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Creating map locations from Google Spreadsheet Data
How to use the mapping gadget in GoogleDocs to add locations to a map.
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Introducing the new Google Drive Commenting system
There are some big and very welcome changes to the way collaborators can add comments and suggestions to shared Google Drive documents. Here's how it works...
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The Magic Ink Tool in ActivInspire
Using the Magic Ink tool in ActivInspire allows you to create see-thru objects that can reveal what lies below. This tutorial show you how to create a special magnifying glass that reveals hidden secrets. In this example, we use the images of a human body that reveals the skeleton structure hidden deep inside.
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Six things you might not have known about Google Forms
Google are improving their cloud-based Drive tools all the time, so unless you really stay on top of the changes it's easy to completely miss newly added features. Here are six neat things you can now do with Google Forms that you may not have known about. For a printable version - http://goo.gl/ZUAogG For the sample form - http://goo.gl/Hxe1Yl
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Making Image Maps with Google Drawings
Adding image maps (or hotspots) to an image in Google Sites is easy if you use Google Drawings. Here's how!
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Understanding Latitude and Longitude
This video is to help explain latitude and longitude for my students in preparation for getting them to geolocate various features of the school. These geolocated places will be used in an augmented reality application we are building.
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iMovie slideshows on the beat
Ever wondered how to make iMovie slideshows that change in time with the beat? Heres how.
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Teaching Kids To Think Using Scratch
Scratch is a simple yet powerful programming language for children that is very easy to use yet contains many of the important programming constructs found in more "grown up" languages. This presentation looks at some of the key ideas behind programming in Scratch, explores some possible tasks that students could be given to encourage problem solving and higher level thinking, and finishes with a snapshot of a student view into how Scratch is making a difference to learning.
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Suzuki 4WD Club of NSW Promo 1986
back in 1986, the Suzuki 4WD Club of NSW produced this short promotional video.
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Future Australian Idol?
Pretty talented for a 10 year old!
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Making live charts in Google Sheets
Short video explaining how to import live data into a Google sheet and create a chart to represent the data visualy.
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Creating Google Sites Headers the right way
This is the best method for creating a graphic banner on a Google Site
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Introducing Screencastify
Screencastify is a screencasting extension for Google Chrome. It allows you to record your screen activity for creating tutorials, etc, and runs entirely in Chrome, so opens the possibility of screencasting up to Chromebook owners. Here's how to use it.
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Google Apps on an iPad
If you're a heavy Google Apps user, you know that life with an iPad is not always straightforward and simple. Here's a few tips for ipad users to help make your Google life easier.
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Using Gmail to manage multiple email accounts
Gmail is pretty awesome, but it's awesomeness is even better when you can use it to manage all your mail in one place! This little tutorial shows how to use Gmail as the centre of your email world.
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Extending Scratch with Picoboards
An overview of the PicoBoards that can be used with Scratch.
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Using Google Earth to demonstrate the potential effects of Climate Change
Google Earth has a neat tool that can be used to simulate the rise and fall of sea level on a map. This can be used to explore the possible scenarios of sea level rise due to climate change.
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How to use the Google Sheets QR Generator AddOn
If you need to generate a whole lot of QR codes quickly, there is a super simple way to do it. Use Google Sheets and the QR Code Generator Add-On! And here is how you do it.
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Creating QR Codes in Bulk
How to use a formula in Google Sheets to generate a large number of QR codes at once.
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Office File Versioning in Google Drive
Google Docs: As well as being collaborative, simple to use and accessible from everywhere, they also have great version control history that lets you roll back to any previous revision. Very handy indeed! But if you put a native Microsoft Word document into Google Drive, it's not quite as easy to keep track of the versions. You can't edit or collaborate without downloading a copy to your hard drive, and making multiple changes to a Word file means downloading and re-uploading over and over. Or does it?
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Making Wikipedia Books
Did you know that you can create books from Wikipedia articles? PDF, OpenDocs or ePubs. Just collect your article and let Wikipedia do the rest.
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Exploring iTunes 1
Using iTunes to buy music and subscribe to Podcasts
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Creating Custom Paths in the new Google Sites
How do Custom URLs work in the new Google Sites? Like this!
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Setting up a data projector
A simple tutorial to setting up a data projector
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Google Drive for iPad
A quick tour around the key features and functions of Google Drive for iPad
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Adding Voicethread to Edublogs
Tutorial to show how to add a Voicethread to Edublogs by embedding into a post
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Creating POIs and Tours in Google Earth
This video shows you the basics of how to mark Points of Interest (POIs) in Google Earth and then turn them into an animated flyover or Tour.
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Jazz busking, New Orleans
Another incredible bunch of jazz musicians busking in Rue Royale, in the French Quarter of New Orleans. I love how she is checking her phone between solos, but then keeps checking it even as she continues singing. Too funny.
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MSJ Milperra, Tournament of Minds 2008
The MSJ team for the 2008 Tournament of Minds. August 31, 2008
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Working with Fonts
Working with fonts in GSuite is a fairly basic activity, but here are a few tips to make your fonts work even better.
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Teaching Scratch: Using computational thinking ideas
Our Year 5 Scratch class, and a teachable moment I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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Surfing at Garie Beach
March 18 was a beautiful hot day, and the swell was up a bit. We went to Garie to watch some guys surfing. Here is some of the action.
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EdTechTeam Summits APAC
EdTechTeam Global Summits featuring Google for Education. Here's a few shots from the last Melbourne Summit, run by the EdTechTeam APAC team
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Yahoo, It's Uluru
A summary video of the Outback Australia trip run by the Suzuki 4WD Club of NSW in 2003.
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How to create a Celtic Knot in Adobe Illustrator
This video was made as part of my Adobe Train the Trainer course.
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PDF to Kindle
Want to move a PDF to the Kindle app on an Android phone using a Mac? Of course you do! Here's how.
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HKETO Corporate Dragon Boat Team
This is our HKETO team competing in a heat of the Sydney Chinese New Year Dragon Boat Festival.
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Making a video call with Skype
This tutorial demonstrates the power of Skype as a tool for global collaboration, and shows how easy it is to make free calls across the world
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Using SnagIt for Google Chrome
SnagIt for Chrome is a great free screencasting and screencapturing tool for Chrome. This short video show you how it works.
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The New Fast User Switching in Chrome
Not everyone seems to like the new method of fast user switching in Chrome, but it works very similarly to the old way.
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Reading the Fine Print
This video explains how to look for the fine print when selecting a mobile phone plan, and also shows how to use a spreadsheet to do basic analysis of the call rates. It looks at mobile plans for Telstra and Optus, and how to find the Critical Information Summary pages. This video is a lesson used in Task 1 of the CAP11 course for 2013.
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Google Streetview VR
Hidden Easter egg in maps
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Jenolan Caves Road Ride
The last few kilometres of the descent into Jenolan Caves, on a beautiful winter's morning in July. Ridden on my Honda NC700
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Ozpaddle Morning
Kayaking on Sydney Harbour
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Scratch 2 Beta Overview
Scratch 2.0 Beta was released on January 28 2013, and offers a whole lot of great new features to Scratch users. In this video I take you on a tour of some of the news features and introduce you to the changes you'll find.
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Chris Taylor and Andrew Hansen
The close of Taylor and Hansen's One Man Show in Sydney.
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Introducing Voicethread
Voicethread is one of those "wow" tools that just gets better the more you use it, but how does it work?
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Newspaper Fashion Show
Friday's group at the Learning 2.012 Conference at Western Academy Beijing in October 2012. Kudos to the group for such great participation, and to Jane Harris for the terrific video.
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Soundtrap explained by a 6 Year Old
Created with WeVideo Video Editor (http://www.wevideo.com). Download Android App at http://bit.ly/10xf4Ec
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