saikia. Co-Produced by Ishan Das. Addl. Production and Live dub conducted by Arabinda Neog, Pritom Gohain Borua, Anubhav Gogoi. Vocal Design : Soham Naik & Nupur Pant. Musicians: Strokes : Tapos Roy Guitars : Ishan Das Ukelele : Pritom Gohain Flute : Kiran Violas : Jitendra Javda Tabla : Sanjiv Sen Recorded @Contrail by Nijei Nijok. Recorded @Neo Sound by Pranjal Borah. Recorded @Enzy by Anubhav Saxena. Mixed & Mastered by Pankaj Borah @Neo Sound. Anurag Saikia exclusively managed by STARtist Management. Production House: Benaras Mediaworks & Zee Studios Producer: Anubhav Sinha & Zee Studios Director: Anubhav Sinha Music on Zee Music Company Connect with us on : Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/ZeeMusicCompany Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/zeemusiccompany Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/zeemusiccompany YouTube - http://bit.ly/TYZMC
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Searching Business Source Premier for Company Articles
How to search Business Source Premier to find articles on public companies.
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Class 11 | Difference between Memorandum of Association (MOA) & Articles of Association (AOA) |
| Difference between Memorandum of Association and Article of Association | MOA and AOA | 12th Commerce | B.com | BBA | Sunil Adhikari | Hello Bacho 🙋 Welcome to Students Can I help You? ☺️ SUBSCRIBE ☑️ Kro Channel ko or Notification Bell ko Ring kro 🔔 or Dekho Daily Videos Bilkul FREE. 🤗 Check out Our Extremely Useful Videos For Students in Hindi Only : 🔴 How To Choose Your Career Playlist : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL465j1sYtia4TJrbnQ4Covb0sk4wLvE50 🔴 Toppers Success Secrets Playlist : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL465j1sYtia4bs1h-LiSgin38X5YhbsW3 🔴 Class 12 Business Studies Playlist : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL465j1sYtia4yUpLnlQKbAn5ndNee4KLi 🔴 Class 12 Economics Playlist : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL465j1sYtia4PTLj73q-duquWQRMk0bwV 🔴 Class 11 Business Studies Playlist : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL465j1sYtia4P-Gt9yciFAfgw11ON4Una 🔴 Life Changing Quote Series Playlist : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL465j1sYtia4u_Z3DcisPKoPb4AocpB2k Follow us on various Social Media Platforms : ✔️Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/100006548682626 ✔️Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/SunilAD04/ ✔️Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/sunil.adhikari04/
Google's congressional hearing highlights in 11 minutes
Lawmakers questioned Google's CEO Sundar Pichai for over three hours, looking for answers on alleged anti-conservative bias, plans for a censored search engine for China, and data collection. Watch Google CEO Sundar Pichai testify before Congress in it's entirety here https://youtu.be/8qS7eyUo_uk Read more about Google's trip to Congress on CNET: https://www.cnet.com/news/google-ceo-tackles-political-bias-china-and-data-collection-with-congress/ Subscribe to CNET: https://www.youtube.com/user/CNETTV CNET playlists: https://www.youtube.com/user/CNETTV/playlists Download the new CNET app: https://cnet.app.link/GWuXq8ExzG Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cnet Follow us on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/cnet Follow us on Instagram: http://bit.ly/2icCYYm #Google #GoogleHearing #SundarPichai
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How to find articles in specific business titles
Find articles in important business publications
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Finding Articles on Your Company 2016
This video shows students how to find company-specific articles in Business Source Premier and ABI/Inform databases.
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Facebook Instant Articles, Google AMP, and Apple News: Why Do You Even Have A Website Anymore?
Ryan Gibson It’s a controversial subject, but Facebook Instant Articles, Google AMP, and Apple News are changing the way mobile web content is consumed. These services run parallel to what Drupal does best: managing content. They welcome and perhaps pressure sites to distribute content through their own platforms. Is this something that we, the Drupal community, should be concerned about? Should we embrace these new technologies and utilize them when it makes sense? If so, what are the implications for site content? Most importantly, how should we advise our clients when they ask us for expertise on these services? Competing web standards and who controls traffic are polarizing issues. In this session, we're not only going to discuss the most popular competing mobile article content standards, but also get an overview of how they work, what solutions currently exist in Drupal to utilize them, what it means for developers, what it means for content editors, and the pros and cons of each technology. This issue won't go away anytime soon—we, as a community, cannot let these technologies be overlooked as they continue to grow in popularity. Let the battle for mobile web traffic begin! https://www.midcamp.org/session/facebook-instant-articles-google-amp-and-apple-news-why-do-you-even-have-website-anymore
LinkedIn Articles in Featured Google Search Results
Want to appear at the top of Google search results? Writing Linkedin articles is an easy way to appear in Featured Google search results. For more free videos, visit www.socialsellingminute.com
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Theranos – Silicon Valley’s Greatest Disaster
New Thinking Book: http://bit.ly/NewThinkingbook New Thinking on Google Play: http://bit.ly/NewThinkingGooglePlay Theranos, what seemed like one of the most ground breaking companies of the 21st century ended up being one of Silicon Valley's greatest failures. How did Elizabeth Holmes manage to fool the world? In this video we find out the twisting rollercoaster of a story. Script by Fil Zivko, read more at - https://www.evolutio.xyz #ElizabethHolmes #Theranos #documentary #theinventor #Elizabeth #Holmes Other medical videos: Nanobots - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cg--UVL9xCc Stem cells - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxFuiwSO9A8 Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/9FS8uF Check out the previous episode: Become a Patron!: https://www.patreon.com/ColdFusion_TV CF Bitcoin address: 13SjyCXPB9o3iN4LitYQ2wYKeqYTShPub8 Hi, welcome to ColdFusion (formerly known as ColdfusTion). Experience the cutting edge of the world around us in a fun relaxed atmosphere. Sources: [1] – Bad Blood – Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup, 2018, John Carreyrou [2] - https://www.wired.co.uk/article/blood-startups-theranos-diagnostics [3] - https://www.wsj.com/articles/theranos-has-struggled-with-blood-tests-1444881901 [4] - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ta1DqI4xDRw [5] - https://www.wsj.com/articles/blood-testing-firm-theranos-to-dissolve-1536115130 [6] - https://www.wsj.com/articles/theranos-inc-s-partners-in-blood-1526662047 [7] - https://www.businessinsider.com.au/theranos-founder-ceo-elizabeth-holmes-life-story-bio-2018-4?r=US&IR=T [8] - https://www.theguardian.com/technology/theranos //Soundtrack// **coming soon** » ColdFusion Book "New Thinking" | https://newthinkingbook.squarespace.com/about/ » Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/ColdFusionTV » My music | http://burnwater.bandcamp.com or » http://www.soundcloud.com/burnwater » https://www.patreon.com/ColdFusion_TV » Collection of music used in videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOrJJKW31OA Producer: Dagogo Altraide » Twitter | @ColdFusion_TV » Insta | coldfusiontv
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Filing/Amending Articles of Organization & Employer Identification Numbers - All Up In Yo' Business
This video is in response to some excellent questions I received regarding Articles of Organization & Employer Identification Numbers. How long does it take to hear back after I filed Articles of Organization with the Secretary of State? As with the answer to most questions of a legal nature: it depends. Mostly, it depends on your state. The Colorado Secretary of State, for example, generally gives you confirmation of the filing immediately. In Colorado the Articles of Organization are filed electronically with the Secretary of State and in most cases your LLC is immediately registered upon filing. The turn around time in other states may be different, but in Colorado, registration is instant after you file the Articles of Organization with the Secretary of State. Do I need a DBA or Trade Name? "DBA" stands for “doing business as.” Some states use the term DBA, some (Colorado included) use the term "trade name" instead. The main reason you might want to register a DBA or trade name is if you are going to operate your business under a name different from the name you registered with the Secretary of State when you filed the Articles of Organization. So, for example, let’s say your LLC has one name but you want to do business under a similar or different name; you would register that DBA or Trade Name by filing a Statement of Trade Name with the Secretary of State. (In Colorado, it is a Statement of Trade Name; other states may call it something else.) However, if you are going to do business under the name that you filed under your Articles of Organization, then you don’t need to file a trade name. You may also need to register a DBA or trade name if you are operating your business as a sole proprietor and have not formed any legal business structure like an LLC or corporation. Do I need to be registered with the state before I file an application for a Federal Tax ID number or an Employer Identification Number (EIN)? Yes, if you are going to register your business as an LLC or a Corporation, or some other legal entity that requires registration with the state, then it is typically a good idea to register the business with the state before you submit the application to the IRS for a Federal Tax ID number. The Form SS-4, which is the application for the EIN/Federal Tax ID number (both terms mean the same thing), requires your entity name, entity structure, and the state and date the entity was formed. So, you will definitely need to have a name and structure already worked out and registered before you file an application for a Federal Tax ID number. How long do I have to wait after filing my Articles of Organization before I can amend them? Let's say you successfully filed your Articles of Organization for your new LLC. (Woohoo!) Then five minutes later you realize you transposed the numbers of your business address (Oops!) or misspelled your own name (hey, it happens). You'll need to amend the Articles of Organization to correct whatever info you messed up. If you are forming your LLC in Colorado or another state where you get confirmation of registration instantly after you have filed your Articles of Organization, you can generally file Articles of Amendment or some sort of other paperwork to make changes in your Articles of Organization instantly after the Articles of Organization have been filed. Otherwise, if your state takes a bit longer or does not automatically confirm your registration, then you should wait until you receive confirmation from your state before amending the Articles of Organization. This is because something may come up where your Articles of Organization do not get approved or registered. In that case, you would need to re-file your Articles of Organization anyway, so filing Articles of Amendment prematurely may make no difference at that point. Contact Aiden and learn more at www.180lawco.com. [email protected] | 720-379-3425 Thumbs up & subscribe if you want more AUIYB! Follow Me! IG: @allupinyobusiness Twitter: @_AllUpInYoBiz www.facebook.com/180lawco www.google.com/+aidenkramerlawAUIYB www.pinterest.com/AUIYB The information provided in this video should not be construed or relied on as legal advice for any specific fact or circumstance. Its content was prepared by 180 Law Co. LLC, with its principal office located at 50 S. Steele Street, Suite 250, Denver, CO 80209. This video is designed for entertainment and information purposes only. Viewing this video does not create an attorney-client relationship 180 Law Co. LLC or any of its lawyers. You should not act or rely on any of the information contained herein without seeking professional legal advice. All Up In Yo’ Business® is a registered trademark of 180 Law Co. LLC. ©180 Law Co. LLC. All rights reserved.
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Yuval Noah Harari: "21 Lessons for the 21st Century" | Talks at Google
Yuval Noah Harari, macro-historian, Professor, best-selling author of "Sapiens" and "Homo Deus," and one of the world's most innovative and exciting thinkers, discusses his newest work, "21 Lessons for the 21st Century." Described as a “truly mind-expanding” journey through today’s most pressing issues, "21 Lessons for the 21st Century" reminds us to maintain our collective focus in the midst of dizzying and disorienting change. Moderated by Wilson White. Get the book: https://goo.gl/CVDJzG Visit Yuval Noah Harari's YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/YuvalNoahHarari
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How to remove negative articles from Google
How to remove negative articles from Google . Webcide is also the first and only online reputation management company that permanently removes negative information about you and your business from Google Search Results . No Upfront Fees , No Monthly Retainers.
Where to Find Old Newspaper Articles
This tutorial will show you where to find old newspaper articles online. Don't forget to check out our site http://howtech.tv/ for more free how-to videos! http://youtube.com/ithowtovids - our feed http://www.facebook.com/howtechtv - join us on facebook https://plus.google.com/103440382717658277879 - our group in Google+ Step # 1 -- Accessing a Newspaper Archive For this tutorial, we will be using the Google newspaper archive. Go to "http://news.google.com/newspapers". When you reach this page, you will see a list of newspapers in alphabetical order. Step # 2 -- Locating a Specific Magazine and Issue For this tutorial, we have randomly chosen to search for the April 21st, 1922 edition of the California Oil Worker. At the top of the page, beneath the buttons "Search Archive" and "Search the Web," you will find a group of letters that run from A to Y. Click on the letter "C." Step # 3 -- Finding a Magazine in Alphabetical Order You will now be on a page which shows all the newspapers which begin with the letter C. If you look at the top, to the right of "The-Calhoun-Liberty Journal" and beneath "Calhoun Times," you will see the newspaper "California Oil Worker." Click on the blue link. Step # 4 -- Quickly Narrowing Down Your Search You're now on the California Oil Worker page. Look at the bottom of the page, and you will see the April 21st, 1922 edition. Click on the newspaper image to be taken to a page where you can read the newspaper. This simple tool is great for showing you where to find old newspaper articles.
Google Manual Action Viewer, In-Depth Articles, Links, Apple Referrer & Facebook Search
http://www.SERoundtable.com/ - Very busy week in search, so my video is about eleven and a half minutes long - I apologize but I think I sound good in this video. Google launched a new Webmaster Tools feature for viewing your manual spam actions. With that, Google released 9 videos and 11 help documents on these manual actions. I posted the monthly Google webmaster report, so don't miss that. Google told us the links in webmaster tools is enough but is it really? Google said don't worry about removing links too much, just use the disavow. Google said they fight spam in 40 or so countries. Apple with iOS 7 is now reporting referrer data from Google. Moz released their local SEO ranking factors. Google Maps app has a new ad format, be careful on those CPCs. Google released an iOS and Android app for publishers. Google AdSense will now detail policy violations. Google AdWords now has five new conversion metrics. Google enhanced campaigns upgrades seem to have turned off ads for some users. Facebook Graph Search is now available to all US users. Yahoo is changing their logo in 30 days. I also share some news on a Google Glass app we built named JewGlass. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable. Google Webmaster Tools Shows Your Manual Spam Actions : http://www.seroundtable.com/google-manual-actions-viewer-17203.html All Of Google's Manual Actions For Search Spam : http://www.seroundtable.com/google-manual-actions-spam-17204.html August 2013 Google Webmaster Report : http://www.seroundtable.com/august-2013-google-webmaster-report-17176.html Google In-Depth Articles Goes Live, Here Is How To Be Included : http://www.seroundtable.com/google-in-depth-articles-17191.html Google Said Webmaster Tools Links Is Enough But It Is Not! : http://www.seroundtable.com/google-webmaster-tools-links-not-inclusive-17198.html Google's Matt Cutts: Don't Worry About Bad Links, Just Disavow Them : http://www.seroundtable.com/google-bad-links-disavow-17195.html Google: We Fight Spam All Around The World But English Spam Gets More Attention : http://www.seroundtable.com/google-spam-fighting-17183.html Google Not Provided Over 70% With Apple iOS Passing More Referrer Data : http://www.seroundtable.com/ios-referrer-google-not-provided-17184.html 2013 Local SEO Ranking Factors Released : http://www.seroundtable.com/2013-local-search-ranking-factors-17196.html Google Maps App Revises Ads & Charges On Swipe But Not Click Through : http://www.seroundtable.com/google-maps-app-ads-17201.html Google AdSense iOS App Now Available : http://www.seroundtable.com/google-adsense-ios-app-17182.html Google AdSense To Detail Policy Violations Going Forward : http://www.seroundtable.com/google-adsense-policy-notifications-17188.html Google AdWords Adds More Conversion Reporting Metrics : http://www.seroundtable.com/google-adwords-adds-conversion-reporting-17197.html Beware: Google AdWord Enhanced Campaign Bug Turns Off Video Ads : http://www.seroundtable.com/google-adwords-enhanced-bug-17189.html All US Facebook Now Have Graph Search : http://www.seroundtable.com/facebook-graph-search-all-17190.html Yahoo's Logo Is Changing, As The Company Changes : http://www.seroundtable.com/yahoo-logo-changing-17194.html Search Without Searching With Google Glass: JewGlass Example : http://www.seroundtable.com/google-glass-jewish-app-17180.html
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Social Media Minute: How Facebook's Instant Articles Can Redefine Media Companies
A new way for publishers to create fast, interactive articles on Facebook. Jan Rezab explains how Instant Articles can help publishers and also create a new monetization stream for the social network. Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/B2DEr0
Google EMEA Scholars' Retreat
Meet some of our 2010 scholarship recipients and learn about what they did at our annual Scholar retreat. For more information about our student programs in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, visit www.google.com/university/emea.
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How to Remove Defamatory Articles from Google ?
https://www.webcide.com/ Webcide.com is the first and only online reputation management company that permanently removes negative search results about you and your business from the Internet . If you want just to "push down" or "bury" search results , please go to any other ORM company . But if you need to Remove Negative Information from the Internet , permanently , Contact Us Today for a Free and Confidential Consultation NO UPFRONT FEES and NO MONTHLY RETAINERS you pay only and exclusively after the removal .
The Age of Blockchain: A Collection of Articles | Official Book Teaser Trailer
The “#Blockchain” is still an emerging revolutionary #technology. It is steadily transforming the financial relationships between people and businesses globally. “The Age of Blockchain: A Collection of Articles” is an #eBook, which contains a set of selected articles which were published at indrastra.com in recent times. These curated collections are of value because they bring together important point of views on blockchain technologies and explore what this revolutionary technology will mean for global businesses. The first article is written by Kannan Subbiah, discussed some of the key strengths that drive the adoption of the blockchain technology world over. The second article is about Digital Identity, written by Dr. Benno Ferrarini, Dr. Julie Maupin, and Marthe Hinojales. It provides a cost-benefit analysis of distributed ledger technologies (DLT) and its application in developing and maintaining national or global identification system in the digital world. The third article by Rahul Guhathakurta discusses the application of blockchain technologies in the automotive industry. It highlights the upstream and downstream applications of blockchain and discusses the fundamentals of scalability and interoperability which can benefit many stakeholders in the automotive domain - from the supplier to manufacture and from manufacturer to end-user. The fourth article is written by Rear Admiral Dr. S. Kulshrestha (Retd.), Indian Navy. It's about the current stage of evaluation of the military application of blockchain technologies in areas relating to military logistics, procurement and finance, Internet of Things, and other applications of interest to the military. The last but not the least, the fifth article by Dr. Danika Wright enlighten the readers on how blockchain could transform the way we buy and sell real estate by doing away with the hidden costs and inefficiencies in our existing real-estate markets. Imprint: IndraStra OpenAccess Publisher: IndraStra Global ISBN-13: 978-1980595816 ISBN-10: 198059581X Download Your Copy for Free: LINK 1: IndraStra Global Open Repository - IGOR: https://zenodo.org/record/1202390 LINK 2: Google Books: https://books.google.co.in/books/about/The_Age_of_Blockchain_A_Collection_of_Ar.html?id=6_NRDwAAQBAJ More from the IndraStra Global: Visit IndraStra.com: https://www.indrastra.com On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/IndraStra.Global/videos/ On Twitter: https://twitter.com/indrastra On Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/indrastra-global/
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JIO का चौंकाने वाला Business Plan | A Case Study in Hindi | By Dr. Vivek Bindra
In this Video, Dr. Vivek Bindra presents an unique case study on the rise of Reliance JIO and its ability to wash away all market competition and establish itself as the king of mobility business and nearly eliminate such competitions as Airtel, Vodafone, Idea etc. Reliance JIO's arrival in the market with 4G spectrum and its unlimited free offers have systematically destroyed all competitions and has established the JIO empire on its own. The introduction of brand new 4G technology and massive funding of JIO has left its competitors gasping for breath. Dr. Vivek Bindra, the best leadership trainer, business trainer beautifully narrates the story of JIO's outstanding success. small businesses, entrepreneurs, start ups etc can make the best use of this case study by learning different business models, theories, business strategies etc as explained in this case study. To Attend a 4 hour Power Packed “Extreme Motivation & Peak Performance” Seminar of BOUNCE BACK SERIES, Call at +919310144443 or Visit https://bouncebackseries.com/ To attend upcoming LEADERSHIP FUNNEL PROGRAM, Call at +919810544443 or Visit https://vivekbindra.com/upcoming-programs/leadership-funnel-by-vivek-bindra.php Watch the Leadership funnel Program Testimonial Video, here at https://youtu.be/xNUysc5b0uI Follow our Official Facebook Page at https://facebook.com/DailyMotivationByVivekBindra/ and get updates of recent happenings, events, seminars, blog articles and daily motivation.
The Zipf Mystery
The of and to. A in is I. That it, for you, was with on. As have ... but be they. RELATED LINKS AND SOURCES BELOW! http://www.twitter.com/tweetsauce http://www.instagram.com/electricpants WordCount.org http://www.wordcount.org/ How many days have you been alive? http://www.beatcanvas.com/daysalive.asp random letter generator: http://www.dave-reed.com/Nifty/randSeq.html Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows: https://www.youtube.com/user/obscuresorrows Word frequency resources: [lemmatized] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Most_common_words_in_English http://www.uow.edu.au/~dlee/corpora.htm http://www.wordfrequency.info http://www.anc.org/data/anc-second-release/frequency-data/ http://www.titania.bham.ac.uk/docs/ http://www.kilgarriff.co.uk/bnc-readme.html#raw https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Wiktionary:Frequency_lists http://ucrel.lancs.ac.uk/bncfreq/ [PDF] http://www.wordfrequency.info/files/entries.pdf [combined Wikipedia and Gutenberg] http://www.monlp.com/2012/04/16/calculating-word-and-n-gram-statistics-from-a-wikipedia-corpora/ http://corpus.byu.edu/coca/files/100k_samples.txt http://corpus.byu.edu/ http://corpus.leeds.ac.uk/list.html https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=ja1_AAAAQBAJ&dq=word+frequency+coca&lr= http://www.ling.helsinki.fi/kit/2009s/clt231/NLTK/book/ch01-LanguageProcessingAndPython.html Great Zipf's law papers: http://colala.bcs.rochester.edu/papers/piantadosi2014zipfs.pdf http://www.ling.upenn.edu/~ycharles/sign708.pdf http://arxiv.org/pdf/cond-mat/0412004.pdf http://www-personal.umich.edu/~mejn/courses/2006/cmplxsys899/powerlaws.pdf Zipf’s law articles and discussions: http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2002/04/seeing-around-corners/302471/ http://io9.com/the-mysterious-law-that-governs-the-size-of-your-city-1479244159?utm_expid=66866090-48.Ej9760cOTJCPS_Bq4mjoww.0 https://plus.maths.org/content/os/latestnews/may-aug08/food/index http://judson.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/05/19/math-and-the-city/?em https://plus.maths.org/content/mystery-zipf?src=aop http://www.datasciencecentral.com/profiles/blogs/why-zipf-s-law-explains-so-many-big-data-and-physics-phenomenons https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zipf%27s_law https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=f8GrzlnMSm8C&pg=PA62&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q&f=false http://arxiv.org/pdf/0802.4393v1.pdf http://www.pnas.org/content/108/9/3526.full http://lewisdartnell.com/language_page.htm http://wugology.com/zipfs-law/ other Zipf’s law PDFs http://ftp.iza.org/dp3928.pdf http://arxiv.org/pdf/1402.2965.pdf http://arxiv.org/pdf/1104.3199.pdf http://www.lel.ed.ac.uk/~jim/zipfjrh.pdf http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2834740/#pone.0009411-Mandelbrot1 http://polymer.bu.edu/hes/articles/pgs02a.pdf in untranslated language: http://arxiv.org/pdf/0808.2904.pdf http://pages.stern.nyu.edu/~xgabaix/papers/zipf.pdf http://www.hpl.hp.com/research/idl/papers/ranking/ranking.html http://statweb.stanford.edu/~owen/courses/306a/ZipfAndGutenberg.pdf http://arxiv.org/pdf/1310.0448v3.pdf http://www.kornai.com/Papers/glotto5.pdf Zipf’s law slides: http://www.slideshare.net/guest9fc47a/nlp-new-words Pareto Principle and related ‘laws’: http://www.squawkpoint.com/2013/03/pareto-principle/ http://billyshall.com/blog/post/paretos-principle https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pareto_principle Random typing and Zipf: http://www.longtail.com/the_long_tail/2006/09/is_zipfs_law_ju.html health 80/20: http://archive.ahrq.gov/research/findings/factsheets/costs/expriach/expriach1.html Principle of least effort: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Principle_of_least_effort https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Satisficing http://www.pnas.org/content/100/3/788.full.pdf [PDF] http://csiss.org/classics/content/99 self organized criticality: http://journal.frontiersin.org/article/10.3389/fnsys.2014.00166/full Hapax Legomenon: http://campus.albion.edu/english/2011/02/15/hapax-legomenon/ http://www.dailywritingtips.com/is-that-a-hapax-legomenon/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hapax_legomenon [PDF] http://www.aclweb.org/anthology/J10-4003 http://www.wired.com/2012/01/hapax-legomena-and-zipfs-law/ http://oed.hertford.ox.ac.uk/main/content/view/402/450/index.html#_ftn1 http://oed.hertford.ox.ac.uk/main/content/view/36/166/index.html Learning curve: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Learning_curve Forgetting curve: http://www.trainingindustry.com/wiki/entries/forgetting-curve.aspx https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forgetting_curve Experience curve effects: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Experience_curve_effects Forgetting and zipf's law: http://act-r.psy.cmu.edu/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/37JRA_LS_PS_1991.pdf http://public.psych.iastate.edu/shacarp/Wixted_Carpenter_2007.pdf http://marshalljonesjr.com/youll-remember-less-than-001-of-your-life/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forgetting https://www.reddit.com/r/Showerthoughts/comments/3gu9qk/it_only_takes_three_generations_for_you_to_be/ music from: http://www.youtube.com/jakechudnow http://www.audionetwork.com
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PSY - ‘I LUV IT’ M/V @ https://youtu.be/Xvjnoagk6GU PSY - ‘New Face’ M/V @https://youtu.be/OwJPPaEyqhI PSY - 8TH ALBUM '4X2=8' on iTunes @ https://smarturl.it/PSY_8thAlbum PSY - GANGNAM STYLE(강남스타일) on iTunes @ http://smarturl.it/PsyGangnam #PSY #싸이 #GANGNAMSTYLE #강남스타일 More about [email protected] http://www.psypark.com/ http://www.youtube.com/officialpsy http://www.facebook.com/officialpsy http://twitter.com/psy_oppa https://www.instagram.com/42psy42 http://iTunes.com/PSY http://sptfy.com/PSY http://weibo.com/psyoppa http://twitter.com/ygent_official
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What is Google's thinking about links from article marketing, widgets, etc?
What is Google's current thinking about getting links from article marketing, widgets, footers, themes, etc.? Matt Cutts, Mountain View Have a question? Ask it in our Webmaster Help Forum: http://groups.google.com/a/googleproductforums.com/forum/#!forum/webmasters Want your question to be answered on a video like this? Follow us on Twitter and look for an announcement when we take new questions: http://twitter.com/googlewmc More videos: http://www.youtube.com/GoogleWebmasterHelp Webmaster Central Blog: http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.com/ More resources for webmasters: http://www.google.com/webmasters
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A Facebook cryptocurrency? HA!
Sign up for Private Internet Access VPN at https://lmg.gg/piatechlinked GET MERCH: http://www.LTTStore.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/TechLinkedYT Instagram: http://instagram.com/TechLinkedYT Facebook: http://facebook.com/TechLinked NEWS SOURCES: WHAT’S YOUR CRYPTO-SIGN https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2019/06/facebook-launches-cryptocurrency-with-visa-mastercard-uber-and-others/ Lots of partners https://www.engadget.com/2019/06/18/libra-association-facebook-cryptocurrency/ Calibra wallet – not in India https://techcrunch.com/2019/06/19/calibra-india-launch-whatsapp-pay/ Politicians call for oversight https://www.cnet.com/news/us-lawmaker-wants-facebook-to-halt-its-libra-cryptocurrency-project/ https://www.theverge.com/2019/6/19/18691937/facebook-libra-crypto-currency-blockchain-senate-finance-committee-july-16 I’LL DO IT MYSELF https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2019/06/google-ninth-attempt-at-a-messaging-service-will-be-based-on-rcs/ https://www.theverge.com/2019/6/17/18681573/google-rcs-chat-android-texting-carriers-imessage-encryption https://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/3077528/google-rcs-rollout VAPE NATION UNDER ATTACK https://www.sfgate.com/news/medical/article/San-Francisco-weighs-1st-US-city-ban-on-14010921.php#photo-17702921 https://gizmodo.com/san-francisco-set-to-approve-first-of-its-kind-ban-on-e-1835635498 https://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ecigarette-ban-san-francisco-20190619-story.html QUICK BITS IT’S NOT GAMBLING IF YOU RE-BRAND https://www.pcgamesn.com/ea-loot-boxes SWITCH TO ANDROID https://www.kitguru.net/gaming/matthew-wilson/modder-shows-off-android-running-on-switch-with-nvidia-shield-features/ https://twitter.com/switchroot_org/status/1140278584638103554 HONEY, I SHRUNK THE SWITCH https://www.gamesradar.com/take-this-nintendo-switch-mini-leak-with-a-pinch-of-salt-but-look-at-its-little-face/ THEY STOLE THE MAGIC https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-06-18/secretive-magic-leap-says-ex-engineer-copied-headset-for-china OVERCLOCKING FOR THE 1% https://hexus.net/tech/news/cpu/131861-intel-one-click-performance-maximizer-app-now-available/
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Tech Talk 02/20/18 - Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Augmented Reality
Here are some articles related to to this weeks topics that we thought we interesting. https://parade.com/646319/alison-abbey/the-top-tech-you-cant-live-without-this-year/ https://www.toptechnews.com/article/index.php?story_id=1000034MXOG8 https://www.toptechnews.com/article/index.php?story_id=100007TBR2WC Subscribe to our YouTube Channel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoX1-FnYbyiWeLhnJsRzxTg https://www.toptechnews.com/article/index.php?story_id=1000034MXMIS eTop Technology, Inc. Website - http://www.etoptechnology.com/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/eTopTech Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/etoptechnology Google + - https://plus.google.com/b/11239737039... LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/company/etop-technology Phone - (951)398-0021
Trustpilot: Create a file with your customer's data using Google Sheets
Use Google Sheets to create a spreadsheet that contains your customers’ information. Upload it to Trustpilot and invite your customers to review your company. - Create a spreadsheet using Google Sheets - Download the spreadsheet as a .CSV file For more information, check out this article: https://support.trustpilot.com/hc/en-us/articles/201836973 Trustpilot Support is here to help you with all of your Trustpilot-related needs. Whether you’re a business user or a reviewer, experienced user or rookie, our Support Center has the answers to your burning questions, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, our friendly Support Team is available to help you between the hours of 09:00 and 24:00 CET. Browse our Support Center here: https://support.trustpilot.com Get in touch with our Support Team here: https://support.trustpilot.com/hc/requests/new? Visit our Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/Trustpilot/ Write a review here: https://www.trustpilot.com/Browse our Support Center here: https://support.trustpilot.com Get in touch with our Support Team here: https://support.trustpilot.com/hc/requests/new? Visit our Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/Trustpilot/ Write a review here: https://www.trustpilot.com/
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Media Trying To Start A Fight Between Sanders And Warren
The corporate media is doing a wonderful job of lying about Bernie Sanders, especially when it comes to his take on Elizabeth Warren. Sanders has always spoken highly of Warren, and vice versa, but the media wants to see these two rip each other apart and they have no problem spreading vicious lies to get the fight going. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains what’s happening.   Link – https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2019/06/bernie-sanders-elizabeth-warren-woman Become a member today!: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYWIEbibRcZav6xMLo9qWWw/join Support us by becoming a monthly patron on Patreon, and help keep progressive media alive!: https://www.patreon.com/TheRingofFire Spread the word! LIKE and SHARE this video or leave a comment to help direct attention to the stories that matter. And SUBSCRIBE to stay connected with Ring of Fire's video content! Support Ring of Fire by subscribing to our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/theringoffire Be sociable! Follow us on: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/RingofFireRadio Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/RingofFireRadio Google+: http://plus.google.com/118415831573195648557 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ringoffirenetwork/ Follow more of our stories at http://www.TROFIRE.com Subscribe to our podcast: http://www.ROFPodcast.com *This transcript was generated by a third-party transcription software company, so please excuse any typos. Towards the end of last week. An article for Vanity Fair came out written by Bess Levin, and Bess Levin titled the article as follows, or at least Vanity Fair did, Sanders: Warren Is Surging Because She's Got Ovaries." Now, everybody who saw this headline, myself included the first time before I clicked on it, assumed obviously that that is what Bernie Sanders said because that headline is written as a quote because it says Bernie Sanders COLON Warren Is Surging Because She's Got Ovaries. That's how you write something in a headline if you're quoting somebody. That is a misleading headline and that's not even close to what Bernie Sanders had to say. In fact, the article has his exact quote and what they're talking about as an appearance that Bernie Sanders made last Wednesday on CNN's Chris Cuomo show, and here's the exact quote because he was asked by Cuomo, "What do you think the reason is that Elizabeth Warren is catching up to you in the polls?" Do you believe that people see her as the more electable version of Bernie Sanders? And here is what Bernie Sanders responded with. "Well, I think we're running against a lot of problems. I think there are a certain number of people who would like to see a woman elected and I understand that. There are people who would like to see somebody who is younger and I understand that also. There are a lot of factors out there." Now maybe you have to replay that part that I just said or maybe you can just follow the link in the description to read it for yourself, but nowhere in there did I see him say, "Because she's got ovaries," but that's what the headline says. That's what that article was called, that this would have made it seem. It sound like he said that because she's got ovaries. She's winning. She's beating him now. And that's not even close to what's happening. But I'll tell you what is happening and we're seeing this not just in vanity fair, but another papers popping up all over the place. Websites, online stories, people on Twitter, they're trying to start this fight between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Why? Well, the prevailing theory is at the establishment types want to see these two progressive's rip each other apart and tear each other down so that a more centrist Democrat can emerge as the candidate. I think there's some merit to that theory, but mostly I think it's because there is still this deep seated hatred among the establishment types for Bernie Sanders. This is a disgusting and misleading headline, and maybe by the time you're watching this may be vanity fair has issued an apology and a retraction and corrected it. But as I sit here right now, they haven't. They haven't acknowledged that they screwed up and that they lied. And this is coming from a long time. Vanity Fair reader that always seems to love their articles. This is sloppy, this is gross, and this needs to be retracted. But what they're trying to do is even worse than a sloppy headline and a misquote. #rof #trofire #theringoffire #progressivenews
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That Time Coca Cola Released a New Product Just to Spite Pepsi...
First 50 people get $ 5 0 off their first two weeks of Blue Apron, here!: https://cook.ba/2qaOtBo Sponsored by Blue Apron If you happen to like our videos and have a few bucks to spare to support our efforts, check out our Patreon page where we've got a variety of perks for our Patrons, including Simon's voice on your GPS and the ever requested Simon Whistler whistling package: https://www.patreon.com/TodayIFoundOut →Some of our favorites: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLR0XuDegDqP10d4vrztQ0fVzNnTiQBEAA →Subscribe for new videos every day! https://www.youtube.com/user/TodayIFoundOut?sub_confirmation=1 Never run out of things to say at the water cooler with TodayIFoundOut! Brand new videos 7 days a week! More from TodayIFoundOut: Why Do We Say Costs Can be Footed By Someone? https://youtu.be/eEojr1EFP_M In this video: Few companies have a rivalry as fierce and longstanding as PepsiCo and Coca-Cola and in their never ending battle for soda market dominance each company has gone to some spectacular lengths to screw over the other. Arguably the most fiendishly genius move of all was one made by Coca-Cola in the early 1990s- a move that basically involved intentionally releasing a terrible product purely to try to screw over by association a similar product released by Pepsi. Want the text version?: http://www.todayifoundout.com/index.php/2018/10/that-time-coca-cola-released-a-new-soda-just-to-spite-pepsi/ Sources: http://www.kylemurray.com/papers/NDM-JCR14.pdf http://www.nytimes.com/1992/12/15/business/company-news-coke-adds-a-clear-cola-to-its-new-age-stable.html http://www.slate.com/articles/life/drink/2008/11/the_long_slow_torturous_death_of_zima.html http://uk.businessinsider.com/crystal-pepsi-creator-david-novak-its-failure-taught-important-lesson-2016-7 http://www.duetsblog.com/2010/09/articles/branding/when-holes-in-markets-cant-be-filled/ https://www.today.com/food/crystal-pepsi-coming-back-stores-t114089 https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=eVn83PvbX-IC&pg=PT92&lpg=PT92&dq=That+was+its+problem.+It+was+perceived+to+be+a+medicinal+drink.+Within+three+or+five+months,+Tab+Clear+was+dead.+And+so+was+Crystal+Pepsi&source=bl&ots=J0CmotMil8&sig=_5QRtbNNcr89bPpSG2G_9yaQJTo&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiE_YDR68fWAhVjJsAKHY2MDUgQ6AEIMzAC#v=onepage&q=That%20was%20its%20problem.%20It%20was%20perceived%20to%20be%20a%20medicinal%20drink.%20Within%20three%20or%20five%20months%2C%20Tab%20Clear%20was%20dead.%20And%20so%20was%20Crystal%20Pepsi&f=false https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=8O5gqbdnwDUC&pg=PT50&dq=crystal+pepsi+novak&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiO54Dm78fWAhXMCcAKHZSZDEsQ6AEILTAB#v=onepage&q=crystal%20pepsi%20novak&f=false https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crystal_Pepsi https://generalaviationnews.com/2012/12/13/aviation-fuel-problems-they-do-happen/ https://www.wsj.com/articles/crystal-pepsi-is-returning-to-store-shelves-1467226242 https://www.mashed.com/111261/crystal-pepsi-flop/
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Huawei / Honor Ban Facts & How it might affect you
US has placed a ban on Huawei & Honor Smartphones coz of the trade war that is going on between US & China I talk about the same what it means and how it affects you if you already own a Huawei or Honor phone and I also got direct statements form Huawei / Honor regarding the same and personally what I feel about this current situation. Topics breakup of this video 1:00 Intro & Why the Ban 1:55 What the Ban Means 2:45 Android & the Ban 3:20 Android AOSP 4:05 The ban starts Aug 19 4:35 The Irony about the Ban 5:25 Huawei New OS 7:00 Google sides with Huawei 8:35 Existing Honor / Huawei Smartphone 9:00 Huawei Statement 9:40 Honor Statement 10:30 My Take on this 11:45 After Aug 19 13:10 ios & Android Third OS 13:40 Will developers post app on Huawei Store? 14:45 Huawei Trade War scape Goat 15:40 My Personal Opinion on this External Links to the stories for more info https://www.cnbc.com/2019/05/15/trump-signs-executive-order-declaring-national-emergency-over-threats-against-us-technology.html https://www.cnbc.com/2019/06/11/huawei-operating-system-built-in-secret-for-7-years---report.html?recirc=taboolainternal https://www.pocket-lint.com/phones/news/huawei/148368-huawei-alternative-os-hongmeng-trademark https://www.cnet.com/news/huawei-is-reportedly-asking-app-developers-to-publish-on-its-appgallery/ https://www.theverge.com/2019/6/7/18656163/google-huawei-android-security-ban-claims https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-06-16/huawei-braces-for-a-steep-drop-in-overseas-smartphone-sales https://www.cnet.com/news/huawei-ban-full-timeline-on-how-and-why-its-phones-are-under-fire/ https://www.pocket-lint.com/phones/news/huawei/148102-what-does-huawei-s-google-ban-mean-for-your-huawei-or-honor-phone
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The Secret Society of the Illuminati
Is the Illuminati actually a real thing? Check out more awesome BuzzFeedBlue videos! http://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedblue1 MUSIC Desolate Motive And Opportunity Indulgence Anxious Nightshade Expectation Sonar Glitch Piano Slaper Mysterons Night Terrors Licensed via Audio Network SFX provided by Audioblocks.  (https://www.Audioblocks.com) Footage provided by VideoBlocks http://vblocks.co/x/BuzzFeedYouTube Made by BFMP www.buzzfeed.com/videoteam STILLS “David Icke, 7 June 2013 (1).jpg” by Tyler Merbler is licensed under CC BY 2.0 https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:David_Icke,_7_June_2013_(1).jpg Miami Beach 100 Centennial Concert Rodrigo Varela / Getty Images Pepsi Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show Ezra Shaw / Getty Images UK: The Prince’s Trust Urban Music Festival - Day One Jo Hale / Getty Images 2014 MTV Video Music Awards - Show Mark Davis / Getty Images 2014 MTV Movie Awards - Show Christopher Polk / Getty Images "Manus x Machina: Fashion In An Age Of Technology" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivals George Pimentel / WireImage / Getty Images 64th Annual Cannes Film Festival - 'Le Grand Journal' At Majestic Beach Marc Piasecki / Getty Images The 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Show Kevin Winter / WireImage / Getty Images 2013 American Music Awards - Show Michael Tran / Getty Images 2009 MTV Video Music Awards - Show Christopher Polk / Getty Images Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Campaigns in Las Vegas Justin Sullivan / Getty Images Los Angeles Lakers v New York Knicks Bruce Bennett / Getty Images US-Politics-Obama Nicholas Kamm / AFP / Getty Images The Queen And Prince Of Wales Visit The Prince’s Trust Centre Chris Jackson / WPA Pool / Getty Images GET MORE BUZZFEED: www.buzzfeed.com www.buzzfeed.com/video www.buzzfeed.com/videoteam www.youtube.com/buzzfeedvideo www.youtube.com/buzzfeedyellow www.youtube.com/buzzfeedblue www.youtube.com/buzzfeedviolet www.youtube.com/buzzfeed BUZZFEED BLUE Tasty short, fun, inspiring, funny, interesting videos from BuzzFeed. From incredible science facts to amazing how-to's and DIYs, BuzzFeed Blue will entertain, educate, spark conversation about all the little things that matter in life. Bite-size knowledge for a big world. Just like BuzzFeedVideo, but more blue.
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How BIG is TATA? (They Own Jaguar) | ColdFusion
Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/9FS8uF Become a Patreon!: https://www.patreon.com/ColdFusion_TV Hi, welcome to ColdFusion (formally known as ColdfusTion). Experience the cutting edge of the world around us in a fun relaxed atmosphere. //Soundtrack// ODESZA - Memories That You Call (PETIT BISCUIT Remix) Chicane - The Drive Home Caius - Things Gonna Be Okay Leon T. Pearl - You'll Be Fine Chicane - Saltwater Burn Water - Memory Echo - Sources - http://www.tata.com/htm/heritage/HeritageOption1.html http://www.synergos.org/globalgivingmatters/features/0503tatagroup.htm http://www.nytimes.com/2008/01/04/business/worldbusiness/04tata.html?sq=tata&st=cse&adxnnl=1&scp=7&adxnnlx=1238497443-4R16x3p9Aj5a8CErvf45bw&_r=0 http://inhome.rediff.com/money/2006/aug/24spec.htm http://www.tata.com/company/articlesinside/HCy!$$$!RNqd0vk=/TLYVr3YPkMU= http://inhome.rediff.com/money/2006/aug/24spec.htm http://www.worldsstrangest.com/mental-floss/tata-swach/ http://articles.economictimes.indiatimes.com/2015-07-29/news/64997221_1_cyrus-mistry-tata-sons-tata-group https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tata_Group » Google + | http://www.google.com/+coldfustion » Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/ColdFusionTV » Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ColdFusion_TV » My music | http://burnwater.bandcamp.com or » http://www.soundcloud.com/burnwater » https://www.patreon.com/ColdFusion_TV » Collection of music used in videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOrJJKW31OA Producer: Dagogo Altraide Editing website: www.cfnstudios.com Coldfusion Android Launcher: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=nqr.coldfustion.com&hl=en » Twitter | @ColdFusion_TV
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Google scraps controversial policy that gave free access to paywalled articles through search
Google scraps controversial policy that gave free access to paywalled articles through search. Google is ending its controversial First Click Free (FCF) policy that publishers loathed because it required them to allow Google search results access to news articles hidden behind a paywall. The company is replacing the decade-old FCF with Flexible Sampling, which allows publishers instead to decide how many (if any) articles they want to allow potential subscribers to access. Google says it’s also working on a suite of new tools to help publishers reach new audiences and grow revenue. Via FCF, users could access an article for free but would be prompted to log-in or subscribe if they clicked anywhere else on the page. Publishers were required to allow three free articles per day which Google indexed so that they appeared in searches for a particular topic or keyword. Opting out of the FCF feature was detrimental because it demoted a publisher’s ranking on Google Search and Google News. Google said articles from those publishers were demoted because its search engine didn’t index stories that were locked behind paywalls. https://youtu.be/1aS4cwpGU7A - Google scraps controversial policy that gave free access to paywalled articles through search Credit: Music by Bendsound http://www.bensound.com Backsound: NoCopyrightSounds https://youtu.be/ux8-EbW6DUI
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