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Admin Settings to Open Classroom to Outside your Domain
Google announced a while back that Classroom is now open to 'anyone.' This is a GREAT feature but can be a stumbling block if you have prepared to invite people to your Classroom from their domain and the Admin Settings are not set up to allow that. Google made it possible. Now your GSuite for Education Domain Admin needs to modify the settings so that it works! :)
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Addons Google Sheets: Mapping Sheets
Quick how to for Add on Mapping sheets
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3.1 Autosum in Google Spreadsheet
Autosum in Google Spreadsheet...
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1.1 Default Mail Handler in Chrome
When you click on a email link on the web and you want Gmail to open it go ahead and configure Google Chrome to make Gmail your default mail handler.
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Site Maestro ~ Automating Google Sites for Portfolios & More
Use SiteMaestro to create sites FOR students or teachers from a template, auto shared with you, named what YOU want them named and accessible through a single spreadsheet! WOW!
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Google Exam Account Registration HELP!!!
Some say the hardest part of becoming a Google Certified Educator is setting up the testing account. This is also a waste of valuable 'training' time so if you need to se up your account and want help, use this video. Part 2 gives an overview on accessing and taking your exam!
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Creating Hangouts On Air Event Directly in YouTube
To broadcast Hangouts on Air, just access through YouTube Live Streaming. As of 9/13/16 you won't have any other option so learn now!
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Restricting Delivering within a Domain by OU
If you have many different types of groups in your Google Apps Domain, simply create OU's and restrict delivery for one specific group this way.
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2.4 Google Forms New Create Checkbox Question
This is perfect for 'check all that apply' allow a respondent to select more than one answer or NONE!
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Creating Repeating Events Google Calendar
Events that repeat daily, weekly, every other week and more. Learn here.
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Sharing a Public Google Calendar via 'Other Calendars', Web Link, or Emed in a Site
There are a variety of ways to share a public Google Calendar ~ such as an event calendar, class_course calendar or homework calendar for your class or organization. Here is a quick tutorial on how to do this by sharing the calendar address (so one could add it to 'Other Calendars), providing a web link, or embedding on a Site.
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Creating a Multi All Day Event in Google Calendar
For events that have no start and stop time for 1 to several days.
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6.5 Site Width
Manage the width of your google site by % of screen or specific px. Learn how.
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3.3 Google Forms 2013 Test Drive your Form
Before posting a survey be sure to test drive your form!
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6.3 Protecting Cells and Sheets
Protect Cell Ranges and Sheets when collaborating with others in Sheets.
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Create a Class & Assignment in Google Classroom on your Android Device
You can use Googel Classroom with phones and tablets. Here is a quick tutorial on how to set up your classroom and push out an assignment on the fly!
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1_02  AppInventor Designer Interface
Take a look at the Designer Interfact in AppInventor
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New Google Slides Features: AddOns & Explore
My FAVORITE new features from Google Slides! The Add On's are amazing! Icons by Noun project and Unsplash photos are invaluable resource. This makes up for the loss of image selections using the explore tool which now limits the search to only free to use. The EXPLORE tool combined with Unsplash and Icons by Noun is a game changer. Please show students how to use these tools. They will really appreciate it.
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Cropping in Google Draw and Inserting a Drawing in Google Docs
How to crop an image for Google Docs
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Auto Import Grades from From to Google Classroom Gradebook
Another update with Forms & Classroom. The autograded quizzes you create now have the option to import the grades into classroom. SWEET! :)
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2.7 Google Forms 2013 Create text and paragraph question
Create text question for simply response - 1-3 words and paragraph for longer responses.
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Screencast with Snagit & Instantly Publish to You Tube
No Downloads Required. Free Screencasting in the Cloud.
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EasyBib Addon For Google Docs
Learn how to create a MLA or APA Works Cited page in a moment with only the URL's of your sources.
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Gmail Signature Lesson for Students
Students can learn/practice communication via email. In this quick video geared to students, they will create a signature and send an email to their teacher. If the teacher creates a filter for 'signature' to skip the inbox and go to the label then it is easy to read/assess and archive.
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4.2 Google Forms 2013 Collect Responses via the Web
You can embed a form on a web site with html web code and also share via Google Plus, Twitter, and Facebook
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Google Drive Convert Upload Setting
In order for your files to convert to Google Docs format on upload you have to check the box in your settings. Watch this or share this with others who need to know how!
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Share a Draw Template Using Google Classroom
How to share a Google Drraw template using Google Classroom.
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Google Drive  Set up Offline Access
Google Drive continues to make advances in offline access. This video shows you how to set it up but more editing availability may be present at the time you watch this video.
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New Google Slides Feature: Insert Diagrams
Cool new feature from Google the Insert Diagrams. Great for teachers and student!
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Create a Draw (Google Draw) Template to Share with Students
Need to know how to create a simple 'draw.' Here is a quick video creating a very simple template for younger students (parts of a plant)
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Using IFTTT to Trigger Alerts From Google Announcements
Using IFTTE REcipes you can trigger an alert from RSS to almost anything! ;)
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Invite Others  to Your Google Calendar Event
Invite Others and Manage your RSVP's in Google Calendar
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5.1 Google Forms 2013 View Summary of Responses
You can view graphical data collected automatically by going to your Summary of Responses which updates on each form submission.
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2.5 Google Forms New Create a Grid Question
If you want repondents to rate many different categories, the grid question type is what you should use.
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Using Appointment Slots
Appointment slots are SUPER USEFUL and part of your free GSuite Education account. Learn how to create them and how to share so people can sign up for appt time with you! :)
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5.2 Google Forms 2013 Notification on Form Submit
If you want an alert when someone submits a response, you can set up a daily digest or email right away on form submit!
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6.2 Notification Rules in Google Spreadsheet
Google Spreadsheet has a great feature that allows you to set notification rules - on the entire sheet changes, specific cell range changes, or specific sheets. Learn how to set up your notification rules.
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Removing Underline from Links using Internal CSS Rule in Komposer
Using Komposer and want to remove the underline from your links? Here's how.
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7.2 Download Google Sheet
You can download Google sheet as many different files formats, you can also email as an attachment directly from the file menu as well. Learn how.
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