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Suzuki GSX750F - 1999, 22.022 KM
VERKOCHT!!!!!!!!! Suzuki GSX750F - 1999, 21.600 KM. Hierbij bood ik mijn Suzuki GSX750F uit 1999 aan. Ik heb er één jaar met heel veel plezier en zorgeloos op gereden. De reden dat ik deze verkoop is omdat ik graag een ander type motor wil gaan rijden. Zie ook het filmpje voor meer informatie. Bouwjaar: 1999 Tellerstand: 21.600 (loopt op want wordt nog steeds bereden) Staat: Zeer goede staat en nieuwe banden (2500km), Michelin Pilot Road 2 Bijzonderheden: * Bos Sportuitlaat * Krassen op rechterbodypaneel omdat motor van standaard gevallen is
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New Suzuki SV650 testride and official info
I'm searching for another bike, more upright and naked. Did some research and the Suzuki SV650 seems a great one. Did a testdrive today and must say it was a lot of fun. Still not sure if I'm going to buy a new bike or a used one. Only some footage of the bike in intro because I didn't bring the cam soi shot that with my phone. Added some Official Suzuki SV650 stuff at the end.
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DROPPED MY BIKE !! @%#$*&%
All the action is in the 1st minute off video. ALL SWEARING and SPEACH are in DUTCH only this time!! After I came home from a nice ride I put the bike on center stand to lubricate the chain. After I wanted to push the bike from the center stand but I kept the side stand out. That landed on my feet and pushed the bike over. It happend so quickly that I didn't have a change. Luckely my neighbour (also drives a bike) saw it and helped me pick it up. ;(( Live is full of lessons.
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Easy time-lapse with Raspberry Pi + Cam
How to easily and fast setup a time-lapse project with your Raspberry Pi + (Pi) Cam. In the video I explain what I did and I give some tips. I use a Raspberry Pi 3 and a Picam V1.3. With a basic Raspian Jessie Light install you can make it work. Adding ImageMagick will also give you some extra editing options like adding text and some conversion Magick. On my webpage you can read the easy steps and download the scripts. https://goo.gl/hKqERM Be sure to check-out the video for some more instruction and explanation. Hope you appreciate it. Good luck and show me your time-lapse projects. Would love to here from you all.
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Moron alert !!! (Including some Dutch swearing $%^&*)
Moron alert !!! Luckily I paid attention Moron at 01:44
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Sony Action Cam HDR-AS200 Mounted On My Helmet | TESTRUN
Slowly I'm getting there. Sony Action Cam HDR-AS200 attached with 3m Dual Lock on my helmet. Steady shot on (120° vision i.o. 170° vision) and external mic hooked up. The external mic needs to be better placed. Also the image is a little bit to light I guess. And the 3M locks the camera securly but it wobbles a little, so maybe try attach the pieces under a little angle. I'll keep on experimenting and watching related video's. But I enjoy the journey. Everything looks much smoother, slower and less exiting than on the bike. Seems taht video can't express the real experience. At 11:12 BUG ATTACK At 19:00 TUNNEL ;) At 24:50 AVB TEST At 26:36 HIGHSPEED CAMERA ATTACHMENT CHECK At 32:40 3M DUAL LOCK TEST + Face Reveal (Yes I know, need to loose weight) For the rest just the ride and some drivel. COMING UP: Next ride will be without steady shot -170° vision. (maybe some stabilization editing in postproduction)
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Aborted ride Aprilia Shiver 2008 | Dashboard errors ;(
Just bought the Aprilia Shiver yesterday and tonight I wanted to make a nice long trip on this warm and lovely night. But the speed- and gearindicator went out and later I got some warninglights. Very upset. Tried the servicemenu and more, but problem stayed. Hopefully I (or a mecanic) can fix it soon. Any suggestions?
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Goodbye Gina, Welcome Kristina | Suzuki GSX 750 F
In this video I introduce my new bike with a nice evening ride. In the video I explain why I bought the new bike (Suzuki GSX 750 F - 1999) and why the Aprilia had to go. Around 31:00 I practice some emergency breaks. Second time I lock the front wheel but I manage well. New experience ;) Sorry again for poor sound quality. Still recorded with old cam without external mic. I have a new cam and external mic, will use that one soon. And I see my English is a little sloppy. I can do better.
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Dual boot, Always boot Windows as default. Linux Fedora/Redhat
For the time being I have a Dual Boot machine with Windows 10 and Fedora. I want my machine to ALWAYS boot Windows as default. And when I want it I can select Fedora during boot. #ALWAYS BOOT PREFERRED OS in Dual Boot (Fedora / CentOS / Redhat The /boot/grub2/grubenv file cannot be manually edited. Use the following command instead: # 3 is the line from bootmenu. First line = 0 $ sudo grub2-set-default 3 #Check entry $ sudo grub2-editenv list See video for example and more detailed info. Let me know if it helped you. This is for a standard install where you have not edited bootloader options.
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Goodbye Kristina (Suzuki GSX750F), Welcome GiGi (Aprilia Shiver)
The official introduction of my new bike, a Aprilia Shiver from 2008.
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Aprilia Shiver dashboard introduction | MrMarcie Motovlog
I got the bike and it was set to Miles. Through factory settings you can change this but you need the code. In next video I will explain how to do this. In this short intro I show you the Odometer menu, there are 2 odometers so you can store 2 settings. When displayed (1 or 2) and you long push the menuknob the settings will reset to 0. Pushing the knob on the left handlebar (above blinkers) to right/left you scroll through the menu. In here you see: Total KM/Miles that the motor has run (can't reset this ;)) TRIP: Distance driven since last reset. TIME: Time driven since last reset. MAX: Maximun speed you reached since last reset (reset this quickly when stopped by Police ;)) AVG: Your avarege speed since last reset. AVG Fuel: Avarage full consumption since last reset Fuel: current full consumption (only active while driving) MENU: The menu options, I'll explain later
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Testdrive Aprilia Shiver 750SL 2007 2012
Op zoek naar een nieuwe fiets kwam ik deze Shiver tegen. Erg mooi, in 2012 op kenteken gezet. Maar bleek een 2007 !! model zonder de mappings e.d.
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Oil change (Full Version) | Aprilia Shiver SL 750
My first oil change ever. It was much much easier than expected. Already drove over 60 Miles with it. Runs perfectly and smooth gear changes. ******************************************************** This is the unedited raw version. Took me around 40 minutes including distractions.
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Toyota Corolla Liftback (Linea Terra) 2001 stuck tacho
How can I fix this ?
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LG 34UM95C 21:9 Ultrawide QHD monitor | Unpacking and setup
WARNING: BORING VIDEO ! I just wanted to show my awesome brand new LG 34UM95C 21:9 Ultrawide QHD monitor. It seems a nice idea to show the unpacking and setup. Are you doing it the same way? And are you as excited as me? ;) Soon I'll post a review. This monitor is great for editing video also, so maybe I'll be back with more. You'v been warned! SPECS: * UWQHD * 34 inch flat ips panel * 3440x1440 pixels * 60 hertz * Build and image quality: Awesome I'll post a review in the future. I was very busy with projects so I already have the LG 34UM95C 21:9 Ultrawide QHD monitor for a month. I already can tell you it's really good. Next week I start riding again ;), weather is becoming nice again finally!!
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Introduction of my Aprilia Shiver 2008 | MrMarcie Motovlog
Finally my bike has arrived. I try to forget the anger and long wait. Doesn't mather anymore, I can drive now. Just a short introduction video of my Aprilia Shiver 2008. Complete first drive will follow soon when I can upload longer videos when my channel is verified (I accidently mention certified in video ;) ). Sorry for the bad English, to excited right now. feel like a little boy again. Drive safely and enjoy your trips. Your welcome to respond and/or give your opinion on what I do. I'm here to learn and enjoy.
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Inaugural ride Aprilia Shiver | Unedited
Just my first inaugural ride. As a document for myself to look back on in a year or so. Very easy and slow ride because the bike has still issues and I have get to build trust with her. Just a calm summer afternoon ride.
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3M Dual Lock helmet mount CAM | Testing setup
Just documenting my steps as motovlogger! Anybody that uses 3M Dual Lock? How do you get the cam to be positioned exactly horizontal? Still figuring this out, hopefully in 2 days I can show it on the bike. The (see opening shot) big stripe is pointing way to low so I attached a second strip just a minute ago. Testing if the short one is positioned well and strong enough next time when I'm on the bike.
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Starten na 3 maanden stilstaan en 1 week aan de druppellader
Geluid is niet helemaal in sync
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TYPICAL DUTCH: Farmland, dike, sluice, windmill and much more | TESTRUN II
Sony Action Cam HDR-AS200 attached with 3m Dual Lock on my helmet. Steady shot off (170° vision i.o. 120° vision) and external motovlog microphone more forward. Need a better place. CAM did well but battery died after 75 minutes. Should last over 2 hours... Grrrrr At 02:42 Police everywhere At 04:15 Old Dutch At 05:50 Circus At 07:45 The dike At 09:19 Almost dropped the bike At 21:13 Sluice At 23:55 Windmill At 26:32 More dike At 35:01 Almost ran over lady runner At 35:57 Bad driver Still need to find a better mic, this one is o.k. if placed well but to bulgy.
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Gembird Full HD Action Camera | ACAM-002
Soon I want to start motovlogging when I have a bike. Bought a Gembird Full HD Action Camera | ACAM-002. Very simple and cheap. But a good way to start and experience. Made a mistake with settings so I only have the last 10 minutes on film (oeps). Next time will be better, and hopefully on a bike. So this is only a testvideo, probably the most boring video around ;). And I see I should clean my window.
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Assetto Corsa First drive on new PC | 3440x1440
Just build a new PC for work but also some fun and gaming. AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Wraith Boxed Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon RX 580 8GD5 G.Skill Ripjaws V F4-3200C14D-16GVK LG 34UM95C Silver - 3440x1440 Game plays so much nicer now. Just to show the performance, still need to practice. See how I do in some months. Any idea if average 90FPS is any good? Plays very well so I assume it's ok.
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Conky  a free, light-weight system monitor
Conky is a free, light-weight system monitor for X, that displays any kind of information on your desktop. Conky is free software and runs in X on Linux and BSD. Originally a fork of Torsmo, Conky's torsmo-based code is BSD licensed. New code in Conky has been licensed under the GPL 3.0. MORE INFO: https://github.com/brndnmtthws/conky FONTAWESOME $ sudo dnf install fontawesome-fonts https://fontawesome.com/ MYSCRIPT: conky.config = { use_spacer = 'left', pad_percents = 3, background = false, double_buffer = true, font = 'DejaVu Sans Mono:size=10', use_xft = true, alignment = 'tr', gap_x = 13, gap_y = 40, own_window_argb_visual = true, own_window_argb_value = 0, own_window_type = 'normal', own_window_hints = 'undecorated,below,skip_taskbar,skip_pager,sticky', own_window = true, update_interval = 2.0, } conky.text = [[ ${color orange}Hostname: ${color}${nodename} ${color orange}Kernel: ${color}${sysname} ${kernel} on ${machine} ${color orange}Uptime: ${color}${uptime} ${exec /usr/lib/update-notifier/apt-check --human-readable}${hr} ${color gold}${voffset 10}${font FontAwesome}${font} R2200G${color} ${freq_g} GHz / ${color ABC069}${cpu}% ${color}${cpubar } ${color}${cpu cpu1}% ${cpu cpu2}% ${cpu cpu3}% ${cpu cpu4}% ${color}${cpubar cpu1 8,100} ${cpubar cpu2 8,100}${alignr}${cpubar cpu3 8,100} ${cpubar cpu4 8,100} ${cpugraph} ${color gold}${voffset 15}${font FontAwesome}${font}${memperc}% ${color}${mem} ${memmax}${alignr} ${color orange}Swap: ${color}${swapperc}% ${color}${swap} / ${swapmax} ${membar 4,220}${alignr} ${swapbar 4,220} ${color silver}${memgraph} ${hr} ${color orange}Name PID %CPU %MEM ${color lightgrey}${top name 1} ${top pid 1} ${top cpu 1} ${top mem 1} ${color lightgrey}${top name 2} ${top pid 2} ${top cpu 2} ${top mem 2}${alignr}${color gold}${font FontAwesome} ${font}${color}${downspeed enp37s0}${font} ${color lightgrey}${top name 3} ${top pid 3} ${top cpu 3} ${top mem 3} ${color lightgrey}${top name 4} ${top pid 4} ${top cpu 4} ${top mem 4}${alignr}${color gold}${font FontAwesome} ${font}${color}${upspeed enp37s0}${font} ${color lightgrey}${top name 5} ${top pid 5} ${top cpu 5} ${top mem 5} ${hr} ${color orange}Load average: ${color}${loadavg} ${alignr}${color orange}Processes: ${color}${processes} ${color orange}Running:${color} ${running_processes} ${hr} ${color orange}/ ${color}${fs_used /} ${color}/ ${color gold}${fs_size /} ${color}| ${color green}${fs_free /} ${color silver}${fs_bar 6 /} ${color orange}~ ${color}${fs_used /home/mrmarcie/} / ${color gold}${fs_size /home/mrmarcie/} ${color}| ${color green}${fs_free /home/mrmarcie/} ${color silver}${fs_bar 6 /home/mrmarcie/} ROMMELDISK ${color gold}${fs_size /run/media/mrmarcie/disk2/} ${color}| ${color green}${fs_free /run/media/mrmarcie/disk2/} ${color silver}${fs_bar 6 /run/media/mrmarcie/disk2/} GIGI ${color gold}${fs_size /run/media/mrmarcie/disk3/} ${color}| ${color green}${fs_free /run/media/mrmarcie/disk3/} ${color silver}${fs_bar 6 /run/media/mrmarcie/disk3/} FAYE ${color gold}${fs_size /run/media/mrmarcie/disk4/} ${color}| ${color green}${fs_free /run/media/mrmarcie/disk4/} ${color silver}${fs_bar 6 /run/media/mrmarcie/disk4/} GINA ▼ ${color gold}${fs_size /run/media/mrmarcie/disk5/} ${color}| ${color green}${fs_free /run/media/mrmarcie/disk5/} ${color silver}${fs_bar 6 /run/media/mrmarcie/disk5/} MrMarcie ${color gold}${fs_size /run/media/mrmarcie/disk6/} ${color}| ${color green}${fs_free /run/media/mrmarcie/disk6/} ${color silver}${fs_bar 6 /run/media/mrmarcie/disk6/} ${hr} ${color gold}${font FontAwesome} ${font}${color}${execi 3600 curl ifconfig.me |tail} ${alignr}${color gold}${font FontAwesome} ${font}${color}${user_names} ${color gold}${font FontAwesome} ${font}${color}${user_times} ]]
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Michael Schumacher Assetto Corsa Nordschleife |  First Drive  | 3440x1440
So I like this game so much in my new setop (PC) and plays so well and realistic that I bought the all additional packs for Assetto Corsa. The F1 car of Michael Schumacher is so good, had to try it on the ring. Still need practice and need to get used to this car. Frame rates are around 90FPS AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Wraith Boxed Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon RX 580 8GD5 G.Skill Ripjaws V F4-3200C14D-16GVK LG 34UM95C Silver - 3440x1440
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One of the (last) drives for 2015 | MrMarcie Motovlog
Probably one off the last drives for 2015, because winter is coming. Luckely last days are the warmest november days in 100+ years so enjoy. Shot with old cam (new position in breast pocket jacket), so sound and video is not the best. 01:24 Birds 01:32 Friendly waves 01:40 Slippery roundabouts 02:18 Irritated by driver 02:49 Slipping and sliding 03:06 Slippery roundabouts again 03:19 Sunday drivers 04:06 Illegal pass 04:31 Vroaaam 05:19 More diehards 05:43 Oeps, saw that to late 06:33 No indicators, what's new 07:26 Let's see what Kristina does at higher speeds. Touched 180 ;) Very stable. 08:15 Thanks for giving me space 08:56 Lot's of sunday drivers, how to pass? 09:19 GREEN! 09:32 Let's do that again 10:05 Let's cruise home 10:48 Getting some compliments from a neighbour, always nice ;) Music: http://www.bensound
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Practicing emergency stops and small turns | MrMarcie Motovlog
Because I'm a new rider and just got my bike without abs I need to practice this. Getting used to my Aprilia Shiver. Stopping from around 70KMH in around 22 meters. And the backtyre feels like its coming loose from the ground ;).
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New bike reveal | MrMarcie Motovlog
Just a short and quick video to show you my new bike. Just brought her home. I hope I enjoy her a long time. With the new bike I bought a Sony HDR-AS200V action Cam to really start motovlogging soon.
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In the process of buying a new bike ....
Almost driving for 2 years now. My thoughts and I'm looking for a new bike. I can buy a bike with some light sliding damage (repaired). Should I buy it or look for another one?
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My first race ;)
I just wanted a short ride with cam mounted backwards to see the effect. Than I met this guy. I didn't realise he wanted to race so was already in 2nd gear. And I didn't wanted to push the bike to the limit. Those Beamers with diesel accelerate fast. Took me by surprise.
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First testride with helmet cam (Sony HDS-AS200V) | RAW
Tonight I tested the new helmet cam setup with a short testdrive. The 3M Dual Lock, the position and the cam: Sony HDR-AS200VR. Still need to find a way to get the cam perfectly horizontal. Also waiting for my new microSD card so I can shoot in best resolution. Current card is to slow for that. Still without external mic. First drive I used the Waterproof Case in case the camera would come loose. I talk about some stuff, get a few tailgators and show you quickly Slot Zeist (Finished in 1686), https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zeist. Still with my very old tyres, very slippery. Colder and was semi wet. Next week I'll get brand new tyres ;)
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Gina is gone | Aprilia Shiver 750 SL
Gina is picked up this evening. Got the safeguarding? papers so I'm not reasponsable anymore. It was short but I had a lot off fun!
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Winter is finally over | Happy. First ride of the year
So good to ride GiGi again after all those months.
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Brand new tyres and 18.000 service
No time today to drive ;(. Only from garage to home. But already feel the difference. Shifting is smooth now and finding N also. And I'v got brand new Michelin Pilot Road 2 tyres. What a difference from the 15 (F) and 11 (B) year old Metzlers that where on the bike.
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Aprilia Shiver top speed: 300 KM/H (186 MPH)
According to my onboard computer I have had a Vmax of 300 KM/H (186 MPH). I assume it's my failing Speed Sensor, can't remember I drove this fast today ;)
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rFactor test recording with OBS Software
Today I did a lot of testruns to see what the most optimized settings where for 21:9 aspect ratio recordings. It's not razor sharp but will do. For a Full HD example see my other 1920x1080 video (Dutch): https://youtu.be/bHgrYCPFyt8 OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) Software: https://obsproject.com/ rFactor 2: http://www.rfactor.net/ MY HARDWARE: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Intel Core i5 4570 @ 3.20GHz 16,0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 799MHz (9-9-9-24) MSI B85-G41 PC Mate(MS-7850) LG ULTRAWIDE ([email protected]) 2048MB ATI AMD Radeon R9 200 Series (MSI) SSD Harddrives OBS SETTINGS: Scene Source: Game Capture Settings (standard + some changes): OUTPUT Output Encoder preset: faster Recording quality: Indistinguishable Quality VIDEO Base canvas: 3440x1440 Output resolution: 1720x720 VIDEO EDITOR: Hitfilm Express (Awesome): https://hitfilm.com/
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Opening of the 2016 season | MrMarcie Motovlog
Finally, a bit late I also open the riding season. Started carefully. Doing some practice and get used to riding again after 4 months winterstop. It was awesome.
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Watching back last nights videomaterial I realised I ran a redlight. It thought it was better to give some gas than to do an emergency break. But apearantly it went red faster then I thought (or should be). ;( Today (10-01-2015) I received my ticket. Apearantly the cam also is a speed cam. Because I accelerated to avoid the red ligt -because I was to close to break- I didn't receive a redlight ticket but a speeding ticket ;(.
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Goodby Kristina | Suzuki GSX 750F
Sold my bike, the Suzuki GSX 750F today
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PREVIEW "My new Bike" | MrMarcie Motovlog
Picked her up today on this very hot day.
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Gina is back (after almost 2 weeks) | MrMarcie Motovlog
Gina (Aprilia Shiver SL 750 - 2008) is back so I have to start all over again learning to ride. I put these long video's for me to see my progress after a year or so. I will soon try to start real vlogging ;). Working on ideas, and still saving for a great cam. Maybe Sena Prism. Happy that I finally got the bike. Had here for 22 hours when she quite because of alarm problems. The alarm is removed and she has new oil and filter.
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Oogachaka Baby, Dancing baby | MrMarcie Motovlog
And Now for Something Completely Different. This is how the viral video's where before YT and the beginning of internet. Dates from 1996. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dancing_baby
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Caught by the Police with surprising end | MrMarcie Motovlog
I have to say goodbye to Gina, I'll wanted to explain in the video but I see I forget, so more about that next video. And I was also caught by the police, luckely I was using the cam. And it had a very suprising end.
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Always wear earplugs | MrMarcie Motovlog
Today I went to Alpine for making a mold for my custom fit earplugs. Hopefully they will do well for me. When you don't have custom fit earplugs always use a general one. F.e. from here (Oordopjes NL): http://goo.gl/pb1fC1
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Donald J Trump websites, p***ygrabbing and more
So I checked the website of Donald J Trump. Must be some hackers doing funny things. https://www.site24x7.com/find-ip-address-of-web-site.html http://www.tcpiputils.com/browse/ip-address/
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Aprilia Shiver first drive | MrMarcie Motovlog
My first ride (May 21th), just for me to compare in a year or so what the difference is ;). Probably very boring but anyhow nice as reference. Including crashsite on highway, waving to motocopper, brake practice, trying different ride modes and more. ********************************************* Motorbike is not working now because of alarm problems, video is from 21th. Needed to be verified to post long videos. Just did that today. Ride save & enjoy.
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New 2017 Aprilia Shiver with 900CC, 95HP engine and ABS
The 2017 Aprilia Shiver bump to 900cc and better electronics. On the EICMA Motorcycle Show in Milan Aprilia will introduce their new Aprilia Shiver 2017. The Aprilia Shiver will be upgraded to 900CC. They achieve this by combining the bore of the 750cc (92mm) with the stroke of the 1200CC Dorsoduro engine (67.4mm). Aprilia claims this new, larger engine produces 95.2HP at 8760RPM and 88Nm of torque at 6500RPM. The frame, geometry and setup will be simulair to the old 750cc. Also the Aprilia Shiver 2017 will get an updated 41mm Kayaba fork and an updated electronics package with variable riding modes, traction control and ABS. https://mrmarcie.com/motovlog-videos/40-2017-aprilia-shiver-900cc-95hp-abs
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Scary carwash Ford Ka | MrMarcie Motovlog
Need to clean the car to make it ready to sell. Carwash makes very scary sounds in the beginning ;) *************************************** Even de Ford Ka verkoop klaar maken in de carwash. Die erg spannende geluiden maakt in het begin ;)
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