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You may include a path or walkway linking other areas of your yard and lawn. These are both aesthetically pleasing and practical. These design materials add usable space and functionality to your pool area. They allow for drainage, ground cover and eye appeal. Undoubtedly you will find many landscaping design books. These books are filled with wonderful ideas and may inspire you to create your own layout. Your main goal here should be balance, variety, proportion and overall aesthetics. Visit our Outdoor Living section to view some options for pool furniture. Nothing is more important for your pool projects than safety. Supervision is a key element in getting maximum, safe enjoyment from a pool. Children should never be left alone in or near a pool, spa or any body of water. While layers of protection such as a fence, wall or natural barrier around a pool can help protect children under the age of five and other unauthorized users, there is no substitute for adult supervision. How to Pick the Right Swimming Pool for Your Home. Some of my favorite summer memories involved swimming in a pool on a hot day. However, pools can add more than just fond childhood memories. Depending on the type, pools can actually add value to your home. Similar to size, swimming pool material is another contributor to its cost. The price point can vary, depending on what type of material you choose. For reference, a concrete pool is going to be more expensive, but it will last longer than a vinyl-lined pool, which is more economical. Tiles can create a piece of artwork in your pool, but opting for a similar-looking liner will give the same effect, without breaking the bank. The most important key is to work with an installation professional, suggests HomeAdvisor. This individual can work with you on pricing and create a design using less expensive materials, while keeping your desired aesthetic. How to pick the right swimming pool for your property. The most important factor to consider before choosing a swimming pool for your home is space. Make sure that your backyard is able to accommodate the type of swimming pool you want to buy. Alxo keep in ming that you will want to catch all the grass clipping when you mow your lawns. Last thing you need is all the grass clipping to blow into your clean sparkling pool. We recommend a good mower with bagger capabilities. Depending on the size of your lawn if you need a ride-on, walk or push-behind or self-propelled