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Java Source Code Analysis using SonarQube | Java Techie
This video explain you what is sonar and how to get start with sonar | example (code quality and code coverage ) GitHub: https://github.com/Java-Techie-jt/sonar-example Blogs: https://javagyanmantra.wixsite.com/website Facebook Group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/919464521471923 Like & Subscribe
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Static Code Analysis With FindBugs: Step By Step Tutorial
This video gives you a step by step guide on how to do static code analysis with FindBugs + Java + Maven. And how to apply it to your continuous integration pipeline with TeamCity. Static code analysis is one of the most commonly under estimated test automation method. However, it is really important to test automation engineers, developers and dev managers. Reference materials: 1. Software Testing Basics: https://youtu.be/XlaVJdUbNik Please also share, subscribe, like and comment. Thanks for your support! My youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYkMcW5ce5Mjks51_jJL3Lg
How to analyze code quality using SonarQube |  Easy tutorial
A video on how to analyze code quality using SonarQube tool. Dependencies required in pom.xml file: Maven links : https://mvnrepository.com/artifact/junit/junit/4.8.2 https://mvnrepository.com/artifact/org.codehaus.sonar/sonar-maven-plugin/3.2-RC2 ====================== Important playlists ====================== Data Structures https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWZQGstU9Qo&list=PLF5kUO89mjNoO70XyBfHnxgBAhV3EW_pZ Linux: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpUkDQ3hUV0&list=PLF5kUO89mjNqVhM7JHOsZbSNhNtADlQl7 SonarQube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHySaQfQrtw&list=PLF5kUO89mjNrJ5A9iuElDGYMJ2zwh1-J7 ====================== You can follow me on: ====================== Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/engineerhooon/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sunny-shaw/ Github: https://github.com/sunny-shaw Medium: https://medium.com/@sunnyshaw_12357 ============================================================= || Subscribe and hit the bell button to get latest content || =============================================================
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KotlinConf 2018 - Safe(r) Kotlin Code - Static Analysis Tools for Kotlin by Marvin Ramin
Recording brought to you by American Express https://americanexpress.io/kotlin-jobs When introducing Kotlin to a Java codebase one thing that is often missing from the picture are static analysis tools. Static Analysis suites can give an overview of a codebases health, point out potential issues to make the code safer and can help to keep the codebase in a uniform style. The Java ecosystem already has a broad selection of different static analysis tools each with a different focus. To cater for the different language features and concepts that Kotlin offers most Java focussed static analysis tools are not applicable to Kotlin code. This talk showcases static analysis tools written specifically to improve Kotlin code (and are mostly written in Kotlin themselves). Tools such as detekt, ktlint and Android Lint are introduced and explored for their use-cases and how they can complement each other. As Marvin is one of the maintainers of detekt he will also share in more detail how detekt works, what it aims to achieve and how the future roadmap looks like for detekt. About the Presenter: Marvin Ramin is a Software Engineer at Google where he is working on Android TV. Previously he was working on multiple Android applications focusing on making their codebases safer and easier to work with. Marvin is also contributing and collaborating on detekt, a Kotlin static analysis suite.
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PMD Tool Demonstration
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What Are Static Analysis Tools?
Static analysis tools help us write better code by locating, and sometimes fixing, errors for us. They can be used to enforce formatting and styling conventions, point out code smells, and analyze complexity without having to actually execute the program. In this video, you'll get a high level overview of what static analysis tools are, why they are useful, and learn of a few that you could start using in your Android projects. https://medium.com/@n8ebel/what-are-static-analysis-tools-48ccff8135d4 0:30 What Are Static Analysis Tools? ➡️ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_tools_for_static_code_analysis 1:07 Why Are They Useful? 1:30 Product Quality 2:04 Code Quality 2:50 Better Code Review 3:37 How Can You Use Them? 5:02 What's Available? 5:16 Android Lint ➡️ https://developer.android.com/studio/write/lint 5:30 ktlint ➡️ https://github.com/shyiko/ktlint 5:39 detekt ➡️ https://github.com/arturbosch/detekt 5:50 checkstyle ➡️ http://checkstyle.sourceforge.net/ Thoughts, questions, tips for using static analysis tools? Comment below or share on social media. I’d love to continue the conversation. Thanks for watching! #AndroidDev 🔔 Subscribe to My Channel ➡️https://www.youtube.com/c/NateEbel?sub_confirmation=1 🔔Subscribe to My Newsletter ➡️http://eepurl.com/dIJ9Nf 📺 More to Watch [Playlist] 2-Minute Tools & Tips Tuesday ➡️ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEPZdzLLJH95QC4kmERepQebBDRVift45 Follow Me Online twitter ➡️https://twitter.com/n8ebel medium ➡️https://medium.com/@n8ebel blog ➡️ https://n8ebel.com youtube ➡️https://www.youtube.com/c/NateEbel
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Optimize Java 8 Streams Refactoring Tool Demonstration
Streaming APIs are pervasive in mainstream Object-Oriented languages and platforms. For example, the Java 8 Stream API allows for functional-like, MapReduce-style operations in processing both finite, e.g., collections, and infinite data structures. However, using this API efficiently involves subtle considerations like determining when it is best for stream operations to run in parallel, when running operations in parallel can actually be less efficient, and when it is safe to run in parallel due to possible lambda expression side-effects. In this paper, we describe the engineering aspects of an open source automated refactoring tool called Optimize Streams that assists developers in writing optimal stream software in a semantics-preserving fashion. Based on a novel ordering and typestate analysis, the tool is implemented as a plug-in to the popular Eclipse IDE, using both the WALA and SAFE frameworks. The tool was evaluated on 11 Java projects consisting of ∼642 thousand lines of code, where we found that 36.31% of candidate streams we refactorable, and an average speedup of 1.55 on a performance suite was observed. We also describe experiences gained from integrating three very different static analysis frameworks to provide developers with an easy-to-use interface for optimizing their stream code to its full potential. This video demonstrates the tool on a motivating example. Some of the sequences have been shortened for presentational purposes.
OW2con'18 Spoon: open source library to analyze, rewrite, transform, transpile Java source code
Spoon is an open-source library to analyze, rewrite, transform, transpile Java source code. It parses source files to build a well-designed AST with powerful analysis and transformation API. It fully supports Java 8 and supports Java 9 modules. Spoon provides a complete and fine-grained Java metamodel where any program element (classes, methods, fields, statements, expressions...) can be accessed both for reading and modification. Spoon takes as input source code and produces transformed source code ready to be compiled. Spoon can be integrated in Maven and Gradle. (Simon Urli, INRIA)
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DIY Java Static Analysis Presenting the internals of SonarJava : a static analyzer for Java written…
DIY Java Static Analysis Presenting the internals of SonarJava : a static analyzer for Java written in Java by Nicolas Peru At: FOSDEM 2018 Room: UD2.119 Scheduled start: 2018-02-04 16:45:00+01
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How Can I Enforce the SEI CERT C Coding Standard Using Static Analysis?
In this webcast, David Svoboda and Arthur Hicken cover how to best configure static analysis tools to conform to the SEI CERT C Coding Standard to minimize the noise and effort required to achieve compliance.
Static Analysis and Source Code Manipulation in TypeScript
David Sherret, Synaptive Medical TSConf 2018
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04 Static Javascript Analysis using BurpSuite
Read security news and penetration testing tutorial, please visit my website: https://securityonline.info Help me to buy a coffee cup: https://www.paypal.me/ddos9x Disclaimer: All information and software available on this site are for educational purposes only. Use these at your own discretion, the site owners cannot be held responsible for any damages caused. The views expressed on this site are our own and do not necessarily reflect those of our employers. If you don't know how to attack, you will not know how to defense.
Analyze java project with SonarQube
Sử dụng sonar-scanner để analyze 1 java project
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JavaParser: where should we head? How to generate, transform, analyze, refactor Java code
by Federico Tomassetti At: FOSDEM 2018 Room: UD2.119 Scheduled start: 2018-02-04 15:55:00+01
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Static Analysis for Java | Parasoft Jtest
Static code analysis is an integral part of the Java development process. It allows organizations to find and fix bugs at their source. Parasoft Jtest makes it simple for organizations to use and manage static analysis where it is needed. Either inside the IDE or on the build and continuous integration servers. To learn more about Parasoft Jtest, visit https://www.parasoft.com/products/jtest
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Static Code Analysis
[Obika Gellineau] This session will give an overview of Static Code Analysis, its impact on the SDLC, its benefits and problems, the various automated tools used, and a demonstration of the code analysis of a Javascript web application using Sonarqube. Hosted By Natalie O'Brien Presentation : https://www.slideshare.net/ObikaGellineau/static-code-analysis-102679528
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Codebase Research with Louis Wasserman and Kevin Bourrillion
What if you could run any static analysis over 300,000,000 lines of working Java code, and get the answers in 15 minutes? What questions would you ask? What insights could you gain from the results? For many years we have used this type of deep analysis of Google's massive internal Java codebase as part of our design process for the APIs of our core libraries, including Guava. In this talk, we'll discuss our data-driven approach, and explore the lessons we’ve learned by applying these techniques to recent work on enhancing the Java language. We may even take a few requests for interesting analyses you would like us to run.
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Upgrade your coding Skills via Static Code Analysis - Klocwork
Klocwork is a niche Static Code Analysis tool which is capable of finding critical security vulnerabilities, checking on reliability issues of the software and checking on whether a particular coding standard like MISRA, DO-178C, CWE, DISA STIG, CERT, OWASP on C, C++, Java and C# codes.
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Static Analysis Tools for Android
Static analysis tools can help you write clean, safer code. They help enforce common styles & conventions across your team and improve the code review process. In this video, you'll learn about a number of static analysis tools available for Android projects. Thoughts, questions, tips on static analysis tools for Android? Comment below or share on social media. I’d love to continue the conversation. Thanks for watching! #AndroidDev 🔔 Subscribe to My Channel ➡️https://www.youtube.com/c/NateEbel?sub_confirmation=1 🔔Subscribe to My Newsletter ➡️http://eepurl.com/dIJ9Nf 📺 More to Watch [Playlist] Android Studio Tips ➡️ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEPZdzLLJH942emXsehOlzgbVQPwxDs-0 Follow Me Online twitter ➡️https://twitter.com/n8ebel medium ➡️https://medium.com/@n8ebel blog ➡️ https://n8ebel.com youtube ➡️https://www.youtube.com/c/NateEbel
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Integrate SonarQube with Jenkins for Simple Java Project | SonarQube code analysis for Jenkins
This video helps you to create integrate Sonarqube with Jenkins Setps to follow : https://github.com/ValaxyTech/DevOpsDemos/blob/master/SonarQube/Sonar_Integration_with_Jenkins.MD =-=-=-=-= Our Popular Playlists =-=-=-=-= Valaxy DevOps Project Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8D46Pgbz0gg&list=PLxzKY3wu0_FJdJd3IKdiM4Om1hGo2Hsdt Valaxy Serverless Automation Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Og8gOx-J46I&list=PLxzKY3wu0_FKok5gI1v4g4S-g-PLaW9YD Valaxy Real-Life Scenarios Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIILLMi4w1A&list=PLxzKY3wu0_FLyzxPid-eKPojeb92xsjL4 Valaxy Bite Sized Learning Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1crf8U01m8&list=PLxzKY3wu0_FLaF9Xzpyd9p4zRCikkD9lE Valaxy AWS Security Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4DdqAkeqD4&list=PLxzKY3wu0_FL4VDfuCohtikXTQNTvKQVX =-=-=-=-= Our Popular Playlists =-=-=-=-= #Valaxy #AWS #SonarQube #Jenkins
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IIS Webinar: Source Code Review by Kavita Ghaitadke
Like | Share | Subscribe | Comment Agenda: 1) What is Source Code Review? 2) Pre-requisites before taking up the task of Source Code Review. 3) Web Vulnerabilities that occur due to weak code. 4) How to perform Source Code Review 5) Conclusion
Static-Analysis Tools: Now you’re Playing with Power! (Philippe Arteau)
Static-Analysis Tools: Now you’re Playing with Power! You are performing penetration testing on Web applications. Do you systematically perform code reviews when you have source code access? Code review is an exercise that can prove to be an important ally. However, code review can be difficult. Thousands or even millions of lines of code will be targeted. How to prioritize and perform an effective assessment? With tools and automation of course! In this presentation, an overview of the static analysis tools will be made. The presentation of a basic methodology will also be presented. Demonstrations with FindSecBugs (Java/JVM), Brakeman (Ruby) and Bandit (Python) tools are to be expected. Biography Philippe is a security researcher working for GoSecure. His research is focused on Web application security. His past work experience includes pentesting, secure code review and software development. He is the author of the widely-used Java static analysis tool Find Security Bugs. He created a static analysis tool for .NET called Roslyn Security Guard. He built many plugins for Burp and ZAP proxy tools: Retire.js, Reissue Request Scripter, CSP Auditor and a few others. Instructor in application security, he also presented at several conferences including Black Hat Arsenal, ATLSecCon, NorthSec, Hackfest, Confoo and JavaOne.
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Tutorial of static analysis tool in NetBean Editor.
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Infer: Static Analysis at Scale (ICST2018)
ICST2018 keynote "Infer: Static Analysis at Scale" by Dulma Churchill. Infer is a static analysis tool being developed at Facebook. It helps developers find issues in their code early, at code review time. It finds issues such as Null Dereferences, Memory Leaks, and many more, in a range of languages such as Java, C, C++ and Objective-C. In this talk we will cover how Infer is deployed at Facebook and the challenges to handle the scale of Facebook’s code, as well as the differences between static analysis and testing. We will also cover the basics of Infer’s architecture, and the range of checkers it consists of. Originally it was based on separation logic. Now, additionally, there are various other checkers based on abstract interpretation such as buffer overflow and lock consistency checkers. Dulma Churchill is a Software Engineer at Facebook, London. She has been developing Infer for over five years and worked on many areas of the tool: frontend, backend, build system integrations, etc. Before, she did her PhD at the University of Munich in resource analysis for Java using type systems. Production and live streaming by Damir Bilić, Eduard Enoiu, Leo Hatvani, Simon Ydhag, Stefan Löfgren.
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Python 101: Episode #32 - Static Code Analysis
In this episode, we learn how we can use PyLine and PyFlakes to check our code for issues. You can read the chapter this video is based on here: http://python101.pythonlibrary.org/chapter32_pylint.html or buy the book here - https://leanpub.com/python_101
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What is Static Code Analysis?
If you want to learn "how to write Defect Free Code", we invite you to join our FREE TRAINING that's happens weekly via Webinar SIGN UP Link - https://my.demio.com/ref/SfLETFSMpq1U8nxr Explore who we are - www.meteonic.com Klocwork is a static code analysis tool used to identify security, safety and reliability issues in , C++, Java and C# code. Klocwork will help you to verify MISRA, Autosar, CERT, CWE, DISA-STIG, OWASP standards along with your internal coding guidelines. The product includes numerous desktop plug-ins for developers, metrics and reporting. For free Demo, register @ https://www.meteonic.com/demo.php For support queries, send a mail to [email protected]
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Automate Code Quality Course: 05 Using SonarQube to Automate Static Analysis
This section provides a brief overview of SonarQube and SonarCloud for performing and automating static code analysis.
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Binary Search in Java by Deepak (Hindi)
visit my website to get all the java tutorials links (Chapter Wise) : http://smartprogramming.in ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contact to have all-in-one Java training with me. Contact No : +91 62838-30308 (Whats App Also Available) Email ID : [email protected] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #ArraysInJava #BinarySearch #SearchingAlgorithm #java #hindi #deepak #JavaTutorials #DeepakPanwar #OnlineTraining #OnlineClasses What is binary search, Algorithms: Binary Search, Binary Search Algorithm with Example in Hindi, English, Chapter 34 Binary Search in Data Structure Hindi, C PROGRAMMING - BINARY SEARCH, Chapter 33 Linear Search in Data Structure Hindi, Binary search, Binary Search (Sorted Array) - O(log n) [ Best EXPLAINATION Algorithm], Binary Search Algorithm - White Board Animation Based Explanation,Java Code, 110. Create Binary Search Tree (Hindi), Binary Search Tree in (Hindi, English) with Example, Linear Search- HINDI- || DATA STRUCTURES, Chapter 23 Insert an element in Binary Search Tree Hindi, Chapter 21 Binary Search Tree Hindi, Find the position of an Array Element using Binary Search | Java Programming, Binary Search in 5 min simple java program, Binary Search algorithm in Java, Algorithms: Binary Search, Binary Search, How to search for an element in array in java ? Searching Arrays in Java - Linear Search and Binary Search | Complete Tutorial, Java Binary Search Tree, Binary Search 5: The Code, Java Binary Search Algorithm, Program with Recursion Tutorial, Data structures: Binary Search Tree, Binary Search - Iterative Implementation and common errors
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Automate Code Quality Course: 01.2 Why Measure Code Quality
An overview for why you should measure and automate your code quality using static code analysis tools like Find Bugs, Check Style, and Sonar Lint / SonarQube / SonarCloud. Primarily focused on static analysis tools for Java developers.
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SideCI - Automated Code Review for GitHub
SideCI is an automated code review service for GitHub. Get your pull requests checked by static program analysis tools. Ruby, Python, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, Java, Go and Swift support. https://sideci.com/
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Webinar: How to contribute Apex rules to PMD with Robert Sösemann
More than a year ago I contributed an Apex language module to the famous static code analyzer PMD, a Java open source tool which exists for over 15 year. Many Salesforce-related tool providers now have native PMD support. So it't time for the community to not only use PMD but also contribute new or improve existing rules. This video aims to convince Salesforce developers that creating and publishing rules is no rocket science. This spontaneous webmeeting was not well prepared but it gives a good overview of what is needed to get started. From idea to Pull Request.
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SonarQube | Code Review Tool | Code Quality Software (IN HINDI)
SonarQube | Code Review Tools | Code Quality Software Hello Everyone, This is one of the best tools so far i used for code quality and code review. Please watch this video and share you feedback. Thank you, Study Automation
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Better living through incrementality: Immediate static analysis feedback without loss of precision
Presented at SPLASH-I 2018 Static analyses are best known for detecting errors at compile time and thus helping developers to write correct code. That’s an honorable quest and not for nothing static analysis is sometimes referred to as lightweight verification. But static analysis has a second quest of equal importance: to aid program understanding. Development tools such as IDEs use information computed by static analyses to explain the program to the developer, to provide exploration functionality, to guide developers, and to provide sophisticated edit actions. IDEs must provide all these features without interrupting the workflow of the developer. In particular, IDEs must react quickly to code changes. That is, the underlying static analyses need to be incremental. We present IncA, a language-independent framework for incremental static analysis that does not compromise on precision. IncA provides a DSL for the definition of static analyses and incrementalizes them automatically. We explain how the IncA compiler translates analysis specifications into Datalog-style rules and how the IncA runtime solves these rules incrementally. We particularly discuss how IncA incrementalizes fixpoint computations, which are ubiquitous in data-flow analysis. IncA has been used to incrementalize control flow and points-to analysis for C, string analysis and strong points-to analysis for Java, and type analysis for Rust. However, one of our main application areas are DSLs: DSL adoption requires competitive tooling, yet it does not pay off to invest years of engineering to build and maintain incremental analyses.
Eclipse Code Coverage With ECL Emma
This video demonstrates how one can use code coverage to aid in improving whitebox testing. In specific, branch coverage will be looked at using the ECL Emma tool.
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Mockingbird: A Framework for Enabling Targeted Dynamic Analysis of Java Programs
In this video we present the Mockingbird framework that combines static and dynamic analyses to yield an efficient and scalable approach to analyze large Java software. The framework is an innovative integration of existing static and dynamic analysis tools and a newly developed component called the Object Mocker that enables the integration. The static analyzers are used to extract potentially vulnerable parts from large software. Targeted dynamic analysis is used to analyze just the potentially vulnerable parts to check whether the vulnerability can actually be exploited. We present a case study to illustrate the use of the framework to analyze complex software vulnerabilities. The case study is based on a challenge application from the DARPA Space/Time Analysis for Cybersecurity (STAC) program. Interestingly, the challenge program had been hardened and was thought not to be vulnerable. Yet, using the framework we could discover an unintentional vulnerability that can be exploited for a denial of service attack. Project Page: https://knowledgecentricsoftwarelab.com/Mockingbird
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Install and Use Findbugs for Java as an IntelliJ IDEA Plugin 2018
FindBugs for java can scan your source and point out errors or possible issues that you might have missed. It can help you improve your Java Coding because you have to investigate and decide if this is a problem or not. Very often you learn some nuance about Java that can improve your programming. If you find issues that you don't care about you can change the configuration to avoid them being reported. http://andrepdo.github.io/findbugs-idea/ The application I ran findbugs against https://github.com/eviltester/thingifier --- You can support my YouTube Channel via Patreon and gain access to many exclusive Patreon videos at https://patreon.com/eviltester --- Read my blog: http://blog.eviltester.com --- Find my online books and training at: - https://compendiumdev.co.uk - http://eviltester.com - http://seleniumsimplified.com - http://javafortesters.com
DrupalCon Nashville 2018: Static Analysis for your Drupal modules with CI
Do you read your code before running to make sure it would work? Do you see if that variable was initialised, or if you included a return statement? Do you also see if the code follows Drupal coding standard? If you answered yes to any of the above, you are statically analysing your code in your head. But your brain doesn’t scale, nor are you capable of checking hundreds of lines of code with every commit. Use your brain for better things and leave static analysis to tools designed for that purpose. You might have used PAReview for your Drupal modules to verify that your code is clean and follows coding standards. It is easy to forget to run it before each commit. Do yourself and the poor soul who has to review your merge request a favour and automate! In this session, you will learn: What is static analysis? More about PAReview Why can’t you use PAReview in a CI environment? Tools like phpcs, phpmd, phpstan, stylelint, eslint, etc… Integrating these tools with gitlab with a Docker image designed for this purpose
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Babelfish: a universal code parser for source code analysis
by Francesc Campoy At: FOSDEM 2018 Room: UD2.119 Scheduled start: 2018-02-04 12:40:00+01
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Ep. 3: Dynamic Code Analysis – Cloakware Cate
In this episode, Cloakware Cate demonstrates hacking a program using dynamic analysis. In episode 1 (static analysis - https://youtu.be/asyxwKOkSrw) we saw that a hacker can learn a lot about a program by inspecting the compiled code offline. However static analysis isn’t the best way to reveal how a program responds to live data such as user inputs, network traffic, or other external events. This episode shows how a hacker can use dynamic analysis tools and live data to subvert a program, and also discusses some techniques a software developer could use to make dynamic analysis much harder.
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SonarQube Installation and analysis of Java and C++ project using sonar scanner
SonarQube 6.7.2 Installation and analysis of Java and C++ project using sonar scanner 3.1 on windows sonarqube download link: https://www.sonarqube.org/downloads/ sonar-scanner download link: https://docs.sonarqube.org/display/SCAN/Analyzing+with+SonarQube+Scanner sonar CPP plugin download: https://github.com/SonarOpenCommunity/sonar-cxx/releases You can download theProperties files from here: C++ Property File: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10-ArUYC7ErfhO-CFcHbgURzaqoBEI2wI/view?usp=sharing You can make change in this property file for any project. You can include coverage report in this property file as well.
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2018 LLVM Developers’ Meeting:  A. Dergachev “Faster, Stronger C++ Analysis with the Clang Static..”
http://llvm.org/devmtg/2018-10/ — Faster, Stronger C++ Analysis with the Clang Static Analyzer - Artem Dergachev Slides: — Over the last year we’ve made the Clang Static Analyzer faster and improved its C++ support. In this talk, we will describe how we have sped up the analyzer by changing the order in which it explores programs to bias it towards covering code that hasn’t been explored yet. In contrast with the previous exploration strategy, which was based on depth-first search, this coverage-guided approach gives shorter, more understandable bug reports and can find up to 20% more bugs on typical code bases. We will also explain how we’ve reduced C++ false positives by providing infrastructure in Clang’s control-flow graph to help the analyzer understand the myriad of ways in which C++ objects can be constructed, destructed, and have their lifetime extended. This infrastructure will also make it easier for the analyzer to support C++ as the language continues to evolve. — Videos Filmed & Edited by Bash Films: http://www.BashFilms.com
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11 - Jenkins Pipeline Publish code to SonarQube for analysis
Demo to configure sonarqube server details in Jenkins and publish source via pipeline script For online/classroom trainings & project support please contact Java Home Cloud Banglore +919886611117
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073: PHP Static Analysis
For full details visit: https://www.phproundtable.com/episode/using-static-analyzers-to-improve-our-php-codebases Static analysis is a fancy word to describe a tool that looks at our code and gives us helpful hints on how to improve it. We'll be discussing what static analyzers do, which tools the PHP community has access to, and how we can incorporate the tools into our daily development flow with Ondřej Mirtes, Craig Duncan, Vladimir Reznichenko, and Damien Seguy.
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Fortify Security Assistant in the Eclipse IDE (2018)
Install, set up and use Security Assistant from Fortify--for Eclipse IDE In this Micro Focus (formerly HPE Security) Fortify Unplugged webinar, Jimmy Rabon, the Fortify Product Manager, walks you through using Security Assistant in the Eclipse IDE. LEARN MORE about Micro Focus Fortify Static Code Analyzer (SCA): https://software.microfocus.com/en-us/software/sca
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Automate Code Quality Course: 01.1 Course Introduction
Introduction to Dev Playbook's course for automating code quality using static analysis tools like Find Bugs, Check Style, and Sonar Lint / SonarQube / SonarCloud. Primarily focused on static analysis tools for Java developers.
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How to DEBUG Java code in Eclipse
This video tutorial provides step by step instructions about how to DEBUG Java code using Eclipse Tool.
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Infer A static analyzer for catching bugs before you ship
by Jules Villard At: FOSDEM 2017 Static analyzers are automated tools that spot bugs in source code by scanningprograms without running them. They complement traditional dynamic testing:Where testing allows individual runs through a piece of software to be checkedfor correctness, static analysis allows multiple and sometimes even all flowsto be checked at once. Infer is an open-source static analyzer that is usedinternally at Facebook to analyze the main apps for Android and iOS, FacebookMessenger, and WhatsApp, among others. Infer reports bugs responsible for appcrashes and performance issues, such as accessing null pointers, and leakingresources such as Context instances. Each month, hundreds of potential bugs identified by Infer are fixed by ourdevelopers before they are committed to our codebases and deployed to people'sphones. This talk will present Infer and show how it can be integrated as part of thedevelopment workflow. Room: H.2213 Scheduled start: 2017-02-05 13:30:00
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Static Analysis for C and C++ | Parasoft C/C++test
Static analysis helps developers remove bugs at their source, but the whole process can be extremely difficult to manage. Parasoft C/C++test makes it easy to prioritize and manage your static analysis findings, so you can get the most value from this critical testing practice. To learn more about Parasoft C/C++test, visit https://www.parasoft.com/products/ctest
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