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“Hilltop”, Remastered
Coke’s iconic "I'd Like to Buy the World a Coke" ad from 1971, called the "Hilltop" ad at the time, is recognized as one of the most beloved commercials in history. Earlier this year, the spot was color-corrected and remastered for 4K television. It will be housed in the Library of Congress. Get the full story here: http://CokeURL.com/remaster
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“Taste the Feeling” by Conrad Sewell
“Taste the Feeling” is the new 2016 Coca-Cola campaign anthem, featuring the voice of newcomer Conrad Sewell. Learn more about the song and campaign at www.coca-colacompany.com/TastetheFeelingAnthem. Follow @CokeMusic for more on Coca-Cola Music, and follow @ConradOfficial for more on Conrad Sewell.
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Coca-Cola Fried Chicken Recipe with Chef John Currence
In this cooking video, Chef John Currence prepares “the best fried chicken you've ever had.” What’s his secret? Coca-Cola. Born and raised in New Orleans, LA, Currence learned the art of southern cooking at home. With no formal culinary education, Chef Currence worked his to way to become king of the kitchen, one restaurant gig at a time. We caught up with the James Beard award winning chef at his newest restaurant—Big Bad Breakfast in Birmingham, AL. From his kitchen to yours, Chef Currence shares tips and tricks to making the perfect plate of fried chicken. You can find this finger lickin' good recipe in the pages of his first book, "Pigs, Pickles & Whiskey". Get to know the acclaimed chef in a Q&A here: http://CokeURL.com/kkpyd
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Coke Machine Restoration
Get a glimpse behind the scenes of the process of fully restoring a 1956 Vendo 44 machine to make it trophy-ready for the 2013 TOUR Championship by Coca-Cola. Read the story: http://CokeURL.com/q7h9
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Warren Buffett On Why He'll Never Sell a Share of Coke Stock
"The Oracle of Omaha" and Coca-Cola board member, Warren Buffett sits down with Coke CEO Muhtar Kent to share his history, affection and enthusiasm for the company, KO stock and explains why he'll never sell a share. Read the article here: http://CokeURL.com/2wkj
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Thums Up Charged: #TakeCharge with Mahesh Babu
There are those who follow, and then there’re those who #TakeCharge. Witness Mahesh Babu steering his way to the finish line, in an epic race charged with extra thunder. Never give up ever with #ThumsUpCharged!
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KO 101
Get a glimpse inside Coca-Cola.
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Jason Derulo Performs Colors, The Coca-Cola Anthem for the 2018 FIFA World Cup
Jason Derulo performs Colors – The Coca-Cola Anthem for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia!
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Coca-Cola Takes You Inside the Bluebird Café
Nashville’s Bluebird Café is a songwriting haven in a songwriting town. Step inside this iconic space with Erika Wollam Nichols, the club’s general manager, to learn more about the power that lives within the walls.
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Meet Junior Bridgeman
The former NBA player is president and CEO of Heartland Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola’s newest independent bottler. Heartland serves local communities in Kansas, Missouri, Illinois and Nebraska.
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Step into Jason Derulo’s home as he gets #Ready for Game Day
Find out how Jason Derulo, the singer of the Coca-Cola Anthem for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, a song called “Colors”, is getting ready and stocking up for games time!
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Arctic Coke and the Pursuit of the Perfectly Slushy Coca-Cola
In June 2016, Coca-Cola began testing Arctic Coke coolers in select Speedway Convenience Stores in Indianapolis. The cooler works with Coke, of course, but it can turn any drink into a slushy treat.
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A Tribute to Don Keough
A look back at the life, career and legacy of the iconic Coca-Cola leader. More at http://www.coca-colacompany.com/rememberingdonkeough
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The Legend of Coca-Cola and Santa Claus
Haddon Sundblom's artistic vision and the true history of the modern day Santa Claus: http://CokeURL.com/8lf4
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Baisara Beera - Papon & Kalpana Patowary - Coke Studio @ MTV Season 3
Bringing forth the rustic elements in this track that he is best known for, Papon manages to turn this folk song into an all out dance-jam! If you cannot view the video here, go to: http://spr.ly/6054D6Hor... Credits: Composer/Producer: Papon Composition: Traditional Rajasthani Song & Holi Geet from Borpeta, Assam; Addl Parts Composed & Produced by Papon Singers: Papon, Kalpana Patowary Lyrics: Traditional Rajasthani & Assamese Lyrics Guitar: Kalyan Baruah, Keys: Raja Rasaily, Keys: Raktim Mahanta, Percussions: Kirti Prabar Das, Percussions: Sanket Naik, Guitar: Jeenti Dutta, Bass: Deepak Saikia, Drums: Tanmay Ray. Backing Vocalists: Shannon Donald, Crystal Sequeira, Gwen Dias Harmonium: Akhlak Hussain Varsi, Dholak: Aslam Dafrani, Hanif Dafrani, Nagada: Nathulal Solanki, Beat Boxing: Vishwesh Krishnamurthy, Ravanhatha: Sugana Ram Recorded By: Stephen Fitzmaurice & Ashish Manchanda; Assisted by Darren Heelis and Raaj Jagtap Audio Director: Ashish Manchanda Mixed By: Darren Heelis at the Pierce Rooms, London Mastered By: Bunt Stafford Clark at the Pierce Rooms, London Lyrics: Baisra beera mhane Pihariaele chalo sa Piharie ri mhane olu aawe DhaN albelo baadila NaiNi matwali naar Sasariya mae kayin Dukh paayo Maayer to thaari mhase Paniro bharwaaye sa Patli kamar mhari lor lor jaai Paanire khatir thare Panihari lagwa du re Patali kamar kayaan Lore lore jaaye Behnal to thari mhase Aidi taidi chale sa Chauka bartan karwayen Gokulä maaje Ajihe gokulä maaje Modhurä muruli baaje Nanderä nändä nä Bräjerä jibänä Phaguräxe khelanu khelaai Baaje dhool baaje khol Holir uthise rol Säräne nupurä baaje Behnal to mhari hariyal Bagaki koweliyan Thoda din rehwe Paache udi jaawe Thaen to bataka lobhi Samjho na samjhayasun Tharee samajh mein nayee aawe Translation: BEHEN (NANAND) KE BHAIYA My sister in law's dear brother Take me to my mother's home I miss my mother's home My husband is a maverick Your young bride has gone crazy I have experienced so much sorrow in your home Your mother makes me fill buckets of water My slender waist writhes in pain For water's sake Let me employ a water filler for you Why harm my slender waist Your sister mistreats me Makes me wash dishes and sweep floors HOLI SONG My sister My sister is like the cuckoo bird of a lush garden Who pays a brief visit Then goes away And you are greedy for gossip I try to explain you this But you just don't understand Download this song NOW! www.itunes.com/cokestudio Download Videos Free and Exclusively only on the Coke [email protected] App on BlackBerry World For Full Tracks, Caller Tunes & Mobile Downloads: sms "SMCS" to 56060 Category Music License Standard YouTube License
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How Coca-Cola's ‘Hilltop’ Jingle Found Its Sound
Roger Cook, a co-creator of the jingle, “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke,” shares stories of how the soundtrack to the 1971 iconic ad came to be.
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El paso a paso en el reciclaje de una botella de pet
Cobertura del proceso de reciclaje de PET, desde que entra la botella en desuso hasta que sale convertida en nuevos envases plásticos.
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'Allah Veh' - Manj Musik, Raftaar & Jashan Singh - Coke Studio@MTV Season 4
On the exclusive Indian Independence special on Coke [email protected] Season 4, catch a debut like none before. Watch desi Hip-Hop superstars Manj Musik & Raftaar take the stage to bring you their track Allah Veh. Featuring soulful vocals by Jashan Singh, they take this opportunity to send us their message of unity and brotherhood on this Day. Credits: Music Composed By - Manj Musik / Sunny Brown Rap - Raftaar Vocals - Jashan Singh / Manj Musik Lyrics - Big Dhillon Drums: Lindsey D'mello Electric Guitar: Nyzel D'lima Bass: Rushad Mistry Tabla: Hiren Chate Acoustic Guitar: Roland Fernandes Backing Vocals: Nikita Fernandes, Crystal Sequeira To set this song as your Ring Back Tunes - SMS 'CS4' to 52040 For songs and videos log on to www.biscoot.com Lyrics: Kujh ni mangda dar ton tere Sabh di jholi khushiyan Allah paade Na koi rove na koi tadpe Sabh de ghar tu aake fera paade Allah veh maula veh Allah veh maula veh Verse 1 (Raftaar): Jab liya tha janam Mujhse pehle poocha na kisi ne kaunsa lega dharam Kiya mene wo jo seekha mene Jeena tareeka mera likhta raha mera karam Mere liye sab ek hai Lalach hata doge to bande sare naek hai Mujhe mulk ka naam bataya kitaab ne Aur bata dabaw ne Yahan mera bhai wahan bhi mera bhai Wahan bhi meri maa jaisi hogi koi mai Patli si q katoo ki tarao ne kara hai alag Ab wo bhi nahi jinhone lakeere thi banai Karu minnat maula tere darr pe Tu Unko sambhal jo khade sarhad pe Jo lade Mitti ke liye mitti me mile Aur milne chale kudrat se Allah veh maula veh Allah veh maula veh Kar dene pyaar bathere Fir kyon dukhaan ne ghere Laa ke dil bhul jande ne Rahaan vich rul janda ne Kaisi eh beparwahi Kyo nahi ve tor nibahi Sache Dilon pyaar je kar laye Maula Nu Yaar je mann laye Kujh ni labhna yaar bhula ke ishq di kashti paar lagade Rab ne aakhir manjana ae ik vaari taan yaar manave Allah veh maula veh Allah veh maula veh Verse 2 (Raftaar): Kya rakha hai zubaan me Kuch rakha nahi naam me Kuch saath me Ram ke Kuch saath Quooran ke Ek jaan ek jaan ki jaan leta jaan ke Bina jaan pehchan ke Allah veh maula veh Allah veh maula veh Allah veh maula veh ....
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How We Pulled Off Share a Coke
The Coca-Cola South Pacific marketing team explains, in their own words, how they built and launched the “Share a Coke” campaign in Australia in 2011. The campaign, which puts consumers’ first names on Coca-Cola cans and bottles, has since rolled out in more than 70 countries worldwide.
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Conocé a Celina Di Santo, capitana de la selección juvenil de hockey, y embajadora Powerade en los JJOO de la Juventud Buenos Aires 2018.
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Steve Penley: A Brush With Greatness
Meet the Georgia painter who serves as Coke's unofficial artist-in-residence.
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Chan Kitthan - Hitesh Sonik, Sukhwinder Singh - Coke Studio @ MTV Season 3
A Punjabi love-poem gets a modern rhythmic treatment, to create a completely fresh & new sound. Sukhwinder shows us why he continues to be heralded as one of the best singers around. Credits: Composer/Producer: Hitesh Sonik Composition: Traditional Composition. Produced by Hitesh Sonik. Singers: Sukhwinder Singh Lyrics: Traditional Lyrics Guitar: Hitesh Sonik, Drums: Gino Banks, Guitar: Warren Mendonsa, Guitar: Kalyan Baruah, Keys: Jarvis Menezes, Keys: Gaurav Vaswani, Bass: Rushad Mistry Backing Vocalists: Fateh Shergil, Akram Khan, Nazam Khan, Neha Khosla, Aman Khan, Shipra Goel, Anu Chauhan, Sandeep Kaur , Alamgir Khan Mandolin: Tapas Roy, Rhythm: Dholak: Yusuf Mohammed, Hafeez Khan; Tabla: Manoj Bhati, Sharafat Hussain and Shankar Vitthalrao Kamble Recorded By: Stephen Fitzmaurice & Ashish Manchanda; Assisted by Darren Heelis and Raaj Jagtap Pre-Mixed By: Chinmay Harshe at VerbGrove Studios, Mumbai Mixed & Mastered By: Farhad K. DadyBurjor at The Sonic Laundry, Mumbai Lyrics Chan kitthan guzaariyaai raat ve menda jee daleelaan de vaas ve Kothe te phir kothdaa maahi heth vage dariyaa bhalaa Asaan gundaiyaan meediyaan koi kar ke bahaanaa aa bhalaa - chan kitthan guzaariyaai Mehboob mere mehboob mere Sadd ke jaavaan mehboob mere Ik baar tu saamne aa jaave Ho jayenge gham door mere - chan kitthan guzaariyaai Mushkil hai waqt bichhode ka Bina yaar guzaaraa kaun kare Ik dinn hove te lang jaave Saari umar guzaaraa kaun kare - chan kitthan guzaariyaai Sajnaa de ik ishaare te Ghar baar lutaunaa paenda ae Je russ jaave aashiq taubaa Nach nach ke manaunaa paenda ae Tauba tauba tauba tauba Chan kitthan guzaariyaai raat ve. Download this song NOW! http://spr.ly/6050D6HYn Download Videos Free and Exclusively only on the Coke [email protected] App on BlackBerry World For Full Tracks, Caller Tunes & Mobile Downloads: sms "SMCS" to 56060
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Introducing Coca-Cola Freestyle 9100
Coca-Cola Freestyle – which reinvented the beverage fountain experience in 2009 by offering an unprecedented array of choices in a fun, interactive format – is continuing its innovation journey in 2018. Learn about the newest member of the Coca-Cola Freestyle family and more.
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Casas con botellas de plástico: un proyecto innovador y sustentable
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Coca-Cola Cake Recipe
Coca-Cola is the secret ingredient in this melt-in-your-mouth recipe that no one can resist. Find the full list of ingredients and directions here: http://CokeURL.com/swdqm This Coke cake recipe was contributed by Lee Avery Catts to "Atlanta Cooknotes" and was published by The Junior League of Atlanta.
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Working With Diverse Suppliers At The Coca-Cola Company
The Coca-Cola Company is committed to supplier diversity by maximizing procurement opportunities and proactively engaging and building partnerships with diverse suppliers. Supplier diversity is an integral component of the Company’s diversity management strategy and we believe that including our customers and consumers in our procurement strategy will help develop stronger local communities, and create long-term growth and a competitive advantage for the Coca-Cola system. The Coca-Cola Company and its subsidiaries, consider themselves leaders in supplier diversity and role models in the communities that we serve. We will remain unwavering in our quest to maximize opportunities for diverse suppliers which furthers our promise to benefit and refresh everyone who is touched by our business. We will continue to successfully cultivate diverse suppliers and ensure their sustainability within our global supply chain for the numerous products and services we use every day. The bottom line is we are committed to being a strong, responsible company that delivers on its promises; continues to do the right thing as the world changes; and tells the world what we stand for. Find out more at http://www.coca-colacompany.com/supplierdiversity
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Los ecoladrillos cordobeses que fascinaron a Shakira, Rigoberta Menchú y Google
Tres jóvenes cordobeses ganaron la final del Desafío Google.org por sus ecoladrillos con botellas de PET para construir viviendas sociales.
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Khari Khari - Amit Trivedi, Kavita Seth & Kutle Khan - Coke Studio @ MTV Season 3
This composition by Amit Trivedi, sees him create a beautifully rustic landscape with two amazing voices -- Kutle Khan of Rajasthan Roots and well-known film/Indie playback singer Kavita Seth. Both these voices when fused together truly bring lyricist Shellee's sublime poetry to the fore. Definitely poised to become one of Amit's great compositions here on Coke [email protected] Season 3! Credits: Composer/Producer: Amit Trivedi Composition: Produced & Composed by Amit Trivedi Singers: Kavita Seth, Kutle Khan Lyrics: Shellee Keys: Amit Trivedi Drums: Darshan Doshi Guitar: Warren Mendonsa Guitar: Sanjoy Das Bass: Rushad Mistry Keys: Jarvis Menezes Percussions: Sanket Naik Backing Vocalists: Dawn Cordo, Murishka Dcruz, Ardelia Dcruz Charango: Tapas Roy Esraj: Arshad Khan Dholak: Hanif Dafrani and Aslam Dafrani Recorded By: Ashish Manchanda, assisted by Darren Heelis, Raaj Jagtap Executive Producer, AT Studios: Krutee Trivedi Airtist & Repertoire - Consultant, AT Studios: Aashish Narula Post Production at AT Studios: Shadab Rayeen , Nysa Studio by Praveen Murlidhar , Premier Digital Mastering Studios: Alok Panjani, Assisted by Firoz Shaikh Mixed By: Shadab Rayeen at AT Studios, Mumbai Mastered By: Amit Trivedi & Shadab Rayeen at AT Studios, Mumbai Lyrics: KHARI KHARI , RAE ISSAK NE KHARI - KHARI , SUNA DI KHARI RAE SAIYAAN SUNA DI KHARI RE SAIYAAN KHARI KHARI , RAE ISSAK NE KHARI - KHARI SUNA DI KHARI RAE SAIYAAN SUNA DI KHARI RE SAIYAAN RAE AANDHI RUKI NA THAMI , RAE SAANJH NA DIN MEIN DHALI PREET KE GAANV MEIN PAANV PADHEY THEY SANGG THAAREY JAG CHODH CHALEY THEY RAE PAGG - PAGG BECHAINI RAE AAHAT SOR BANI SAAREY SIYAAH HUE CHOKHEY NAJAAREY RAANJHAN YAAR NE KIYA YE KYA REY KHARI KHARI , RAE ISSAK NE KHARI - KHARI , SUNA DI KHARI RAE SAIYAAN KHARI KHARI , RAE ISSAK NE KHARI - KHARI SUNA DI KHARI RAE SAIYAAN SUNA DI KHARI RE SAIYAAN KHARI KHARI , RAE ISSAK NE KHARI - KHARI , SUNA DI KHARI RAE SAIYAAN SUNA DI KHARI RE SAIYAAN KHARI KHARI , RAE ISSAK NE KHARI - KHARI SUNA DI KHARI RAE SAIYAAN SUNA DI KHARI RE SAIYAAN Download this song NOW! http://spr.ly/6057D6HxD Download Videos Free and Exclusively only on the Coke [email protected] App on BlackBerry World
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Coca-Cola Cup: Egi's Story
Egi Melgiansyah is one of over 100,000 Indonesian students reached by the Coca-Cola Cup program. The Coca-Cola Company supports more than 280 physical activity and nutrition education programs in more than 115 countries.
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Behind the Scenes With 'Mean' Joe Greene
A look back at the iconic 1979 Coca-Cola commercial through interviews with the NFL great and Penny Hawkey, the copywriter behind the ad. Read more: http://CokeURL.com/rex3
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Husna - Hitesh Sonik feat Piyush Mishra, Coke Studio @ MTV Season 2
A special leak from episode 2 of Coke Studio @ MTV S2! Watch it here even before it appears on TV! Hitesh had heard Piyush Mishra sing this song 15 years back and it has stuck with him ever since. Written and composed by Piyush, this song is a letter from Javed who was separated from his lover Husna during the partition. Inspite of having left everything behind and eventually moving on, there is a looming sense of helplessness and grief in the song. Musically Hitesh has tried to recreate that era through interesting acoustic guitar arrangements blended with Indian percussions. In keeping with the upheaval experienced by the lovers, Hitesh also ends the song on a tumultuous high. Want more? Catch the full episode on Saturday at 7PM on MTV and 8:30PM on Doordarshan! Find the lyrics at http://spr.ly/6054DZuvm... Credits: Composer: Piyush Mishra, Additional parts composed by Hitesh Sonik Producer: Hitesh Sonik Language: Hindi Lyrics: Piyush Mishra Vocals: Piyush Mishra Drums: Darshan Doshi Keys: Jarvis Menezes Percussion: Anupam Deghatak Keys: Gaurav Vaswani Guitar: Hitesh Sonik Guitar: Kalyan Baruah Guitar: Sanjay Joseph Bass: Mohini Dey Flute: Paras Nath Backing Vocalist : Thomson Andrews Backing Vocalist : Ryan Dias Backing Vocalist : Gwen Dias Backing Vocalist : Shannon Donald Backing Vocalist : Jui Joglekar Recorded by: Steve Fitzmaurice, Ashish Manchanda (Flying Carpet Productions, Mumbai), assisted by Thorsten Muller Mixed by Steve Fitzmaurice at the Pierce Rooms, London Mastered by Bunt Stafford Clark at the Pierce Rooms, London Song Synopsis: Husna meri --yaado purane Mein khoya Pal pal ko gintaa Pal pal ko chunta Beete khani Mein khoya Pattey jab jhadtey Hindustan mein Yaadien tumhari ye bolien Hota ujala hindustan mein , batein tumhari ye bole O husnaa mere -- ye to batade Hota hai aisa kya Uss gulistan mein rehti hoon Nanhee babutar see gum tum Jaan -- o husna Patein kya jhadtey hain pakistan Mein vaisey hi jaise jhadtey Yahaan o husnaa.... Hota ujaala kya vaisa hi hai Jaisa hota hindustan mein Haan -- o husna Waheer ke ranjan ke nagmein Mujko ab tak aa aake sataien Woh bulley shah ki takriro Ke jheeney jheeney saaye Wo id ki iddi Lambee mamazey seyvaiyan ki Jhallar Who diwali key deeye sang mein Baisaakhee ki badal Holi jki who lakdi jisme Sang sang aanch lagaee (5) Lohodee ka who shuvaa Jis mey -- dhadkhan hai sulgaaee O husna meri ye toh batade Don lohodee ka dhuvaa Kya abhi nikalta hai Jaisa nilkalta tha Uss daur mein haan Vahaan -- phisnaa The meaning: The song is about a person who has lived and seen the times of India-Pakistan being one nation...times, when people shared a beautiful equation of warmth and oneness, in spite of its religious diversity. He is telling Husna ( in this context, can mean either the "kind Allah" or his mate across the border) about the longing and the painful wait he is going through, to feel what it is to be on the other side. He asks (with disheartened sarcasm) if the Partition has changed the course of sunrise and the fall of the leaves in autumn on the other side...as it use to be the same before. He misses the ballads of heer-ranjha's everlasting love, those melodies still haunt him. And the wise words of Bulleh Shah (The Sufi Poet-Saint) still guide him. He asks whether all the faiths (Muslim, Hindu and Sikh) still celebrate each other's festivals like Eid, Diwali, Holi and Lohri as their own, with the same warmth and enthusiasm...as it was before the Great Divide. Those were the times of no boundaries, no religious divide and no hatred.... Download this song NOW! http://spr.ly/6055DZuvW
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Office Evolution- The New Age of 'Coworking' Spaces
The definition of the office is changing. Today’s buzzword in the workplace— coworking. Coke Journey student contributor Ashley Yost takes you behind the scenes on this growing trend. Full story: http://CokeURL.com/qgrqt
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Coca-Cola Responds to the Walgreens Red Nose Day Challenge
Walgreens, we accept your challenge... and challenge KRAVE Jerky to Get Seriously Silly in support of Red Nose Day!
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Every Bottle Has a Story - Creating Water Access in Borneo
Many villagers in isolated areas of East Malaysia struggle to access water — 92-year old Gunsarob Garing is one of them. Gunsarob lives in a remote village on Borneo Island in the Malaysian state of Sabah and until this year, getting fresh water required a difficult and time-consuming daily trek to a river several kilometers away since she did not have a suitable source of water near her home. A few months ago, her life changed as a result of a community water project led by Coca-Cola and Raleigh International, a British youth development organization. Coca-Cola Malaysia collaborates with volunteers from Raleigh International to provide villagers like Gunsarob a sustainable supply of clean water through the construction of gravity-fed water supply systems. Using the force of gravity, water is transported by pipes to tapstands placed near the homes of the villagers. The community members are fully involved in the installation of the tanks and pipes and are taught how to maintain the system. This simple technology is saving Gunsarob and her fellow villagers from their daily trek up and down the mountain to access water.
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A Ride Along with NASCAR Driver Joey Logano
See what it's like behind the wheel of a NASCAR race car with Coca-Cola Racing Family driver, Joey Logano. Logano puts the pedal to the metal at the Atlanta Motor Speedway as he takes a few guests of Coca-Cola on the ride of their lives. http://CokeURL.com/j8rl
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Historic Coke Plant Reborn as Mellow Mushroom Pizzeria
Built in 1939, Paducah, Ky.’s historic Coca-Cola bottling plant takes on new life as a Mellow Mushroom pizzeria. Discover the history of the stunning space and how Mellow Mushroom continues to honor it.
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Real-Time Marketing at Coke: Inside The Hub Network
The Hub supports Coca-Cola’s mission to become one of the world’s most socially responsive and engaged organizations by empowering 2,200+ marketers around the globe to respond faster and more effectively to real-time social media opportunities. http://coca-colacompany.com/#innovation
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The Story of the Coca-Cola Polar Bears
Ken Stewart, the creative mind behind the beloved advertising icons, explains how an idea inspired his dog became one of the most cherished Coca-Cola commercials of all time thanks to groundbreaking computer animation technology and an authentic storyline.
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Warren Buffett's Ode to Coca-Cola
Warren Buffett wishes the Coca-Cola bottle a happy 100th birthday with a special song. For more, visit http://www.coca-colacompany.com/warren-buffet-serenades-coke-bottle
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2014 Copa Coca-Cola Camp Brazil Overview
The 2014 Copa Coca-Cola Camp brought teens from around the world to Brazil for the experience of a lifetime, including Brazilian football training sessions, cross-cultural connections, and leaving a lasting legacy of renovated football pitches in a downtown Sao Paulo social project. Learn more on Coca-Cola Journey: http://CokeURL.com/hsjhj
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Inside Bilal Khan's Coke Studio Journey
Bilal Khan, a singer-songwriter from Pakistan, got his big break in 2011 when he was invited to appear on the popular TV series, Coke Studio. Get the full story at: http://CokeURL.com/w5jk
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Wendy Clark - President, Sparkling Brands & Strategic Marketing, Coca-Cola North America
Get to know Wendy. She has been recognized as one of the most influential women in advertising.
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The Coca-Cola Company: 5by20 - Bernardita Ribamonte
Through 5by20, we address the most common barriers women face when trying to succeed in the marketplace. This initiative offers women access to business skills training courses, financial services and connections with peers or mentors -- along with the confidence that comes with building a successful business. Watch a video to hear firsthand how Bernardita Ribamonte, shop Keeper, mother and grandmother from Palawan, Philippines, is experiencing the benefits of 5by20.
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The Art of Mellow Mushroom
Every Mellow Mushroom is unique and reflects the local community. Step inside the Paducah, Ky. Mellow Mushroom to see how art brought this one-of-a-kind space come to life!
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Get Ready For the 2018 FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola
The FIFA World CupTM Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola launched from the iconic Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow on Saturday, Sept. 9, starting its historic journey across 24 Russian cities and more than 50 countries throughout the world before it returns to Luzhniki Stadium for the opening ceremony of the 2018 FIFA World CupTM on June 14, 2018. Follow the Trophy Tour journey and get more information at: http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/trophy-tour/#krasnoyarsk
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From the Kitchen of Kevin Gillespie: Coca-Cola Pot Roast
For this recipe, Chef Kevin Gillespie dresses up a seasonal favorite—modernizing the beef chuck pot roast. Sharing his own techniques and a few tricks of the trade, Gillespie invites you into his home, demonstrating step-by-step how to cook his Coca-Cola roast to perfection. The recipe is from the pages of his James Beard Award nominated "Fire in My Belly" cookbook which you may find seasonally on the menu at his Gunshow restaurant in Atlanta. Get the full story at http://CokeURL.com/xjn9. Visit the Gunshow website: http://www.chefkevingillespie.com/so-what-is-gunshow/
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The Coca-Cola Company and (RED) Present “The Last Mile” - Trailer
In recognition of World AIDS Day and as a long-standing supporter of HIV / AIDS awareness and research, and a partner with (RED), Coca-Cola is honored to celebrate the 25th anniversary of an iconic film like “Philadelphia” with the release of “The Last Mile.” “The Last Mile” is inspired by the significant progress made in HIV / AIDS since the 1993 release of “Philadelphia.” Tom Hanks, Mary Steenburgen, Denzel Washington and writer, Ron Nyswaner, express Director Jonathan Demme’s extraordinary vision and discuss changes in perception around HIV / AIDS that “Philadelphia” created. This special featurette examines how “Philadelphia” significantly impacted the narrative around HIV / AIDS well beyond LGBTQ communities and permeated mainstream America. The story is then weaved together as we are brought to present day to witness the incredible journey of a heroic mother in Africa who collects and delivers life-saving medicine to her community via an initiative called Project Last Mile. Project Last Mile is a partnership between The Coca-Cola Company, the Global Fund, USAID and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that brings life-saving medicines and supplies to hard-to-reach communities across Africa. “The Last Mile” drives home the message that the end of HIV / AIDS is well within our grasp, but only with continued support. Which is why now is the time to reinforce the need for funds and continued awareness. To find out how you can help (RED) in the fight against HIV / AIDS, visit RED.org/CocaCola Learn more at: https://www.coca-colacompany.com/stories/25-years-after-philadelphia-coca-cola-and-red-release-featurette-charting-progress-made-in-fight-against-hivaids https://www.projectlastmile.com
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Young Entrepreneur Turns Popsicles into Profits
Young entrepreneur Beau Shell turned his favorite treat into a business at just nine-years-old making him the youngest member of the Chambers of Commerce across the U.S. Student contributor Karli Barnett shows you how Shell started his business called "Lil' Ice Cream Dude" and what he hopes to accomplish next. Learn more: http://www.coca-colacompany.com/stories/young-entrepreneur-turns-popsicles-into-profits
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The Coca-Cola Anthem for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Jason Derulo Partnership Announcement
Coca-Cola and Jason Derulo have teamed-up to create the Coca-Cola Anthem for the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ - “Colors”. The song is a true collaboration between Coca-Cola and Jason Derulo, and celebrates all of the vibrancy and excitement that comes with the arrival of the world’s biggest football tournament. “Colors” will be officially released on March 16, 2018.
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