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23 Signs You're Being Taken For Granted
1. Your Partner Never Says Thank You. 2. Your Partner Never Asks Your Advice. 3. When you call or text your partner, they don’t call you back even if several hours pass by and you know they’re not that busy. 4. They just don’t have time for you. 5. Your good nature is being used and abused. 6. Your Partner Never Asks Your Opinion. 7. They don’t fear losing you. 8. One rule for them – another for you 9. Your Partner Doesn't Do Their Fare Share. 10. Mistakes: They just don’t admit their mistakes even when they’re wrong. 11. Your presence is ignored. 12. Your Partner Doesn't Do Special Occasions. 13. Your Partner Doesn't Make Much Of An Effort To Be Romantic. 14. You’re not their priority. 15. They never initiate contact. 16. Your Partner Is Unfaithful 17. Your sacrifices don’t count. 18. You are often blamed. 19. Your Partner Doesn't Ask About Your Day 20. You Partner Doesn't Consider Your Feelings. 21. Your Partner Comes & Goes As They Please. 22. You know you deserve to be treated better. 23. They expect more all the time.
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22 Signs Of Good Husband
1. He communicates with you. 2. He loves your good qualities. 3. He prioritizes family. 4. He keeps working to win your heart 5. He loves to spend time with you. 6. He is there for you when you need him, even if it’s inconvenient for him. 7. He’s trustworthy. 8. He asks for your advice 9. He makes you smile and laugh. 10. Common beliefs and values 11. He avoids pornography 12. He is willing to teach you what he knows. 13. He’s at a solid place in his life. 14. He’s non-judgmental. 15. He eats your cooking (even if it's awful) 16. He acknowledges his mistakes. 17. He protects and cares for you. 18. He makes you want to be a better person 19. You have the same idea of romance 20. Does your hobbies with you. 21. Loves kids. 22. Compromises for you.
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24 Tips For Anchoring An Event
1. Gratitude is always the best place to begin. 2. Always start off with a Smile. 3. Dress appropriately, look good. 4. Being prepared is an act of love. And intelligence. 5. Connect with the audience. 6. A power start: It’s a good idea to start your opening speech with powerful, influencing words.  7. Know who you’re talking to.  8. Tell a personal story. 9. Words should be clear and distinct. 10. Never, ever admit to fatigue.  11. Take jibes on yourself rather than others. 12. Be very particular about your body language and expressions. Too much movement of your hands while speaking, or constantly shifting to and fro your position is to be avoided.  13. Stay in the lead as long as you’re on stage. 14. Go amid the audience: Yes! That would be an excellent way not only to connect with the audience but also you will make a mark for yourself.  15. Presence of mind: The anchor will need to cover up for the time lag and instantly come up with ideas to keep the audience engaged. 16. Believe that people are rooting for you. No one likes to see someone bomb. They really do want you to win.  17. Be short but effective. 18. Uniform eye contact: The anchor is the master of the stage. When you speak, you’re addressing each and everyone present before you. Do not look only into a particular direction, or towards a few selected people.  19. Take help of a person for proper coordination. 20. Innovation is welcome! Instead of a regular, typical flow of events, a twist in the tale never fails to win hearts.  Raps have taken centre stage at many events recently! You could even break into a song or dance, mimic a celebrity, the list is endless! 21. Always write up some backup lines in case there is someone new or uninvited. 22. Working with co-anchors: If you’re hosting with a partner, it is important to work together and agree on a script. 23. Stick to your guns in case of any Slip up or Fumble. 24. All’s well that ends well: A great show needs a great ending. As a traditional concluding speech, you thank the dignitaries first, and then the audience and wish them a pleasant day.
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14 Difference Between Business Development and Sales
1. Business development refers to activities designed to expand your organization's reach into a new market. 2. Sales is responsible for selling a specific product or service, with a clear price and value, to an identifiable individual customer. 3. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: The objective is not revenue generation, but finding the right product-market fit. 4. The role of sales is to sell a product directly to the end consumer, whereas, when it comes to business development, its role is to sell the product through a partner in a scalable way. 5. Being a sales professional means being a numbers guy and selling your soul to metrics and percentages. Business development professionals rely on a curated network of personal relationships that usually buy a specific product category that they lean on for their entire career. 6. Nature: SALES Transactional BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Relational 7. Function: SALES Selling product BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Selling solutions 8. The focus of "bizdev" is on new and atypical, interactions with external partners - who are not customers or sales prospects.  9. Sales staff in a company tends to grow rapidly with time. But business development teams are relatively smaller and prefer to maintain a small size. 10. Time horizon: SALES: Short term BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: Long term 11. sales is a function where the end result is cash.  In business development, the end result is a new channel for sales to occur in. 12. Associated with: SALES: Execution of plan BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: Devising, focusing and assessing of a plan 13. Business development is about convincing another company to partner with you or do something that they don't have to do but that is likely mutually beneficial. 14. Seek for SALES: Distribution of goods and services BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: Business expansion
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24 Signs Of A Selfish Person
1. A selfish person is excessively friendly and will go out of their way to be nice to you, though only at the beginning of the relationship. 2. THEY ALWAYS ASK FOR FAVORS. 3. They make you come to them. 4. They Think They Deserve Special Treatment. 5. You never see their weak side.  6. They always squirm out of helping you when you need their help. 7. THEY USE OTHERS. 8. They don't try and fix things that bother you. 9.  Shady Plans 10. Selfish people also have a hard time accepting being wrong. 11. You can sense a selfish person’s fakeness when they talk to others. 12. THEY TRY TO CONFUSE YOU. 13. They make plans on their schedule without giving any thought to yours. 14. You Never Meet His Friends. 15. They will never commit to something or someone unless they are getting some sort of benefit from it. 16. They use others all the time. 17. They are the masters of excuses. 18. To Him, You’re Boring. 19. They don’t take anything too seriously and seem carefree.  20. If you meet someone who’s a kissass who’s always eager to please you with compliments or fake smiles, stay away from them. 21. They take and take and take until there's nothing left for you to give them. 22. He Covers His “Black Hole” Personality. 23. They are great manipulators, unable to consider the implications of their own actions and how they may affect others.  24. Total control freak. Doing things their way is the only way.
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10 Difference Between Centrifugal Pump And Reciprocating Pump
1. Centrifugal pumps: The discharge is continuous and smooth. Reciprocating Pumps: The discharging is fluctuating and pulsating. 2. Centrifugal pumps: It can handle large quantity of liquid. Reciprocating Pumps: It handles small quantity of liquid. 3. Centrifugal pumps: It is used for low viscous fluid. Reciprocating Pumps: It is used for high viscous fluid. 4. Centrifugal pumps: Efficiency of these pumps are low compare to reciprocating pump. Reciprocating Pumps: Efficiency is high. 5. Centrifugal pumps: It is less costly. Reciprocating Pumps: These are costly. 6. Centrifugal pumps: They are lighter than reciprocating pumps. Reciprocating Pumps: These are heavier compare to centrifugal pump. 7. Centrifugal pumps: These pumps required less maintenance. Reciprocating Pumps: These required higher maintenance. 8. Centrifugal pumps: It is mostly used for domestic purpose and where higher discharge at low head required. Reciprocating Pumps: These are mostly used in industries and high viscous fluid pumped at a high head.  9. Centrifugal pump have problem of priming. Reciprocating Pumps does not have any problem of priming. 10. Centrifugal pumps: It gives higher discharge at low heads. Reciprocating Pumps: These gives higher heads at low discharge.
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9 Difference Between Mechanical And Automobile Engineering
1. Mechanical Engineering is the Father branch of Automobile Engineering. 2. Mechanical engineering is a division of Engineering that deals with the mechanics of physics and science to analyze, manufacture and design mechanical systems. 3. Automotive Engineering specifically deals with the construction and design of automobiles. 4. Mech Engg is an open field where u can get jobs in a number of sectors whereas Automobile Engg will fetch u jobs only in that sector. 5. In mechamical engineering you will learn every mechanical object or machines out there in the world.  In Automobile engineering you will learn Automobile IC engines, Vehicle Dynamics, Vehicle kinematics, etc. 6. Sub-branches: Mechanical Engineering: Power Plant Engineering Marine Engineering Aerospace Engineering Automobile Engineering: Construction and lightweight construction Automotive production Vehicle drives and acoustics 7. You can get your job more easily with degree of Mechanical engineer than Automobile engineer.  8. In mechanical engineering you can not specialise in one field but in automobile engineering, you specialise in the automobile sector.  9. Aims: Mechanical Engineering: Develop a project specification. To develop, test and evaluate theoretical designs. Automobile Engineering: To measure the fuel economy and emissions. To understand vehicle dynamics. New prototypes are designed by keeping these issues in mind.
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5 Difference Between Knowledge and Wisdom
1. Knowledge is the accumulation of facts and data that you have learned about or experienced. 2. Wisdom is the ability to discern or judge what is true, right, or lasting. 3. Knowledge is gained through learning facts.  Wisdom comes from observing experiences and learning from them in a way that affects future decisions and behavior. 4. Knowledge is measuring that a desert path is 12.4 miles long. Wisdom is packing enough water for the hike. 5. Knowledge Allows for change in response to new information or analyses. Seeks to always improve. Wisdom is timeless. Wisdom is "Who we are" vs. "What we do" Wisdom governs choice, pursuit of knowledge, communication and relationships.
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14 Difference Between Leadership and Management
1. The main difference between leaders and managers is that leaders have people follow them while managers have people who work for them. 2. The manager administers; the leader innovates. 3. Leaders create a vision, managers create goals. 4. The manager is a copy; the leader is an original. 5. Leaders are change agents, managers maintain the status quo. 6. The manager focuses on systems and structure; the leader focuses on people. 7. Leaders take risks, managers control risk . 8. The manager relies on control; the leader inspires trust. 9. Leaders are in it for the long haul, managers think short-term. 10. The manager asks how and when; the leader asks what and why. 11. Leaders create fans, managers have employees. 12. The manager is the classic good soldier; the leader is his or her own person. 13. Leaders build relationships, managers build systems and processes. 14. The manager does things right; the leader does the right thing.
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6 Difference Between Fiscal Policy And Monetary Policy
1. Monetary policy involves changing the interest rate and influencing the money supply. 2. Fiscal policy involves the government changing tax rates and levels of government spending to influence aggregate demand in the economy. 3. Administered by Fiscal policy: Ministry of Finance Monetary policy: Central Bank 4. Focuses on Fiscal policy: Economic Growth Monetary policy: Economic Stability 5. Political influence Fiscal policy: Yes Monetary policy: No 6. Monetary policy is quicker to implement. Interest rates can be set every month. A decision to increase government spending may take time to decide where to spend the money.
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15 Difference Between Supervisor and Manager
1. SUPERVISOR: The person who oversees the employees and regulates them to perform the work assigned to them is known as supervisor. 2. Manager: Takes charge of the resources and coordinates with other departments. 3. Manager: Evaluating work effectiveness Supervisor: Training new employees 4. Managers often have more control over spending money and decision-making.  5. Most job descriptions for actual front-line supervisors may emphasize years of experience over education. Manager job descriptions frequently list bachelor or higher-level degrees or significant experience. 6. Level of Management: Supervisor: Lower Level Management Manager: Middle Level Management 7. Who They Report To: Supervisor: Reports to the manager for the team’s performance Manager: Reports to the Board of Directors for the department’s performance 8. Supervisor: Overseeing operational logistics Manager: Directing operational logistics 9. True supervisors are much more process- and activity-oriented than the managers for whom they work.  10. Task: Supervisor: To supervise people at work. Manager: To manage 5 M's of the organization, i.e. men, money, material, method and machinery. 11. Approach: Supervisor: Internal: deals only with the workers and their tasks Manager: Internal-External: deals with the department and also with other key departments 12. Supervisor: Monitoring expenses and supplies Manager: Managing expenses and resources 13. A manager's job description will require an ability to plan, direct and coordinate the operations of a business, division, department or operating unit. 14. Right to hire, fire and promote: Supervisor: No, but he has the authority of recommendation. Manager: Yes 15. Salary: Supervisor: Higher than the regular employees; lower than the manager Manager: Higher than the supervisor and regular employees
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16 Difference Between Cotton And Linen
1. Cotton comes from cotton plants, and linen comes from flax plants. 2. Of the two, linen is the stronger. It is considered to be two to three times stronger than cotton. 3. Cotton textiles tend to be lower priced. 4. Thread Count:   Average pure linen fabric will have a thread count of between 80-180.  Because cotton yarn is finer, cotton fabric only starts at about 200. 5. Cotton can be quite soft and silky straight out its packaging, whereas linen tends to be stiffer. 6. Linen is actually a lot more durable than cotton. 7. Pure linen will keep the body cool in summer and warm in winter.  8. Cotton will absorb more than 25% its weight in water. Linen can gain up to 20% moisture before it will first begin to feel damp. 9. While cotton is flammable, linen takes a long time to ignite. 10. Linen is ideal for those who prefer a more textured look and feel. Cotton has a more polished look, and its one-dimensional texture allows it to maintain a lightness that linen doesn’t have.  11. Pure linen is cool to touch and is thicker than cotton.  12. With cotton, each individual fibre is much shorter than linen.  13. Linen wrinkles easier than cotton. 14. linen typically gets softer with each wash. 15. Cotton transfers heat away from the body but not as efficiently as pure linen and is best used in average temperatures. 16. The linen canvas is less prone to decay.
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How To Install PDF995 to Windows PC?
1.Open http://www.pdf995.com/download.html 2.Download first two file as shown in video. 3.Extract file. 4.Install it.
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20 Advantages And Disadvantages Biogas
Advantages: 1. Biogas is Eco-Friendly 2. It’s a renewable energy source. 3. Biogas production does not require oxygen. 4. Biogas Generation Reduces Soil and Water Pollution 5. Reliable: Biogas production continues regardless of the weather. 6. It produces organic manure which can replace chemical fertilizers. 7. Healthy Cooking Alternative For Developing Areas. 8. Requires low capital investment. 9. It is a source for decentralized power generation. 10. Creates green jobs. 11. This type of anaerobic digestion inactivates pathogens and parasites and it is effective in reducing the incidence of water borne diseases. 12. Minimizes overreliance of fossil fuels. 13. The biomass energy is relatively cheaper. Disadvantages: 1. Few Technological Advancements 2. It can’t work in all locations. 3. The value of biogas product is lower and it is an unattractive commercial activity. 4. Contains Impurities 5. It is difficult enhance the efficiency of biogas systems. 6. Effect of Temperature on Biogas Production: The optimal temperature bacteria need to digest waste is around 37°C. 7. Less Suitable For Dense Metropolitan Areas
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20 Advantages Of Being Single
1. Time for yourself: 2. Do what you want, when you want. 3. You can travel on a whim. 4. No emotional dramas: 5. You can flirt without fear. 6.  Plenty of time to start a new hobby. 7. HAVING THE WHOLE BED TO YOURSELF 8. NO MORE COMPROMISING 9. You can save tons of time. 10. You can become more self-reliant. 11. No need to monitor someone else's social media activity. 12. SAYING GOODBYE TO THE IN-LAWS 13. REGAINING CONTROL OF THE REMOTE 14. NO MORE WORRYING 15. You can stay in touch with friends. 16. More money in your pocket. 17. NO MORE FEAR OF JEALOUSY 18. REDECORATING YOUR WAY 19. You can avoid settling for a bad match. 20.  BEING IN A BETTER MOOD
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9 Difference Between Merger And Acquisition
1. A merger occurs when two separate entities combine forces to create a new, joint organization.  2. When one company takes over another and clearly established itself as the new owner, the purchase is called an acquisition. 3. Formation of a new company MERGER: Yes Acquisition: No 4. Purpose MERGER: To decrease competition and increase operational efficiency. Acquisition: For Instantaneous growth 5. Mergers tend to mean job losses. 6. Legal Formalities Merger: More Acquisition: Less 7. Example of Merger: American Automaker, Chrysler Corp. merged with German Automaker, Daimler Benz to form DaimlerChrysler. 8. An example of a major acquisition is Manulife Financial Corporation's 2004 acquisition of John Hancock Financial Services Inc. 9. Size of Business Merger: Generally, the size of merging companies is more or less same. Acquisition: The size of the acquiring company will be more than the size of acquired company.
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Best 10  Tourist Places In Chennai
1. Marina Beach 2. Kapaleeswarar temple 3. Vandalur Zoo 4. Elliot's Beach 5. Fort St. George 6. San Thome Basilica 7. Guindy National Park 8. Vadapalani Murugan Temple 9. Vivekanandar Illam 10. Birla Planetarium 11. Spencer Plaza 12. Phoenix Market City
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17 Advantages Of Supercapacitor Over Battery In Ev
1. Supercapacitors combine the energy storage properties of batteries with the power discharge characteristics of capacitors. 2. Supercapacitors can be charged quickly, leading to a very high power density, and do not lose their storage capabilities over time. 3. Very high cycle count - discharge takes milliseconds up to several minutes and can be charged in seconds to minutes. 4. Virtually unlimited cycle life; can be cycled millions of time. 5. Simple charging; draws only what it needs; not subject to overcharge. 6. Life Li-ion Battery 5 - 10 years Supercapacitor 10 - 15 years 7. Charge temperature Li-ion Battery: 0 to 45°C Supercapacitor: -40 to 65°C 8. Supercapacitors can be easily installed and offers easy interface with other devices with flexible mountings. 9. Super capacitors have very fast transient response as compared to the commonly available lithium ion batteries (~ 20 micro seconds)  10. Capacitance: 1mF to to 10,000F 11. Provide peak power and backup power 12. Reduce battery size, weight and cost 13. Recent advances in creating new supercapacitor materials and improving material production methods may soon bridge the energy density gap for some commercial applications. 14. In a hybrid electric vehicle, round trip efficiency is about 10% more than a battery. 15. Safe 16. Minimise space requirements 17. Meet environmental standards
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8 Difference Between HP Probook And Pavilion
1. The Pavilion are consumer notebooks and the Probook are business notebooks. Typically business notebooks are better built, and have more BIOS options than consumer notebooks. 2. The Probook would probably be more focused on processing power and data crunching, with less focus on media and entertainment than the Pavillion. 3. Mid range to high end components such as disks, memory, and even components on the motherboard are used on probook. 4. Pavilion: Families and mainstream consumers Price Range: $369 - $950 5. If you want it to last for 3-4 years (with the extended warranty) then the Pavillion will offer you a better bang for buck than the Probook. If you are looking for a longer laptop life then Probook is the way to go. 6. The ProBook has the better graphics card according to the Futuremark benchmarks.  7. Pavilion: Common Features: Colorful chassis; IR cameras; wide range of CPU and storage options 8. The Probook has better: PERFORMANCE, BUILD, RIGIDITY and BATTERY LIFE.
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12 Difference Between Software and Hardware
Difference Between Software and Hardware: 1. Physical parts of the computer are called hardware. A set of instructions given to the computer is called software. 2. User cannot make new duplicate copies of the hardware. User can make many new duplicate copies of the software. 3. You can touch, see and feel hardware. You cannot touch and feel software. 4. Hardware cannot be transferred from one place to another electronically through network. Software can be transferred from one lace to another electronically through network. 5. Hardware is constructed using physical materials or components. Software is developed by writing instructions in programming language. 6. Hardware is not affected by computer viruses. Software is affected by computer viruses. 7. Computer is hardware, which operates under the control of a software. The operations of computer are controlled through software. 8. If hardware is damaged, it is replaced with new one. If software is damaged or corrupted, its backup copy can be reinstalled. 9. Examples of hardware includes: CD-ROM, RAM, monitor, printer, GPU, scanners, modems, etc. Examples of software are: QuickBooks, Internet Explorer, MS Office, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Media Players, etc. 10. Types Of Hardware: Input, storage, processing,control, and output devices. Types Of Software: System software, Programming software, and Application software. 11. Hardware wears out over time. Software does not wear out over time. However, bugs are discovered in software as time passes. 12. Hardware failure is random. Hardware does have increasing failure at the last stage. Software failure is systematic. Software does not have an increasing failure rate.
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17 Difference Between Dating and Relationship
1. The main difference is in commitment. If two people aren't committed to each other, they're dating. If they're committed to each other and/or the relationship, it's a relationship. 2. Casual dating can mean friends with benefits. 3. You don't miss your partner so much in dating. While in relationship you feel empty without your partner. 4. When you are in a relationship, it is likely to discuss on topics like marriage, kids, getting settled, family etc. 5. Dating is about you trying to impress your partner with your known traits.Relationship is about you become impressed by your partner's (yet) unknown traits. 6. In Dating , there’s more than one person. 7. In Dating May or may not include sex. 8. Dating can be defined as an emerging relationship between two individuals. 9. Dating means spending good time together but relation requires holding hand firmly even in worst situation. 10. In Dating, may see each other occasionally, or even a little more. 11. Dating - exploring and contemplatingRelationship - choice is made and you move forward. 12. Dating leads to relationship. You can date multiple people but you make relation with exclusive one. 13. In Relationship you’re just sleeping with each other.  14. In relationship, Both parties see a potential future together. 15. When there is no commitment then there are no expectations at all. When two individuals are dating each other then they do not expect anything from their dating partners but with time as the bond between them grows stronger, the expectations from each other also increases. 16. In relationship, You know each others’ friends. 17. In relationship, they have a strong emotional connection.
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8 Difference Between Rebate And Discount
1. A discount is a reduction in the price that you pay in the store. A rebate is when you pay the full price in the store, but then the manufacturer refunds some of the price to you afterwards (e.g., after you mail them proof of your purchase). 2. Type of strategy DISCOUNT: Marketing strategy REBATE: Sales promotion strategy 3. Paperwork: Rebate: Yes Discount: No 4. From the company's point of view, a rebate is better. Why? Because not everyone will use their rebate and so those products were actually sold at full price. 5. Discount is offered to a customer at the point of sale, whereas rebate is offered for a purchase that has already been made. 6. Given on: DISCOUNT: Each item purchased by the customer. REBATE: Only if the value of goods or quantity purchased reaches the specified limit. 7. Return in form of: Rebate: Cash, gift cards, other products, etc. Discount: N/A 8. Available to: Discount: All the customers Rebate: Specific customers
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10 Advantages Of Village Life
1. In villages the environment is peaceful. Villagers live a simple life. 2. Natural place. 3. In village we can see clean oxygen, pure drinking water, ever green forest, mountains, etc. 4. The din and bustle, the hurry and the scurry of town life are absent here. 5. People living in villages are more healthier, active, and simpler in habits than the the people living in towns. 6. The peoples of the village are not living the luxury life like the city people but they are very happy from that. They can manage him in small piece of the food and the cloths. 7. In the village we can also get good environment among the peoples, peoples are very helpful, and they help each other each and every times if there is a need. 8. Children can play in the open fields, swim in the river or ponds and climb trees. 9. The quiet and peace of village life give opportunities for thought, study, and mental development, which are impossible in town life. 10. The people of the village used to prefer the plain food means they do not eat the junk foods.
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22 Signs That Your Wife Hates You
1. She is no longer affectionate: 2. When your wife is unavailable or unwilling to have a real conversation about the state of your marriage, it may be a sign that she’s reached a breaking point. 3. Withholding Sex: Withholding sex is never healthy in a relationship — it's a power play that many use as a weapon. 4. You have to clean up after yourself: I know it's old fashioned but women tend to care more about cleanliness than men. So when she stops caring about that, it's a sign she's stopped caring about your marriage 5. Your partner is definitely a taker, not a giver. 6. She does not spend time with you. 7. You barely touch anymore. 8. Increased Number and Intensity of Fights 9. She doesn't initiate anything, ever 10. You’re frequently the object of horrible pranks. 11. She does not try to impress you. 12. All you talk about kids and household logistic. 13. Sadness: Of course, there will be moments of sadness in any relationship: dealing with things like job loss or death are valid reasons to be upset. But long-term sadness is a different animal, and can mean any number of things. 14. Guilt trips: Do you feel guilty about going out, even to work? If when your leaving your wife and she is in an unhappy mood this can trigger things. 15. Plus, you’re always the one who gets blamed for anything going wrong. 16. She does not support you or cheer you up. 17. Feelings of Helplessness and Hopelessness 18. Sketchy behavior Have you started to notice that your wife has a new ‘private life' that you don't have access too? This includes new email accounts, deleting history from devices, phone calls from numbers you don't know and even a second phone? 19. Reluctancy to Celebrate Milestones 20. New wife: Is your wife doing things she has never done before, or hasn't done in a while? I.e. joining the gym or buying a style of clothes that she hasn't worn in ages, maybe even new circles of friends? 21. They're not afraid to be rude about your family. 22. And they prefer to be online or play video games rather than spend time with you.
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11 Difference Between Toyota Prius Prime Premium And Advanced
1. Starting Msrp: Toyota Prius Prime Premium: $29,000 Toyota Prius Prime Advanced: $33,300 2. Integrated LED fog lights and LED accent lights: Toyota Prius Prime Premium: Not Available Toyota Prius Prime Advanced: Standard 3. Premium: Washer-linked variable intermittent windshield wipers Toyota Prius Prime Advanced: Rain-sensing variable intermittent windshield wipers 4. Heated steering wheel: Toyota Prius Prime Premium: Not Available Toyota Prius Prime Advanced: Standard 5. Auto-dimming rearview mirror with HomeLink universal transceiver: Toyota Prius Prime Premium: Not Available Toyota Prius Prime Advanced: Standard 6. Toyota Prius Prime Premium: Cargo area lightweight tonneau cover Toyota Prius Prime Advanced: Cargo area heavy sliding tonneau cover 7. Toyota Prius Prime Premium: Premium Audio  Toyota Prius Prime Advanced: Premium JBL Audio: 8. Safety Connect — includes Emergency Assistance, Stolen Vehicle Locator, Roadside Assistance and Automatic Collision Notification. 3-year trial subscription. Toyota Prius Prime Premium: Not Available Toyota Prius Prime Advanced: Standard 9. Color Head-Up Display (HUD) with speedometer, navigation, Hybrid System Indicator, battery charge, and Toyota Safety Sense P (TSS-P) alerts: Toyota Prius Prime Premium: Not Available Toyota Prius Prime Advanced: Standard 10. Intelligent Clearance Sonar (ICS) with Intelligent Parking Assist (IPA): Toyota Prius Prime Premium: Not Available Toyota Prius Prime Advanced: Standard 11. Blind Spot Monitor (BSM) and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert (RCTA): Toyota Prius Prime Premium: Not Available Toyota Prius Prime Advanced: Standard
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35 Characteristics Of A Good Person
1. They are honest in relationships. 2. They are kind and patient with the salespeople and cashiers at stores. 3. Humor does not come at the expense of others. 4.  Integrity: A person with integrity won’t lie, will keep their word and won’t betray you. They won’t go behind your back, badmouth you, go after another person’s partner or cheat on you. 5. Altruistic : Altruistic people not only help the people they know, but they also help people they do not know.  6. He’s balanced:  family and friends always comes first.  He prioritizes his time and is well-rounded in many areas. 7. They are forgiving people who can't stay mad. Sometimes they already forgive you before you apologize. 8. They compliment others when deserved. 9. They always tip well. 10. They give of their time. 11. Courageousness 12. Sense of Humor 13. Responsible: The emotionally mature person will take responsibility for his or her actions. 14. He listens 15. He takes initiative:  16. They leave their ego outside while making decisions. They are great empathizers. 17. They consider their friends' troubles as their own 18. And they are genuinely happy (Not Jealous!) when their friends succeed. 19. They call their parents regularly. 20. They are polite. 21. They worship 22. They are generous with their belongings. 23. Those who are highly accepting are highly attractive. 24. They make things smooth, not rough. 25. Intelligence, Education and Common Sense 26. Discipline 27. Fair: The good person is fair in his or her decisions.  Fairness reflects being relatively free from personal biases. 28. He’s detail-oriented 29. He fights against injustice: 30. He’s good with his money: 31. He improves his physical health:  32. He has true and close friendships:  33. They don’t take things for granted. 34. They are consistent. 35. Good people see good in the world.
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8 Difference Between Vitamin d and d3
1.  D3 is the form that is synthesized by the skin when it's exposed to the sun or (ultraviolet light/UVB). 2. There are two different forms of vitamin D: vitamins D-2 and D-3. 3. Vitamin D-2, or ergocalciferol, is the form made by mushrooms from exposure to sunlight. 4. Vitamin D3 is known as Cholecalciferol. 5. Sunscreen with an SPF factor of 8 lowers the amount of vitamin D the body produces by 95 percent. 6. Without enough vitamin D, it wouldn’t matter how much calcium you ate to keep your bones strong because vitamin D controls the absorption of dietary calcium.  7. Vitamin D also regulates the growth of cells, including cells that activate your immune response and kill bacteria. 8. Food With Vitamin D: Fish, such as salmon, mackerel, tuna and sardines Egg yolk Raw milk
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19 Pro And Cons Of Hp Envy 4520 Printer
Pros: 1. Automatic duplexer. Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct.  2. Small, compact and wireless. 3. Print photos that go edge-to-edge without a white border. 4. Prints through the cloud. Fast, high-quality photo printing in testing. 5. HP Envy 4520 printer that can print, scan and copy. 6. It can print automatically on both sides of the paper. 7. Low purchase price and excellent print quality. 9. It supports Apple Airprint and Google cloud Print. 10. Easy to set up and use. Cons: 1. No Ethernet or fax. 2. Memory card reader slot is not available in this printer. 3. No Automatic document feeder. 4. Slow for business applications and low-quality text. 5. Can’t create CD/DVD labels. 6. No Individual color tanks. 7. NO  LCD viewer. 8. Very slow to print. 9. Small input/output trays.
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How To Change Default Search Engine In Internet Explorer?
1. Open internet explorer. 2.Click on tools. 3.Click on internet option. 4.Click on programs. 5.Click on manage add-ons. 6.Click on search provider. 7.Select google. 8.Click on set as default. 9.Clode internet explorer. 10. Open it. Default search engine in internet explorer is changed.
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Difference Between Dd and Cheque
1. A cheque is issued by an individual, whereas a demand draft is issued by a bank. 2. Cheque and Demand drafts (DD) are both negotiable instruments. Both are mechanisms used to make payments. 3. Dishonour Cheque: Yes, due to insufficient balance or other similar reasons. Demand drafts: No 4. A cheque is drawn by an account holder of a bank, whereas a draft is drawn by one branch of a bank on another branch of the same bank. 5. Payment of cheque can be stopped by drawee, whereas payment cannot be stopped in DD. 6. Three Parties involved in Cheque: Drawer, Drawee, Payee. Two Parties involved in demand draft: Drawer, Payee. 7. A cheque can be paid to bearer or order. While, DD is paid to person on order. 8. The Demand Draft is a pre-paid Negotiable Instrument, wherein the drawee bank acts as guarantor to make payment in full when the instrument is presented.
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19 Sign Of Good Wife
1. She’s trustworthy and loyal. 2.  She’s Dependable. 3. Supportive. 4. She’s emotionally stable. 5. The two of you have great communication. 6. Realistic 7. Nurturing 8. The Way to a Man’s Heart is through his Stomach. 9. You can laugh together. 10. Maturity 11. She’s good in bed. 12. She’s thankful. 13. She's sweet. 14. You think she's hot and sexy. 15. Everyone likes her. 16. She’s not a shopaholic. 17. She’s not a psycho. 18. She respects your family and friends. 19. She lets you have space.
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7 Difference Between kia Niro Fe And Lx
1. Niro Fe: 52/49/50 MPG City/Hwy/Combined Niro Lx: 51/46/49 MPG City/Hwy/Combined 2. Smart key with push-button start: kia niro fe: Not Available kia niro lx: Standard 3. Colors: kia niro fe: 4 Exterior kia niro lx: 6 Exterior 4. LX Additional Features: Roof Rails Rear Combination Lamps, LED 5. Rear Combination Lamps, LED: FE: Not Available Lx: Standard 6. Folding Rear Center Armrest w/ Cup Holders: FE: Not Available Lx: Standard 7. Luggage Board w/ Under Floor Storage Tray: FE: Not Available Lx: Standard
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How Electric Motor Stamping Are Manufactured - Maruti Enterprise
Call: 9978911229 Maruti Enterprise Bakrol Ahmedabad Electric motor stamping manufacturing process. https://bit.ly/2oBOYnp
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8 Difference Between Toyota Chr Le And Xle
1. 2019 Toyota C-HR LE: 17-in. steel wheels with P215/60R17 tires 2019 Toyota C-HR XLE: C-HR vortex-styled 18-in. Sport alloy wheels with P225/50R18 95V tires 2. Starting MSRP: C-HR LE: $20,945 C-HR XLE: $22,980 3. Blind Spot Monitor: 2019 Toyota C-HR XLE: Yes 2019 Toyota C-HR LE: No 4. 2019 Toyota C-HR XLE: Color-keyed heated power outside mirrors with turn signal and blind spot warning indicators, puddle lights with "Toyota C-HR" projection, and auto-folding feature 2019 Toyota C-HR LE: Color-keyed heated power outside mirrors with turn signal indicators 5. 2019 Toyota C-HR XLE: Leather-trimmed tilt/telescopic steering wheel  2019 Toyota C-HR LE: Urethane tilt/telescopic steering wheel 6. The Toyota Smart Key system: 2019 Toyota C-HR XLE: Yes 2019 Toyota C-HR LE: No 7.  Touch-sensor lock/unlock feature on exterior doors and hatchback: 2019 Toyota C-HR XLE: Yes 2019 Toyota C-HR LE: No 8. Entune 3.0 Audio Plus: 2019 Toyota C-HR XLE: Opional 2019 Toyota C-HR LE: N/A
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8 Difference Between Attorney and Lawyer
1. A lawyer is simply one who is trained in the law.  They may or may not provide legal guidance to another. 2. An attorney or, more correctly, an attorney-at-law, is a member of the legal profession who represents a client in court when pleading or defending a case. 3. Attorneys by definition have passed a bar examination and have been admitted to practice law in the particular jurisdiction.  4. In the US, attorney applies to any lawyer.  5. "Lawyer" denotes a profession (I am a lawyer). "Attorney" denotes the relationship of a lawyer to his or her client (as an attorney, I represent my clients). 6. Russian jurisdiction: every attorney is a lawyer, not every lawyer is attorney. 7. In the United States the terms lawyer and attorney are interchangeable.  8. A lawyer is someone who has a license to practice law. An attorney is someone who has the legal authority to act on behalf of another person.
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15 Reasons For Divorce
1. Infidelity: Extra-marital affairs are responsible for the breakdown of most marriages that end in divorce. 2. Unreasonable Behaviour: You must show that your spouse has behaved in such a way that you cannot reasonably be expected to live with him or her. 3. Desertion: Your husband or wife has left you: without your agreement without a good reason to end your relationship for more than 2 years in the past 2.5 years 4. Lack of individual identity. A codependent relationship is not healthy. When you don’t have your own interests or the opportunity to express yourself outside of coupledom, you become “couple dumb.” 5. Money: Money makes people funny, or so the saying goes, and it’s true. Everything from different spending habits and financial goals to one spouse making considerably more money than the other, causing a power struggle can strain a marriage to the breaking point. 6. You have lived apart for at least 5 years 7. Becoming lost in the roles. 8. Not having a shared vision of success. 9. Lack of communication 10. Constant arguing 11. Unmet expectations. 12. Finances. 13. Inability to resolve conflicts.  14. Not being prepared for marriage 15. Abuse: Physical or emotional abuse is a sad reality for some couples.
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14 Difference Between Pneumatic And Hydraulic Press
1. In Hydraulics liquid/oil is used to transmit power, whereas in pneumatic compressed gas (generally air) is used to transmit power. 2. Pneumatic presses' greatest advantage is their speed. They can move ten times faster than hydraulic presses.  3. Pneumatics offer a very clean system, suitable for food manufacturing processes and other processes which require no risk of contamination. 4. Pneumatics does not have the potential force that hydraulics has to offer. The lifting or moving of heavy loads is not best suited to pneumatics.  5. In terms of energy costs pneumatics is more costly than hydraulics, this is mainly due to the amount of energy lost through heat production while compressing air. 6. So, for lower power applications my guess would be pneumatics are cheaper and more numerous. 7. Hydraulics are used in some obvious places like dump truck, excavators and other heavy equipment, mainly because they are HEAVY equipment. 8. Pneumatics are great for lighter factory automation where the compliance of actuators operated by air does not present a problem. 9. Pneumatic presses also have very few moving parts, making them very low-maintenance. 10. Hydraulics is frequently used in the concepts of turbines, dams, and rivers. Air brakes in buses, air compressors, compressed air engines, jackhammers, and vacuum pumps are some of the most commonly used types of mechanical equipment that are based on pneumatics technology. 11. Industrial applications of pneumatics utilise pressures ranging from 80–100 pounds per square-inch, while hydraulics use 1,000–5,000 psi or more than 10,000 psi for specialised applications. 12.  A tank would be needed in order to store the oil by which the hydraulic system can draw from in cases of a deficit. In a pneumatic system however, air can simply be drawn from the atmosphere then purified via a filter. 13. Hyraulics deal with fluid media and is not as compressible pneumatics, which deals with air.  14. Hydraulic is used for very precise application than pneumatic like CNC.
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11 Difference Between World Bank And Imf
1. The IMF exists primarily to stabilize exchange rates, while the World Bank’s goal is to reduce poverty.  2. Focus on: IMF: Economic Stability WORLD BANK: Economic Growth 3. Size: IMF: 2300 staff members WORLD BANK: 7000 staff members 4. The Bank is primarily a development institution; the IMF is a cooperative institution that seeks to maintain an orderly system of payments and receipts between nations. 5. The World Bank has one central purpose: to promote economic and social progress in developing countries by helping to raise productivity so that their people may live a better and fuller life. 6. You go to the World Bank when you want to build a dam or power plant or a road. You go to the IMF when you are so fucked up that your currency is dropping like crazy.  7. World Bank is a bank. Meaning it borrows money from investors around the world and then lends to the poor governments that are building projects that help them out of poverty. 8. The International Monetary Fund promotes monetary cooperation internationally and offers advice and assistance to facilitate building and maintaining a country’s economy. 9. Organizational Structure IMF: It is a single organization with four credit lines. World Bank: It has two major institutions, namely International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) and the International Development Association (IDA). 10. Membership: IMF: 188 countries World Bank: IBRD - 188 countries IDA - 172 countries 11. IMF draws its financial resources principally from the quota subscriptions of its member countries. World bank acquires most of its financial resources by borrowing on the international bond market.
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11 Difference Between Data And Information
1. Data can be any character, text, words, number, pictures, sound, or video and, if not put into context, means little or nothing to a human. 2. When data is processed, organized, structured or presented in a given context so as to make it useful, it is called information. 3. Significance: Data: Data by itself alone is not significant. Information: Information is significant by itself. 4. What is it? Data: It is just text and numbers. Information: It is refined data. 5. Data is used as input for the computer system. Information is the output of data. 6. "Data" comes from a singular Latin word, datum, which originally meant "something given.“ "Information" is an older word that dates back to the 1300s and has Old French and Middle English origins. It has always referred to "the act of informing, " usually in regard to education, instruction, or other knowledge communication. 7. Based on Data: Records and Observations Information: Analysis 8. Represented in Data: A structure, such as tabular data, data tree, a data graph, etc. Information: Language, ideas, and thoughts based on the data 9. Form: Data: Unorganized Information: Organized 10. Dependency Data: Does not depend on information. Information: Without data, information cannot be processed. 11. Useful: Data: May or may not be useful. Information: Always
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10 Difference Between Authority And Power
1. power is defined as the ability to influence somebody to do something that he/she would not have done. 2. Authority refers to a claim of legitimacy, the justification and right to exercise that power. 3. Authority is the right given to a manager to achieve the objectives of the organisation. 4. Power is the ability of a person or a group to influence the beliefs and actions of other people. 5. Resides with Power: Person Authority: Designation 6. Examples Of Power: Attack a person or a nation, teach a class, fix a car, buy an iPhone, etc 7. Example Of Authority: police and military commanders have the authority to command others, professors have the authority to teach, certified mechanics have the authority to repair cars, earning money grants the authority to buy an iPhone, etc. 8. Authority is always official in nature. So it is legitimate. Power need not be official in nature. So it need not be legitimate. 9. Authority is given to a position or post. The manager gets the authority only when he holds that position. Power resides (lives) in the person who uses it. 10. Political Power = the ability to shape and control a country's present and future legislative process, and it's implimentation. ex.) US corporation - power Political Authority = the “perceived” abilty to shape and control country's future legislative process, and it's implementation. ex.) US Congress - authority
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12 Difference Between Hepa And Ulpa Filters
1.  A ULPA filter will remove particles with greater efficiency than a HEPA filter of the same dimensions.  2. ULPA filters are specified to remove 99.999% of contaminants 0.12 μm or larger in diameter. HEPA filters are often touted as capable of "removing 99.97% of dust and allergens" without specifying particle size. 3. HEPA: 0.3 micron filtration 0. 12 micron particle filtration. 4. ULPA: MERV 20 HEPA Filter Features: MERV 17 5. For most biomedical applications, HEPA offers more than adequate filter efficiency to protect personnel and prevent work cross-contamination. 6. HEPA: Recommended by cvc ULPA: Not Recommended by cvc 7. HEPA filters have a MERV rating of 17 and provide excellent filtration for bacteria, lung damaging dust, spores, pollen, pulverized coal, and metallurgical dust and fumes. ULPA filters provide better filtration for tobacco smoke, oil smoke, insecticide dust, carbon dust, and even capture some viruses. 8. ULPA filters are more expensive than a HEPA filter of the same dimensions.  9. ULPA filters have a shorter service life than HEPA filters, increasing maintenance costs due to more frequent replacement. 10. A ULPA filter slows the air flow by 20 percent to 50 percent compared to a HEPA filter. 11. Less power is required to run a blower when a HEPA filter is in use. 12.  ULPA filters provide no distinct advantage for scientific research and are more commonly employed in the semi-conductor industry.
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14 Advantages Of Us Citizenship
1. Access to public benefits:You might be thinking to yourself, "I don't need access to public benefits, because I'm healthy and I work." However, good health is never guaranteed and everyone is getting older. 2. Voting: Only Us citizen can vote in federal elections. 3. U.S. passport: All citizens have the right to a U.S. passport. A U.S. passport allows you not only to travel internationally, in many cases without needing a visa, but also to re-enter the United States freely. 4. Ability to petition for family members:Adult U.S. citizens can file immigration petitions for additional categories of family members. 5. Not be deported: Though green card holders have permanent immigrant status, they still may be deported for such reasons as committing a serious crime.  6. Scholarships and grants 7. Automatic citizenship for your Lawful Permanent Resident children under 18 8. Possible dual citizenship: 9. Run for public office: Only U.S. citizens can run for public office.  10. Federal jobs: Some of the best jobs in the U.S. are federal government jobs and these jobs are only available to U.S. citizens. 11. Participate in a Federal jury: U.S. citizens are chosen at random to participate in a federal jury to help determine the guilt or innocence of an accused. 12. A more intangible advantage of US citizenship is the sense of belonging that citizens feel. 13. Benefit from US tax laws. 14. Become eligible for free money. Would you like to apply for university scholarships or be eligible for in-state college tuition? Perhaps you want to try and get a government grant or monetary award. Many of these options are available only to US citizens.
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25 Difference Between Honda Hrv Lx And Ex
1. Heated seats: LX: Unavailable EX: Standard 2. LX: Four-speaker, 160-watt audio system EX: Six-speaker, 180-watt audio system 3. One-touch power moonroof: LX: Unavailable EX: Standard 4. Active Noise Cancellation™ (ANC): LX: unavailable EX: standard 5. Weight Distribution (front/rear, AWD) LX: 59.8% / 40.2% EX: 59.7% / 40.3% 6. Headroom (front/rear) Hrv LX: 9.5 in / 38.3 in Hrv EX: 37.6 in / 38.3 in 7. Display screen: LX: 5-in. color LCD screen EX: 7-in. touchscreen display 8. HondaLink® and Pandora® compatible LX: Unavailable EX: Standard 9. Ex: Optional CVT with dual-mode paddle shifters LX: CVT 10. Automatic Climate Control: Ex: Standard Lx: Not Available 11.  Heated side mirrors: LX: Unavailable EX: Standard 12. Rear privacy glass: LX: Unavailable EX: Standard 13. Fog lights: LX: Unavailable EX: Standard 14. Smart Entry & Push Button Start: LX : Unavailable EX: Standard 15. Multi-Angle Rearview Camera: LX: With Guidelines Hrv EX: with Dynamic Guidelines 16. LX: Projector-Beam Halogen Headlights  EX: Projector-Beam Halogen Headlights with Auto-Off 17. Roof Rails: LX : Unavailable EX: Standard 18. Exhaust Finisher: LX : Unavailable EX: Standard 19. EX: Variable Intermittent Windshield Wipers LX: Two-Speed Intermittent Windshield Wipers 20. Programmable Power Door Locks: LX : Unavailable EX: Standard 21. SMS Text Message Function: LX : Unavailable EX: Standard 22. Low-Fuel Indicator: HRV LX : Unavailable Hrv EX: Standard 23. USB Ports: LX:1 EX: 2 24. Starting MSRP: HR-V LX, $19,570 HR-V EX, $21,620 25. Honda LaneWatch: LX: Unavailable EX: Standard
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How To Get admission Into Mit International Student
1. Take the tests. You have two options and MIT shows no preference for either one. Take the test with which you are the most comfortable. The SAT or the ACT and 2 SAT subject tests: one in math and one in science. The TOEFL as well as 2 SAT subject tests: one in math and one in science. The second is recommended for students with lower English-speaking skills. MIT offers no ESL courses; therefore, a TOEFL score of 600+ and 100+ is recommended for the Paper Based Test and the Internet Based Test, respectively.  2. As a foreign student, your chances of getting into MIT are 1%–2% of all applicants. 3. Top colleges are looking for excellence in many areas, such as academics, extra curricular, or sports, contribution to society, project work in your area of interest, exceptional essays which show a depth of character, creativity, organisation. 4. Complete the application. Log onto MIT's website to start the process. You will create an online profile and go from there.In early September, start your application. December 10th is the deadline to contact your interviewer; January 1st is the deadline to apply. In late March, decisions will be released. 5. high SAT/ACT scores Required. 6. Submit a strong application. This consists of a biographical information form, evaluation letters, essays, transcripts, activities form and tests form. The application packet can be downloaded on their website. 7. Meet the deadlines. 8. Almost all international students admitted to MIT have earned some form of regional, national or international distinction in areas from leadership, music and art, to scientific research, academic competition and athletics. 9. Every year more than 4,000 international students apply to MIT, and they can admit fewer than 150.  10. I think the most important thing, the one that can distinguish you from the crowd is your research potential (if you have, of course, top grades, GRE, etc). 11. math/physics/specific talents would be much much much harder since it relies on raw talent. You have to be talented enough for them to want you (being good, passionate and the likes are not enough here). 12. you have to show them that you are a Special and Precious Flower, Unique Among Your Peers. (Of course if you don't have good grades and test scores, you have no chance!)
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10 Difference Between Plastic Extrusion And Injection Molding
1. Extrusion is a method by which molten plastic or any other material is pushed through a two-dimensional die opening. 2. Injection Moulding:  Plastic material is melted and injected into the mold, after cooling the component is ejected from the mold. 3. Injection molding forms three-dimensional shapes. 4. The injection molding process was first established in the 1930s. The thermoplastic extrusion process was fully developed in 1935. 5. Injection molding: Process - Cyclic (each time mold is filled, cooled and component is ejected)  Extrusion: Process - Continuous (extrudate comes out of the die in a continuous manner). 6. Complex cross sections are created using the extrusion method. 7. Extrusion: The finished materials have a smooth surface finish when compared to other processes including the injection method. 8. Extruding are usally used for frames like window profile. Injection molding are too widely used. You can see many plastic products are made by injection molding. Such as plastic water cups, plastic chairs, plastic combs, etc.  9. In injection molding there is only minimal waste as the scrap can be recycled again. 10. Extruding is usually cheaper, if in same size.
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28 Advantages and Disadvantages of Democracy
Advantages: 1. It protects the interest of citizens. 2. It gives the people the right to vote. 3. Equality and fraternity 4. High Participation 5. Stability and responsibility in administration 6. It prevents monopoly of authority. 7.  It is open for change. 8. Sense of responsibility among common people. 9. Little chance of revolution. 10. It helps make good citizens. 11. It allows people to voice out their issues. 12. Development and prosperity for all. 13. It promotes change. Disadvantages: 1. It might allow misuse of public funds and time. 2. It opens an opportunity for corrupt officials. 3.  Lack of educated and experienced voters. 4. Misplaced Trust 5. More emphasis on quantity than on quality. 6. It risks the wrong choice of public servants. 7. It takes time to make decisions. 8. The Majority Rules. 9. Voters do not take interest in election. 10. It allows not exercising the right to vote. 11. It may involve immoral practices during elections. 12. Freedom to all shades of opinion. 13. No Accountability 14. Democracy is a government of the rich. 15. No stable government.
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5 Difference Between Hp Officejet Pro 6968 And 6978
1. The 6968 prints 18 ISO ppm in black, up to 10 ISO ppm in color and is a single sided auto feeder While 6978 prints up to 20 ISO ppm in black, up to 11 ISO ppm in color and has a 2sided auto feeder. 2. Weight: Hp officejet pro 6968: 17.7 pounds Hp officejet pro 6978: 17.9 pounds 3. Print From Usb Drive: Hp officejet pro 6968: No Hp officejet pro 6978: Yes 4. Scan To Email: Hp officejet pro 6968: No Hp officejet pro 6978: Yes 5. Price: HP OfficeJet Pro 6968: $89 HP OfficeJet Pro 6978: $179
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11 Advantages and Disadvantages Of Hair Dryer
Advantages: 1. It gives you the freedom to style your hair without going to the salon. 2. It is so much faster than air-drying. 3. It gives you the hair you’ve always wanted 4. Another benefit of using the device is that you can achieve more hair volume if you have a fine hair with its proper use. 5. It increases your confidence. Disadvantages: 1. Hair dryers if used daily can take out your hair’s natural shin, strength and moisture. 2. Constant use can make your ear function affected. 3. Hair dryers are having extremely high temperatures if not handled with care and mess up with temperature handler can make your face and head burn.  4. Regular use of hair dyer can lead to dryer scalp and can lead to hair loss. 5. It can lead to thinning of hair and hair may get prone to breaking.
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11 Disadvantages Of Boarding School
1. The costs are now so high – and rising – that boarding schools are often beyond the reach of all but a tiny minority of families.   2. It can be difficult for a student to adjust to boarding school because she has been placed in completely new surroundings with unfamiliar people and circumstances. 3. It may be difficult for your child to adjust to being at home during the holidays; older children may argue with parents about their comparative lack of independence while at home. 4. The presence of bullying and related problems. 5. Extracurricular activities beyond those that the school offers are often marginalised.  6. Although rules and guidelines are needed to implement discipline in students, oftentimes a boarding school student must strictly adhere to even minor rules or risk expulsion. 7. During the term time you will not be seeing your child as much as you would if they lived at home with you, and this will affect your relationship with your child. 8. With the extra academic and extra curricular opportunities at boarding school, children may have less time to be alone with their thoughts and personal interests. 9. Boarding too young can lead to "boarding school syndrome. 10. Pressure to succeed, look good, do well is as constant at boarding as at day schools.  11. Students miss out on home life and can become homesick.
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7 Difference Between Bank Guarantee And Letter Of Credit
1. Letters of credit ensure that a transaction proceeds as planned, while bank guarantees reduce the loss if the transaction doesn't go as planned. 2. LCs are frequently used in international transactions compared with bank guarantees. 3. bank guarantees are often used in real estate and infrastructure development to mitigate credit risks. 4. A bank guarantee is a commercial instrument guaranteeing by bank to a party (parties) on behalf of his customer, assuring the beneficiary to effect payment on default of obligation. 5. A letter of credit is written commitment document issued by a bank or other financial institutions to assure payment to seller on the basis of documentary proof on fulfillment of performance by seller as per terms and conditions mentioned in LC. 6. Risk Letter Of Credit: Less for merchant and more for bank. Bank guarantees: More for merchant and less for bank. 7. Parties Involved Letter Of Credit: 5 or more Bank guarantees: 3
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